The experience

So I have been threatening Grace that we would go to this one restaurant in Plano for quite some time.  It where the first Cici’s Pizza was.  The location has changed hands several times over the years.  The previous incarnation was some strange Mexican restaurant that had foil in the windows along with Christmas lights.  It so annoyed Grace that she vowed we would never eat there.  It then became its current form, Ostioneria 7 Mares.  Grace still refused to have anything to do with the location.  I am more adventuresome when it comes to these hole in wall places.  And besides, Grace wasn’t going to make dinner and so I would be solo with Mina for dinner.  I always try to eat something Grace won’t miss.  Especially since the Red’s incident, when I became the only one to have eaten at a 5 star review without the other person.  It wasn’t on purpose. We’d never been before.  So, it was time to try Ostioneria 7 Mares.


We pulled up and we headed in.  I told Mina to pick a table and she choose the one right by the large flat screen television hanging on the wall.  It was tuned to a hispanic station showing some bizarre variety show.  I guessed it would be entertaining, so I didn’t resist.


The waitress quickly came and took our drink order.  I also ordered some guacamole that would be Mina’s vegetable of the evening.  The waitress returned to take our order.  I had noticed the kid’s 1.99 enchilada special on the way in, and Mina said she wanted that.  I took the waitress’s selection between the two I asked about.

Mina was busy watching the bizarre variety show.  The current segement was like the Gong Show or something.  There were audience members trying to sing a song for the audience.  They would start booing and a midget dressed as a cowboy would then come out and start shooting at the singer with a silly string gun.  Then he would release some guy in a monkey suit and another dressed in a masked wrestler outfit to carry the person off the stage.  They tried to lift up the lady singing and accidentally dropped her and then decided to dog pile on top of her to make it look like they meant to do it.  Very strange. Mina laughed hysterically.

The waitress returned with the guacamole and some bean soup.  I guess dinner comes with bean soup.  They even gave some to Mina.  Of course, she didn’t want to try it.  Since she actually started eating the guacamole pretty well, I didn’t make her eat it.  I am not the biggest of bean soup fans but this one was quite good.  I even ate a bit of Mina’s.


We kept entertained watching the random singing and various music bands on.  Mina commented on it play by play all the way through dinner.  She ate up all her dinner without complaint and pretty darn quick.  As we were finishing up, some guy came in to place a to go order who kept rambling on about something with the waitress for about 10 minutes solid.  He was like way too nice.  He just wanted to talk nonstop.  When she went to get his order.  He had to chime in and ask me if we were too hot and if he should tell the waitress to turn up the A/C.  Very weird.  And he had just bought a 2 liter of Mountain Dew from the 7-11 next door.  I don’t think he needed the caffeine.

Mina and I finished up eating a few minutes later and went up to pay.  As it turns out, they sell their “famous” bean soup in bulk.  Guess they know its good.

The food

Grace still doesn’t believe me when I told her it was pretty good.  I teased her that I was going to give it 4 stars.  But seriously, I found it quite good for a Mexican seafood place.

DSC01164We started out with an order of guacamole.  I actually noticed the price after I ordered it and it was quite pricey.  Luckily, she only gave us the $1.99 side.  It was above average guacamole.  Even Mina enjoyed it.  And she doesn’t enjoy guacamole often.

DSC01165Mina got the Cheese Enchilada and she said it was quite good.  It must have been because she ate the whole thing in record time.  She also ate a good amount of the refried beans.  She thought they were good as well.

DSC01166I got the Chipotle Shrimp.  It was between that and the Diabla Shrimp.  The waitress said I should go with the chipotle.  It was really quite good.  The sauce was the perfect amount of spice.  It had whole chunks of chipotle that had been stewed up.  I too thought the refried bean were good.  It also came with french fries.  Seems like all these Mexican seafood places do that.  And they are always just the old cafeteria style large french fry.  Not sure what that is about.

DSC01163Then there was the bean soup.  They sold it as their “famous” bean soup.  It was really quite good.  Very hearty with a good amount of pork in the mix.  I am not bean soup expert, as I usually don’t eat it because I am never all that impressed, but I ate all my cup and even a bit of Mina’s.  Good stuff.

The service

She did a good job.  She made a great suggestion on the menu and also was helpful in assuming an appropriate smaller size guacamole rather than brining a huge order for the two of us.  She even very nice to the strange customer near the end of dinner.  No complaints.

The kids

They had some American stuff like chicken strips and a burger.  Then you had your typical Tex-Mex fair.  I’d call it an average kid friendly restaurant.  No activities or anything but its super low key.  You won’t have any issue bringing kids here.

The rest

These guys have no website so the address is:

3611 14th St
Plano, TX 75074
(972) 516-9600

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