The experience

Well, folks, we just got back from Brenham.  Literally.  The kids were put to the bed, I hopped in the shower and now I’m going to blog before finally going to bed and having to wake up for work in about 6 hours.  Awesome. Why were we in Blue Bell country? One of my best friends lives there and Ogre was helping her set up some IT stuff at her new office.  She’s a urologist…if you’re ever in Brenham and have an issue.  We left late so Mina could go bowling with her daycare, which put us in Brenham right at dinner time.  My friend, Adrienne got home, we picked out a special toy for each child to have during dinner and headed to the very happening downtown Brenham to eat at the BT Longhorn Saloon.


In the car, Benji picked up his little V tech toy, Mina realized that the toy she picked was low on batteries and therefore not working.  No sweat, Mina had her toy laptop in the car.  We arrived and were seated almost right away -they just had to set up our table.  Doh!  I forgot Benji’s wooden car in the Tahoe.  No fear, he’d made sure to tell me “Bring Dis” (Bring This) and handed me his V tech toy as I got him out of his car seat.  It was quite the popular toy as Adrienne’s little girl also wanted to play with the toy.  We were able to get them to “share” the toy and avoid a screaming fiasco.


Once we got settled, all the kids seemed pretty happy.  We ordered some appetizers, which came out pretty quickly.  Mina and Benji loved the calamari even though the adults thought it was quite rubbery.  We also ordered some BBQ shrimp with polenta (maybe they call it grits in Brenham?), which was tasty.

We ordered our dinners and got to the business of catching up.  Mina was trying to be very tolerant of a little two year old pushing the buttons on her computer and finally decided that she’d like to do something else. She is very sweet and did not want to say anything about the fact that she was no longer having fun, but I could tell, so I pulled out some paper and pens for her to draw.  She was quite pleased.  Meanwhile, Benji just kept eating more calamari and asking for more chipotle aioli sauce.  He was being quite the well-behaved boy, I guess he wanted to fool our friends into thinking he was always like this!


Kaili was bored with our conversation and found the rest of the restaurant to be much more interesting.  We kept her in eye’s view and let her wander a bit.  She was also well-behaved and did not seem to bother any of the restaurant patrons. 

Dinner arrived so we collected Kaili and I divi’d Mina and Benji’s food.  The adults started in on our dinners and since Ogre, Tony and I ordered steaks and compared the doneness of our steaks compared to what we ordered decided that the chef must not cook to the standard.  Ogre ordered his medium-rare…a little more on the rare side and got a true medium rare.  I ordered medium rare and got something closer to medium.  Poor Tony ordered medium and got well-done.  Ew. He ate it anyway.

I asked Mina if she wanted dessert and would you believe that she said she didn’t want dessert tonight??!!  I was not going to order any dessert because I don’t like to eat dessert in front of the kids when they’re not eating it, too.  Tony and Adrienne were going to order dessert anyway, so we decided we’d all just share what they ordered.  Even when it came out, Mina still didn’t want anything.  I think she must be getting sick!

And there was Benji still just chillin’ in his chair.  No fuss, no muss. 

We finished up dessert, split up the bill and headed on home.


The food

So, I guess I would call this American Food, maybe Bar Food??

DSC00480We ordered BBQ Shrimp and Calamari as an appetizer.  The second I saw the Calamari I was worried that it would not be good. It looked too brown, too overcooked.  And I was right.  Adrienne said that it was rubbery, and she was right.  The kids, though, loved it.  They pretty much finished it off.  They prefer the squigglies over the rings, so I guess the rubberiness was less noticeable.  The BBQ shrimp was pretty good, still seemed overcooked to me, but the cheese polenta that accompanied it was awesome!  I was surprised that the kids did not like the polenta.  None of them did, maybe it was the texture??

DSC00484Tony and I each ordered a filet mignon. As I stated above, they were both over cooked, but edible to each of us.  I just could not eat the edge part as that was pretty much well done.  The steaks were seasoned well and had a good flavor, though.  I ordered a baked potato with mine and it was great!  Prepared just the way I like it: rolled in rock salt!  Yum!

Ogre ordered the Flat Iron Steak and he thought his was very good and was medium rare, so that was a plus for his steak (although he likes it a little more rare than medium rare).

Adrienne ordered a salad, but I can’t remember which one. I do recall that she said that it was good as have been salads she’s had there in the past.

The kids ordered a hamburger (or in Kaili’s case a hamburger patty) and they looked pretty tasty. Kaili’s hamburger was also well over done, which made it dry.  Mina’s burger actually looked pretty good as it was a medium.  The fries that came with the burger were extra tasty.

DSC00489We ordered some kind of chocolate cake with flan topping.  Weird, but actually very good!  The cake was nice and moist and the flan was very complimentary to the cake.

There is no kids menu on the actual menu, but ask your server and he’ll tell you that they have mac and cheese, chicken tenders, burgers, etc.


The service

Our service was definitely above average tonight.  Tony elected not to bring up the steak issue until after he’d eaten it all (he doesn’t like to send food back) and the server apologized.  Food came out in a timely fashion and refills were provided without request.  Pretty good.

The kids

Okay, so I’m going to call it an average kid friendly restaurant.  It’s got kids menu items, no kids activities, but the restaurant is nice and laid back, so I felt comfortable eating here with the kids. 

This is a cute little restaurant in downtown Brenham with decent food.  I think it might be your best bet for dinner out on the town.

The total: ~160 (4 adults, 3 kids, 1 bottle of vino)

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