The experience

The weather today was absolutely gorgeous.  I did not wake up until noon today (hey! I left work at 7am this morning) and was looking forward to enjoying the cool temperatures.  I googled patio restaurants dallas and happened upon Ozona Bar and Grill.  When I asked Ogre about it he kept saying that he’d taken me there once before.  I do not recall this.  Must have been some other girlfriend. 

Ozona Grill and BarWe left my parents’ house and on the way to the restaurant Benjamin fell asleep.  When we got there, I unloaded the sack of potatoes on to my shoulder and we headed in.  They had a pretty decent crowd, I guess everyone had the same idea we did!  They said it’d be about 15 minutes so I took the kids over to a little waiting area.  Ogre went to get us some drinks.  Mina entertained herself very easily looking for rocks, sticks and acorns to create her work of art.  She walked over to one area to pull up a sapling but couldn’t get it out of the ground.  She continued to find random things to add to her sculpture.  I looked up and saw the gentleman next to us bringing a flower to the woman he was with…or so I thought.  He was actually bringing it to Mina.  How kind! He then explained to me that he saw her looking for flowers and such and brought that over for her.  I was pleasantly surprised at how thoughtful strangers can be.  Mina was totally stoked and brought the flower with us when our table was ready. 

Mina's artwork

We sat down and Benjamin was still sleeping.  When our waitress came by I told her that we were good with drinks except that when Benji woke up he’d need a water.  She asked us about appetizers and I asked her what her favorites were.  She said it was the Jalapeno Fries.  I knew Ogre would be all over that.  He was concerned that I wouldn’t eat any.  I assured him that I would.  We also ordered the Spinach Dip for the kids to munch on.  We looked over the menu for our entrees.  Make sure to bring your reading glasses.  The print is TINY.  The appetizers, however, were HUGE!  When they came out with appetizers I was a little embarrassed at how much food we had before us!  Benjamin woke up about then and Ogre sat him in his chair.  The waitress came over to get our dinner order.  Mina wanted PB&J, Ogre got the Bourbon Baby Back Ribs, and I opted for the Chicken Sandwich Mas Mejor.  After she left and Benji was getting irritated, I realized that I forgot to order his water.  Doh!  I sent Ogre to the bar to get his water since he had to settle the tab anyway.  Before Ogre could get back, our waitress came by with Benji’s water.  Bonus points!!  I thanked her and told her that she was doing a great job and Benji started gulping down his water. 

Mina and I played Tic Tac Toe on her activity booklet.  She beat her father twice and tied with him once.  She beat me twice before I realized that she kept trapping me into winning.  Ogre told me that he always puts his mark in the middle so she can’t do that.  Glad you can outsmart a 4 year old, Ogs.

At that point, we tell Mina she needs to start in on her spinach dip.  Ogre and I have already wolfed down half of each of the appetizers.  Our entrees come.  Ogre’s eyes widen when he sees his ribs.  They are a very full slab of ribs.  He sets down Mina’s PB&J and Benjamin immediately notices the oreo cookies. “Coo-coo” he cries.  I hide the cookies so he can eat a decent meal first. 



Mina is told that she needs to finish up the spinach dip before she can have anything else.  She really wants my bacon (I asked for it on the side so the kids could have it -I’m not much for bacon on my sandwich).  She also wants Ogre’s ribs.  The only thing she doesn’t want is her PB&J.  She reluctantly eats her spinach dip.  We tell her the alternative is the zucchini.  Ogre asks her which would be better and she says it’s the spinach.  Ogre tells her that she should be eating her spinach with a smile then…

Spinach Dip...ewwww

Mina's Spinach "Smile"

Mina finally finishes up her spinach dip and eats a good amount of ribs.  I give in to Benji’s coo-coo requests as he has basically eaten Mina’s PB&J dinner as well as spinach dip.  Then Ogre and I order Blackberry Cobbler with an extra scoop of ice cream.  The whole family enjoys that one before it’s time to go.  Mina takes our to go box and fills it with sticks and rocks.  We pack up to leave.

On the way home, Ogre says, “Last night was an awesome night, it felt really good to be outside!”  He got stinkeye for that.  “Oh, really?  I wouldn’t know.  I was at the hospital working.”


The food

Overall, the menu seems to have “Texan” and Tex-Mex style entrees.

Spinach artichoke dip and jalpeno fries

Jalapeno Fries and Spinach Dip


Slab o' ribs

Bourbon Baby Back Ribs

I’ll start with the appetizers.  Our waitress did not disappoint with her suggestion of the jalapeno fries.  The jalapenos are sliced and battered and served with ranch.  Ogre says he could’ve munched on them all night.  I, not really liking spicy foods or jalapenos, enjoyed then as well!  The spinach dip was creamy and retained a good spinach flavor.   Ogre’s first comment after biting into his ribs was, “Man, these are tender!”  He gave me a bite and I have to agree.  He also said the sauce was good, unique, but really good.  It’s a Honey Bourbon BBQ sauce.  For a place that isn’t a BBQ joint, they had some mighty fine ribs!  My chicken sandwichwas also better than average.  There was a choice of bun -either jalapeno cheddar or “white.”  I chose the white bread and was very pleasantly surprised.  Its flavor reminded me of Hawaiian bread -I ended up finishing off all the bread when I was “full.”  The chicken was juicy and seemed to be marinated in a light teriyaki sauce.  Their menu boasts that D magazine has deemed their chicken fried steak as “best.”

The children’s menu has your standard grill fare: hamburger, hot dog, grilled cheese, PB&J.  I can tell you that Benji loved the PB&J.  It comes with fries, oreo cookies, and a drink.


The service

Our service today was excellent.  She was attentive and proactive.  A huge plus when you have little ones.  Our food came out quickly and our drink stayed filled.  No problems tonight!


The kids

My kids loved this place!  Being outside helps because they could play while we waited.  They had nice activity books with a ton of crayons.  Their menu has child-friendly dishes (not necessarily healthy).  We sat outside.  Guidelive said that it was like sitting in a tree house, and I would agree.  Sitting outside made me less conscientious about the possibility of making a mess.  When we got in the car, Benji commented “Goo.”  Good.

Total: 56.16 (includes 2 appetizers and 1 margarita)

What did Guidelive say?

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