The experience

DSC_0282It’s Saturday night, so we thought we venture further out than our norm.  There was a restaurant on Greenville Av a few years ago that eventually burned down, much to our dismay.  At some point, Ogre found out that there was another location still in existence!  I think it might be the original location.  We like this place so much that we will drive the extra mile (or many miles) to eat here.  Since we had the time, we decided to make the drive to Farmers Branch (I know, of all places!) to eat at Nuevo Leon.

This is such a hidden gem that there is never a wait.  In fact, we decided that the table the waitress chose was too wobbly and moved to another without any problems.  We all got settled in and ordered our drinks.  Benji immediately made a “nah-in ha” (napkin hat) and kept it on for quite some time!


That was, of course, after he took out the knife from the nah-in and smiled and said, “Danger!”


Mina got busy with her backpack of supplies and even shared a page from her coloring book with Benji.


I don’t need to look at the menu and Ogre just has to reassure himself of what he’ll be ordering.  We helped Mina choose and put it our appetizer orders.  Benji decided that he wanted to try the spicy dip dip.  He actually liked it and kept torturing himself.

When our waitress came back with the appetizers, we put in our dinner order.  Ogre always tries to get me to eat the guacamole.  Tonight, I asked him why after 15 years of being together does he still try to get me to eat guacamole.  I don’t like it.  Here’s where he’d probably chime in that I do like it, but only if old men in Cabo who had it prepared by their personal chef offer it up.  Long story.  But that’s the only time I’ve ever liked it.  Tonight I told him that when he can rent out a huge house on the beach and hire a personal chef for us in Cabo, I’ll eat guacamole.  I’ll keep you posted.

Anyway, Benjamin enjoyed the guacamole with Papa and Mina ate her requisite scoop.  I think Ogre’s feelings get hurt that no one will eat guacamole with him.

Our food came out pretty quickly and Ogre cut up and divided the cheese enchilada for the kids.  Then he gave Benji a tortilla, which quickly became a tortilla face.  In true Mina fashion, he stuck his tongue out to say hello.


Then Mina had to do it, too.  Mina finished her enchilada in record time prompting us to ask if she’d like another.  She was a little hesitant, but eventually requested another enchilada.  No problem.  We love it when she eats well! While we waited, she asked me if I knew how to “do that clapping thing” while singing.  Uh, of course!  So, I tried to teach her but she couldn’t quite catch on.



Benji thought this was hilarious.  I asked Ogre if he knew how to do it so I could show Mina how it is done correctly.  He rolled his eyes at me and told me, “No, guys were too busy pummeling each other on the playground.”  Whatever.  I still made him try and then Benji made Papa clap with him, too.  Hee hee.


Mina’s additional enchilada showed up so she started eating that.  Of course, Benji is now getting bored.  We ordered dessert and let Benji eat a lemon to pacify him.  Yeah, we’re good parents.


We ordered two desserts one for me and one for everyone else.  I think Ogre’s head was going to pop out of his head.  Why do we need two desserts??  I told him that once Benji and Mina get their hands on it there’s none left for me and I’m serious when it comes to this dessert!

Apparently, Benji is serious, too.  He kept asking “Dessert where?”


So serious that when it did show up he fought  for the plate and used two spoons.  Thank goodness I wasn’t sitting over there!


Once, we had fully gorged ourselves with food that isn’t good for us, we packed up and headed back into the cold and the long drive home!

The food

This is more Interior Mexican food than Tex-Mex, but you can still find your old favorites here!  The salsa is served warm and delicious!

Queso Blanco GuacamoleWe always order queso here, it’s the white cheese and it’s always velvety smooth and creamy.  Ogre also likes the quacamole here and it does look tasty, but I’m not a fan, in general, of queso.

Enchiladas SuizasI always order the Enchiladas Suizas.  It’s a little bit different from how they made it at the Greenville Av location (they put more sour cream on it), but it’s still excellent.  The chicken is always juicy and it’s cooked with tomatoes.  The enchiladas are slathered in a tomatillo/cheese/sour cream sauce that is absolutely luscious!  Yum!!!  They are served with rice and beans and these compliment the enchiladas perfectly.

Mole VerdeOgre typically orders the Chicken Mole Verde.  I think he really likes the dish.  When I asked him about it, he said, “It’s what I get all the time.  It’s good!”  I’ve had a bite and I know that it is spicy.

EnchiladaFor the kids, we ordered an enchilada.  Cheese enchilada with queso sauce.  Ogre and I tried it and agreed that this was excellent.  The kids agreed, too.  In fact, we had to order a second enchilada for Mina!

Crepes Con CajetaAnd the dessert!! Oh, the dessert!  You have to get the Crepas con Cajeta sauce. And ask for an extra scoop of ice cream!  The cajeta sauce is so smooth and sweet, you won’t be able to get enough, but will need the ice cream to cut the richness.  You must, must, must leave room from dessert!

The service

Service is good here.  The waitress was attentive and the food comes out at a nice tempo.  She checked on us frequently.

The kids

Average on the kid friendliness.  No kids activities.  They have a small kids menu to choose from.  It’s a very laid back restaurant.

I can now call this a diamond in the rough.  The only location left is very non-descript and in Farmers Branch as part of an old strip mall.  If you’re in the area, this is GREAT Mexican food!

The total: 79ish -3 margaritas, 2 desserts (:

12895 Josey Lane (at the corner of Josey and Valley View) #100 in Farmer’s Branch


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