The experience

I tried to plan ahead today about dinner.  I looked on line to see if there were any Mexican restaurants within a reasonable distance that we had not tried.  I think I was on page 3 of one website’s listing before I came across Papaya’s.  I thought it sounded familiar and we haven’t been there yet.  When I told Ogre he also commented that it sounded familiar.  We tried to place the restaurant, but really couldn’t.  We plugged it into the nav system and headed on our way.  As we hit our destination, I realized nope, never been here before and Ogre still was thinking that he’d eaten here before (that we had eaten here before).


Once it was realized that we were waiting to be seated, we were seated right away.  We ordered our drinks and got Benji settled into his high chair. We also went ahead and ordered queso.   Ogre started looking over the menu.

Benji was really into the decor of this restaurant commenting on the stars on the ceiling and the “rainbows” on the walls (referring to the Mexican wool fabric that is multicolored).

Mina decided that she wanted to play the animal game until we ordered.  We started to play and after just a couple of rounds the waitress came to take our order and then the queso appeared.  Mina was not done playing and pouted when I stopped.  Since she had Papa wrapped around her finger, he joined in to play.


Mina decided to take a break for some queso and then informed us that she did not like the queso.  That’s a problem since we ordered a cheese enchilada with queso on top of it.  Ogre asked our waitress if she could change the order to be topped with chili con carne and luckily it wasn’t a problem.  Crisis averted.

Benji was now impressing himself with his “big boy” cup.  Once dinner arrived, he was still more enthralled with his water and wanted me to ”take pee-cher…pretty staw” (take a picture of the pretty straw).  Sure thing, Benj…


Mina used this opportunity to also play with her straw, she commented that it was a like a ping pong and about that moment, it flung out of her cup onto Papa’s plate.  To make matters worse, Benji was trying to drink out of his straw that was pulled out very high and it flicked out of his mouth spraying water in Papa’s eye.  He tried to blame me for not warning him and chided me for finding any amusement in the events.  Like I knew that was going to happen!

Lucky for Benji, Ogre was pleased that Benji was sharing the “gock a roni” (guacamole) with him.  Ogre’s always looking for someone to enjoy guacamole with.  Benji nodded his head in approval and said it was ”goot” (good).

The rest of dinner was pretty uneventful.  I kept reminding Mina to sit in the middle of her chair.  We tried to get Benji to eat some of the enchilada and he spit it back out.  Normal stuff.

We did order dessert, which I stopped eating after one bite.  Mina said, “This is the best dessert ever!!” -pretty sure she was exaggerating but I didn’t like it so I’m probably being way-biased!

We settled our tab and headed home.  As Benji passed the area where they have some plants in mulch, he said, “Ewww!  Is gusting!  Gusting rock!”  (Ew, disgusting. Disgusting rocks!).  I picked him up and carried him out.

The food

Typical casual, but not quite hole in the wall Tex-Mex.

DSC_0076We ordered queso to start and the queso was just average.  It had a little too much bell pepper flavor for my and Mina’s taste, but the boys liked it just fine.  Mina only actually ended up taking a bite or two which is unusual.

DSC_0079I ordered the Chicken Enchilada Salsa Verde (a la carte).  My first impression was that I wouldn’t like it.  Again, very bell peppery and the sauce was chunky.  As I ate it, it grew on me, but the chicken was still not great.  It was a little on the dry side.

DSC_0082DSC_0081Ogre ordered a chalupa and a chicken enchilada with ranchera sauce.  He liked both of these quite a bit commenting a few times on how good the chicken enchilada tasted.  I agree that it looked good, but still a very chunky sauce.  He also got a side of guacamole and he and Benji enjoyed that.

DSC_0077Mina ordered a cheese enchilada with chili con carne sauce and she must have liked it since she ate over half of it.  Ogre tried it and said it was one of the better chile con carne sauces he’s had.  He thought his dad would like it since it was a little on the saltier side.

DSC_0086The flan was not that great in my opinion, but the kids seemed to love it.  It had a very strong cinnamon flavor.

There are several items on the kids menu including your typical tex mex choices as well as burgers and chicken fingers.

The service

Service was fine, nothing to rave or rant about.

The kids

I think it’s kid friendly enough.  No kids activities, but they have a kids menu.  The restaurant is laid back.

It’s fine for a Tex-Mex meal but I think you have better options for this price range, casualness, and area.

The total: ~25 bucks

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