The experience

DSC_0001Team Phipps waited for me to get in the game after a morning of rounding a the hospital, which meant we’d be having a slightly late lunch.  We also needed to get some Christmas shopping in so we decided to stay in Plano and eat at Ojeda’s.  Oma and Grandpoo are over tonight for dinner and I can already see that comments swirling in Grandpoo’s head.  We took him here once raving about the chalupas and he was NOT a fan.  AT ALL.  I like it, though, Grandpoo’s missing out!

We arrived and were seated right away.  Our server came over and I ordered the drinks because I think Ogre had gone to the car to get Mina’s activity book. Mina was convinced that I’d ordered him a coke, which I hadn’t, and we argued about this until Ogre came back.  Right then, the server brought our drinks, and indeed, Ogre had an iced tea.  Mina finally got quiet, but never did admit that she was wrong…wonder where she gets that from.  I took a sip of mine and, blech, diet.  When our server returned I had him correct it and we ordered the rest of our dinners. 

Mina was not appreciative of the activity book, she said, “Hey!  I finished this book already!”  Really?  I opened it up and showed her some pages she had not done and she came close to being argumentative again, but how you could argue with the evidence right in front of her?  Benji on the other hand was about to lose his drink priviliges as he had decided to intentionally spill his drink a good three times despite several warnings.  Benji is definitely NOT like Mina was in this regard.  It’s like Benji is scoffing at our attempts to discipline him. 



The queso came out pretty quickly as did the requested empty bowl to dish out Benji’s own.  This made Benji very happy.  Us, too.  We really like the queso here.  Not another 5 minutes passed before the rest of lunch came out.  I had requested some limes for my fajita tacos and these did not come out, but another server came by and brought them for me and our server apologized when he came back to check on us. 



Mina decided to customize her fajita taco by adding beans and queso -looked pretty tasty!  She also took it upon herself to eat the tomatoes that came with her plate.  Benji was also eating very well -he looked at us with approval, nodded his head, and said, “goo” (good). 

Mina then decided that it was time for her to go to the restroom.  We let her go on her own, which must have disturbed Benji a bit as he came pointing behind him and saying “ta ta” (his word for “ate” -big sister in Tagalog pronounced “ah-teh”).  We tried to tell him that she was in the potty chair, and his response?  To scream at the top of his lungs.  After we thought we successfully quieted him, he screamed again.  Jeez, kid!  Everyone was done by now…except Mina. 



She continued to slowly eat her custom fajita taco while Ogre and I sat there.  Benji decided he wasn’t done after all and started grabbing for tortillas and grunting for limes.  I gave him the limes, mainly because I didn’t want another ridiculous screaming episode.  (The lady at the table behind us facing Benji was not approving of Benji’s behavior). 




When Mina FINALLY ate half of her taco, we called it quits and headed out to brave the mall.



The food

It’s Tex-Mex, good ol’ Tex-Mex, nothing fancy here.  I eat at the place often down in Dallas as there is one right by Children’s Medical Center.  Many times I eat here with my friend Ashish, who is mostly vegetarian, and this is how I discovered the lovely Chalupas.

DSC_0009Today, I ordered the Fajita Tacos with rice and beans and a tostado con queso.  I love the queso here, it’s a little more earthy than most places and the chip that they use for the tostado as a perfect “crispness” to it.  That’s how I describe to Ogre, who thinks that I’m crazy and has no idea what I’m talking about.  It’s like when you bite into it, even when the cheese has made it a little soggy, it’s not soupy and if you eat it before the queso soaks in, it’s not to crispy that it breaks all apart!  The beef fajitas were fine, not great, not bad, just good.  The rice and beans are also good.

DSC_0011Ogre ordered the Fajita Tostados (one Chicken, one Beef) with Guacamole on them.  He says they were tasty.  He apparently agrees with me on the chip aspect.  

DSC_0010Mina liked her fajita taco, I asked her what she liked about it and she said “everything.”  Typical 5 year old.


The kids menu has your standard Tex-Mex options, except quesadillas, which we were surprised about.


The service

I would say that the service was above average.  Although, there were some missteps, they were not big deals and they were quickly corrected and acknowledged.  Our server was attentive and the tempo of the food coming out was just right for our attempt at a “fast” lunch. 


The kids

You know, I really thought that they had crayons and coloring pages here.  I guess not though.  It’s a little surprising that they don’t!  They do have a decent kids menu.  I’d say average for kid friendly restaurants.  It’s casual and laid back and, even with our screaming, messy child, I wasn’t TOO embarrassed about Benji’s antics.  Even with the glare from the woman at the table behind us as she walked to the bathroom.


I would definitely recommend this spot for Tex-Mex, particularly if you like chalupas.  If there are other “chalupa-heads” out there.  Chime in.  I’d never even really had a chalupa before I accidentally ordered one at Ojeda’s.  I’ve tried them several other places, and I think there might be one other place where I like them as much!

The total: $40.41

What did Guidelive say?


Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

As a pediatrician, I should probably know the answer to this, but I don’t.  When Mina was a toddler, we let her suck on lemons and limes, maybe, once or twice before I became paranoid that we were going to ruin the enamel on her teeth.  I think one of my medical students told me this.  And, just in case he was correct, lemons and limes were banished from nearing Mina’s mouth.  Well, Benji suffers from “second kid syndrome.”  Who cares about his teeth?  Just kidding, I do care, sort of, which is why I’m bringing this up.  Is there a mythbuster out there???

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