The experience

I got home and Ogre apparently had decided on dinner already with the help of his iPhone.  We would be going to Houston’s.  Fine by me, I love Houston’s!  It is a little pricey though, but whatever, I’d been wanting to go there for childsplate anyway.  We drove out to the one near Addison (Ogre says there is less “people watching” at that one).  Parking was tight as usual, but we lucked out and got a spot right out front after Ogre dropped me and the kids off.

There would be about a 5-10 minute wait (it was around 6 o’clock), but I think we started the list as when we left, the entire front area was full of people. Benji got in trouble for pushing button to open the doors for the disabled.  I think Ogre let them do it on the way in.  Once Benji saw that I was not pleased with that behavior, he did not do it again and then it was time for us to be seated.

We were seated at one of those round booths.  Mina and Benji don’t really understand the concept of personal space so Ogre and I were practically falling off the edge of this huge booth.  We ordered our drinks and then returned with some tiny cocktail type cups with lids on them for the kids.  I thought they looked funny and made Ogre take a picture.


Benji was immediately drawn to the silver spherical sugar holder, which unfortunately makes a very loud sound when opened and closed and he kept wanting to drop it on the table.  We let him play with it for awhile until we decided that he was getting too messy with it.  The “straw” was when I told him to put the sugar back and instead he threw them on to the seat.


Mina was also not on her best behavior and kept laying out on the seat.  I think I told her no less than 14 times to sit up. This was all before we even ordered dinner!  We finally did and the kids seemed to chill out a little bit. 

Our server put out the ketchup before the food arrived, which created another mild behavioral problem as Benji wanted the ketchup NOW.  We just repeatedly told him he could have it when his food arrived and he would chill out for a minute then ask again.

Thank goodness it did not take long for the food to arrive!  The kids split up the sandwich and the fries and ate pretty well tonight.  Benji would take breaks and jump up and down on the seat and then was told to stop and then he’d stop and get back  up again.

Once as we were waiting for the check, he managed to be standing up facing the booth next to us and coughed all over them.  I apologized, but did hear one lady comment, “Oh good.”  I probably would’ve said the same thing in that sarcastic tone, too.  Doh.


We decided to skip on dessert (I have ice cream at home and a nice patio waiting for me) and headed on home much to the delight of the cars hovering for our spot.


The food

I dunno. ?American cuisine.

photoI ordered the Seared Tuna Salad, which is excellent.  I highly recommend this dish if you like seared tuna.  Their tuna is seared and seared nicely (not overcooked).  The dressing is cool and refreshing and compliments the tuna well.  They also have large chunks of avocado and mango (not that I eat the avocado, I save those for Ogre!)

photoOgre ordered the filet and, as usual, was very pleased with it.  They always have a nice thick cut and it’s prepared perfectly (Ogre likes his steaks medium rare, more on the rare side).  He also thought the veggies were good (broccoli with parmesan). 

photoThe kids shared a grilled sandwich with fries.  It actually comes with two thin sandwiches and very skinny fries.  Ogre and I bothe tried their sandwiches and agreed that they were good.  They use real cheddar cheese, which can sometimes not be a big hit, but this one was very tasty.

They don’t have a kids menu on the menu, but our waiter rattled off several kids menu items, including a cheeseburger, chicken tenders, the grilled cheese sandwich and fried fish.  All with fries.


The service

Our server was very good tonight.  He was attentive and once, when Ogre wanted to order a salad after we put in our dinner order, another server or hostess came by because she saw us looking for him and asked if she could help.  Food comes out at a good tempo also.  Not much waiting around.


The kids

It can be kid friendly, but it’s not going to be cheap!  There are not kids’ menu and I don’t think you can truly count their sugar holder thingy as an “activity” for kids. 

We enjoy eating here because we love the food and we’re probably going to drag our kids along and pony up the cash to buy them the 7 dollar grilled cheese sandwich!

The total: I think it was 72 ish


Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

So the guy who said he’d never own an iPhone (even though he’s a total Mac user) finally got one.  And after telling one of the apps, “I love you” on the way down to the restaurant -it’s some police surveillance app that tells you where the speed trap areas are and users can report “live” cops they pass, he also was very happy to have a new app from Urban Spoon that will randomly select restaurants for you when you shake your iPhone…hence Houston’s.  When I shook it, it said, “Javier’s” so I thought, sheesh, this is an expensive app!

Ogre and I also have a certain fondness for Houston’s as the original one was located in Nashville, where we lived before moving here.  It has actually closed since we moved to Texas, which I found crazy as it’s a great place to live and it was the orginal!  Thank goodness Texans still love their Houston’s!

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