The experience

On my way home today, I noticed the sign by Pappasito’s that said Fajita’s for Two for 16.95.  Wednesday.  After 5pm.  Hey! That’s tonight!!  I LOVE the beef fajitas at Pappasito’s and since I had not very good fajitas last night, I was now CRAVING beef fajitas.  I was sure Ogre would have no problems with this suggestion.  We were off to a late start, though, as Benji had to be woken up from his nap after Mina arrived from music class.  Dusty would be joining us also, after he verified that we were not going to the Cajun restaurant.


We piled in to the car and headed out.  We arrived and were seated right away.  We asked the hostess for two balloons and they handed us three balloons saying, “Here’s two balloons for you!”  Mina benefited quite nicely from their miscount.  She asked Dusty to tie one on to each hand while I tied Benji’s balloon on to his chair.


We ordered our drinks and some queso straight away.  Benji and Mina went to work on their coloring and the rest of us went to work on the chips and salsa.  Benji quickly tired of the crayons and asked for some chips and “dip dip” (salsa, in this case).  I obliged and he said the salsa was good, but also made a face and said “Spah-see”  (spicy). That did not stop him from eating the salsa.  Every so often, he’d cry and I’d offer him some water and he’d get over it and dive into the salsa again. 


We ordered dinner and still waited on our queso.  In fact, Dusty reminded him just in case.  He said it was in the works and it came out about 2 minutes after that.  We requested some tortillas and empty bowls to serve the kids’ queso and he brought those out right away.

The tortillas were nice and hot!  Ogre told Mina that they have a tortilla making machine just like they do at the Blue Goose Cantina.  He told her it was right by the bathroom.  Mina replied, “That’s nasty.”  Ogre explained to her that it wasn’t made IN the bathroom, it was NEAR the bathroom.  She laughed and said, “If it was IN the bathroom, that would be disgusting!” 

It was probably another good 15 minutes before our entrees arrived.  Luckily, we were distracted by the ultra-fine queso and the kids mouths were occupied with the queso, as well!  Dinner finally arrived and we dished out Benji’s rice and beans and explained to Mina how to eat her Fajita Taco. 


I noticed that she wasn’t eating very much and asked her to pay better attention to her food.  Then, I realized that she already ate dinner with her grandparents before music class!  Doh!  I whispered to Ogre that perhaps her parents should stop hounding her about dinner since she’d already eaten.  Ogre laughed also.  Man, we’re such good parents!!  She still ate a few bites despite being told she could eat however much she wanted or none at all.  She said she’d just take a few more bites since she wanted to “leave room for dessert.”

The rest of dinner was highlighted by some tortilla faces and silly faces a la Mina.  Benji remained in a good mood throughout dinner (because of “Nina Pace” (Mina’s face)) and I was becoming increasingly annoyed with how much time we were spending in this restaurant.  Apparently,  I have a shorter attention span than my children.


We finished up dinner and ordered dessert for the kids.  When he returned (finally! it took about 10-15 minutes) with their ice cream, there was a slice of strawberry with the scoop.  Benji yelled, “STRAW BABY!”  and quickly gobbled up the strawberry. 


Mina reminded me about taking a picture of it, which I did and as I was putting the camera away, I hear a little voice say, “Pih-cher” (picture) and Benji is also holding out his ice cream.  I had to take a picture of his, too.  Then he gobbled up his ice cream.  Mina only ate a few bites of hers and she was done.  Ogre was about to offer the rest of hers to Benji, but I decided that Benji had enough ice cream already (and Mommy had had enough of being in this restaurant!!). 


The food

This is Tex-Mex that is slightly more upscale than your usual fare.  That means it’s a little more pricey, but in my opinion the quality of food matches the priciness if that makes sense.

The queso is awesome.  I don’t know what they do or how they do it, but it is very smooth and creamy with a good cheesy flavor.  When we didn’t have very much money, I would order a bowl of queso and would just eat that with tortillas and chips. 

DSC00523Now, I can afford fajitas!  Actually, tonight it was discount fajita night, so that was a bonus.  Ogre and I shared the fajitas for two -half chicken/half beef.  He’s on the diet, so he got the chicken half.  Tsk Tsk.  The beef fajitas are flawless here.  You can actually see a strip of red down the center, perfectly done!  These are, hands down, the best beef fajitas I’ve ever had.  Ogre said that the chicken fajitas were good…so much for his diet, he doused them in the butter sauce that accompanies the fajitas!  He said the meat is plump and juicy.  He thinks it’s one of the better chicken fajitas in town, but not the best.

DSC00524Dusty ordered the fish tacos and said at first glance (or bite, I guess!) they were really good, but the spice “got to him.”  Don’t forget, he’s a spice wuss.  Ogre commented that this is one of his favorite places to get fish tacos.

The kids ordered the soft taco with beef fajita meat and seemed to like it pretty well. 


The service

Our waiter was very good today.  He was very cheerful and super attentive.  He did forget a couple of things, but was very apologetic and on top of it with one reminder.  Seriously, his genuinely positive attitude made up for the few forgetful mistakes.  The one thing that made the service less than stellar was the tempo of the food coming out.  Super slow.  From the queso to dessert.  That was a little rough…more rough for me than for the kids though.  I am still tired from getting home so late last night and having to be up early this morning!


The kids

This restaurant works well for kids if they don’t go too crazy from being at the table for so long.  They do have a good kids menu with lots of choices and they hand out crayons and a little coloring book with games and such to keep the kids busy, but that will only work for so long.  The restaurant is loud and laid back, so I think for a nice, but not too nice dinner out with the kids, this is a great choice!  Come on Wednesdays if you like fajitas (they’re half off for a limited time!)

The total: $34.10

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