The experience

DSC00695I think that initially Dusty was going to join us for dinner, which rules out anything ethnic or out of the ordinary.  Typically, dinner with Dusty means burgers, Mexican or Pizza.  Ogre was already researching a Pizza joint when Dusty decided he wouldn’t join us for dinner after all.  We decided to go to a place mentioned by one of our readers in Frisco.  It would be quite a drive, but we had nothing better to do anyway, so we headed to Palio’s.  We arrived and figured out that we needed to order then be seated.  Ogre and I looked over the menu and decided to share a pizza.  Mina also decided that she wanted pizza and Benji, well, he just gets what he gets.  The kids and I sat over to the side while Ogre ordered.  Actually, the kids spun around and made me “see saw up and down” them with my legs while waited.  Yes, even Mina, who I cannot lift with my leg because I am a weakling.  She helped me out by just jumping up and down while I moved my leg.

We went to find a table and there was one by the “fire.”  Fire is in quotes because as we got closer, we realized that it was just one of those illusion-y things.  Benjamin was still semi-impressed, “pyre,” he said.

Ogre got our drinks and the salads came out quickly while Mina and Benji played on their side of the table. Benji pointed to my salad and acted as if he wanted some, but he did not actually put the salad or the crouton in his mouth.


Next out came the pizzas.  I explained to Benji that the pizzas were hot and he took great pride in letting everyone else know that, too.  I dished some pizza out to Mina and Ogre dished some pizza out to me.  Benji happily ate his pizza and Mina did not seem to mind eating hers either.  In fact, the only time Benji fussed was when he needed help picking pineapples off his pizza.  He ate three pieces of pizza tonight, as many as Mina!

Mina played DS after she finished her pizza and then joined Papa while Benji and I continued to eat dinner (I guess we’re the slow ones).  Next thing I see is that Ogre, also done with his pizza is playing the DS!


Benji finished up his last few bites of Pizza and we headed back to the east side of town.


The food

It’ s really a pizza joint.  It’s got a few salad choices and a few pasta choices, but their main deal is pizza.

DSC00696 DSC00697We ordered salads.  Ogre ordered the Greek Salad and I ordered the Caesar.  Nothing to write home about. The veggies were crisp and fresh and the dressings weren’t bad.

Ogre and I ordered the Noah’s Pizza with pink sauce and chicken and red onions.  Ogre added jalapenos to his side and there were sun dried tomatoes on “my” side.  I thought the pizza was pretty good, actually.  It had a nice crisp crust, which I liked and I normally don’t eat the crust.  Ogre did not like the crust, he thought it was too “crackly.”  Don’t ask me what he’s talking about.   I have no idea. The sun dried tomatoes were particularly yummy!  On Ogre’s half with the jalapenos only, Ogre remarked that if he did not try it with the sun dried tomatoes, he would have been very disappointed.  I think he was still disappointed since he complained about every aspect of the pizza possible.


The kids ordered a Hawaiian Pizza.  I tried their pizza and thought it tasted fine.  Ogre thought their pizza was better than ours!  Benji definitely gave it two thumbs up!  Ogre did not think this was saucy enough either.


The service

It’s basically counter service.  You order when you come in, they give you a number, you sit down and they bring your food out to you. You’re in charge of your drinks, silverware, and napkins. We did have some guy do a “quality check” with us (you know, when a manager comes out to ask how things were, did everything taste good, yada, yada).

The kids

I think this is definitely a kid friendly restaurant.  There were tons of families dining here tonight, it was loud and laid back and what kid doesn’t like pizza??

While Ogre thought the pizza was just so-so, I thought the pizza tasted fine (as did Benji), so, yeah, I’d recommend giving it a try if you’re in the area.  I don’t think I’d recommend a cross country trek across the Metroplex to try it out, but it’s fine for pizza with the family!

The total: 33ish

Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

Ogre wants to give this place 2 stars.  BUT, I am writing the post and I thought it was fine.  I’m giving it 3 stars!

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