The experience

photoOgre was finishing up lawn work (we have an acre) and as he was finishing up, I found out that I had an admission to see at the hospital.  We decided it would be the best plan to eat in Rowlett so I could head over to the hospital right after dinner and they could head home.  Ogre’s original plan was to eat at Carolina’s (replaced Mario’s Chiquita on 75).  Since he wante d to eat Mexican, I suggested Amelia’s in Rowlett.  We headed over in separate cars.  The kids, of course, wanted to ride with Papa. 

I arrived before they did and got us a table right away (they weren’t very busy).  When the kids arrived, they acted as if they hadn’t seen me in months and I was rushed with “Mommy!” and hugs and kisses.  Gotta love that.

The kids settled in on the bench side and Mina pulled out her book that she brought with her that had some crazy game in it.  We had to use chips as markers and a penny to determine how many spaces to move (either one or two spaces).  Benji kept becoming jealous of our penny and even though I found one for him, he still would have a meltdown if he lost it for any amount of time.  I ended up telling Mina we’d have to stop the game, she ended up continuing to the play the game by herself and, of course, she won!



In the meantime, we ordered drinks, queso, the queso came and we ordered dinner.  Our dinner came out pretty quickly and Mina put her book away once dinner arrived.  The kids seemed to enjoy the dinner and were in pretty good moods…until Benji had to poop. 

Benji was constipated and wanted hugs while he pooped.  Gross, I know, but I hate to see him asking for hugs.  So, I went over and once he pooped, I went to finish eating. Of course, he still wanted me to hug him, but I passed that on to Ogre who had finished eating.  Ogre, of course, said, “Thank goodness I’m done eating, he stinks.”  I just rolled my eyes at him.

That seemed to be only negative for Ogre here.  He loved everything about this place.  I told him that I thought it was just average and was put off by the fact that they charge for every little thing (and without making sense).  You get 4 tortillas for a dollar or 6 tortillas and butter for 2.50, so 8 tortillas for 2 dollars or 6+butter for 2.50…in fact, I requested the butter just to see what the big deal was…there was none.  Anyway, Ogre said it’s because I ordered the Enchiladas Combo, which he describes as the “Happy Family” of Mexican food.   I argued that I thought I’d get to try a little bit of a few things.  He was not pleased when I mentioned that I was not going to be gratuitious with the star rating!  He said, “Even May Dragon is one star if you order the Happy Family.”

In fact, after we left and I was driving to the hospital, I got a text from him that read, “Even May Dragon.”  Sheesh.


The food


We ordered queso to start and it was very good.  Nice and creamy. 


photoI ordered the Enchiladas Combo and it comes with one sour cream enchilada, one chili con carne enchilada and a cheese enchilada with red sauce (and rice and beans).  I thought it was pretty average and a little on the salty side.  The sour cream enchilada was probably the best of the three.  Ogre says that I should have ordered something more interesting.  Apparently, in Ogre’s world, the Enchiladas Combo is the equivalent of the Chinese restaurant Happy Family. 

photoOgre ordered some kind of combination that came with two tostadas (I did not see this on the menu) and one tacos with barbacoa served street style.  It looked very tasty.  I think one of his tostadas had al pastor meat and the other perhaps beef.  photoThey were topped with veggies and white Mexican Cheese, finely grated.  I tried the taco and it was very good.  His was definitely better than mine.  Ogre thought it was excellent.  I sometimes wonder if when he knows his meal is better than mine if he goes photoover the top a little complimenting his food and himself for choosing it!



photoThe kids shared a chicken quesadilla and they both seemed to like that.  Ogre tried it and you guessed it, thought it tasted great!


The service

Mediocre.  I spent a great deal of time without water and she even came by at one point and did not notice.  Ogre had to call her over to get me some water (I was threatening taking off more stars!  Ha ha!).  Food came out at a good tempo, so no complaints there.


The kids

They don’t have kids’ activities, but they do have some kids menu items.  It’s not a pretentious restaurant, so I don’t think you’ll be uncomfortable bringing the kids here.

Well, Ogre thinks we’ll be back.  He thought it was great!  I think I’d be willing to try it again.  It wasn’t awful and I probably did not choose a good menu item.

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