The Experience

Another solo night and we get off to a late start.  Mina asks for Chili’s, yet again.  Dusty also joins in for a second round.  It’s only on the ride over that Dusty finally realizes exactly what we are doing with our eating out challenge.  He suggested I break the rules since Grace wasn’t home. Don’t think she’d appreciate that.

The original plan was Shady Oak BBQ or Chaat Cafe (stay tuned, we’ll be going there soon).  Since Dusty was along and his food choices revolve mainly around double cheeseburgers, Chaat was out. Shady Oak is outstanding BBQ but pulling up I realize it has shuttered its doors! Now what?  What am I going to tell Grace?  Best ribs in Plano since Tony Roma’s vanished.

Dusty suggests Abuelo’s, which is right next door.  We briefly consider it but then opt to go elsewhere.  So a quick u-turn and we end up at Posado’s.  I’d been before and wasn’t all that impressed but it was getting late and I’m sure we’d end up here sooner or later.


Going in you will see the very colorful decor which definitely elicited some “wows” out of Benjamin.  We were seated quickly and opted for a couple of margaritas and some queso for the kids (margaritas were for the adults in case you misread that).  Benjamin was already screaming to eat hot sauce, which didn’t sound like a good plan since we didn’t even have water yet.  Queso and margaritas arrived shortly.  Margarita was nothing to write home about and the queso seemed to be cheese food rather than real queso.  Mina, the queso lover, did not enjoy it.  Benji, however, couldn’t get enough.  Gets his taste for processed foods from his mom.  Benji was digging the queso so much that he tried to drink it out of the bowl and later went for a crayon as a dipping method.  Good thing mom wasn’t here.  Of course, if she were, there would be no queso.  She banned it after a few similar fiascos.

I opted for the Carne Ixtapa and got Mina the beef burrito.  Dusty got fish tacos, which is no real surprise.  Benjamin was making a disaster of himself as we waited for the food.  He ate nearly the whole bowl of queso single-handed.  Any attempts to relieve him of the queso was met with fierce resistance.  The noise brought the manager with a supply of tortillas for the kids.  She said it always helped keep them happy.  That’s pretty accurate, except for the always part.

The food arrived and I wasn’t expecting much.  I was pleasantly surprised by my dish.  Benjamin got some refried black beans from my plate and added that to his food facial.  Mina did well.  She ate nearly all the burrito and a good amount of beans, which she was happy to have as her evening’s vegetable.  Add to that your standard bathroom break for Mina and a bath in the sink for Benji and it was time to call it a night.  Or was it?

Adding to Benji’s dining pleasure was the free soft serve ice cream as you exit.  Great…and I just washed him off.  Benji had a repeat of his experience at Dickey’s but this time on the car ride home.

The Food

I was surprised by the quality of my dish.  The skirt steak was tender and the refried black beans were actually quite good.  However, I can’t forget the previous visits that were average, at best.  Dusty concurred with my previous reviews and Mina wasn’t all that excited.  If Benji could vote I am sure he would have given the queso 4 stars.  The highlight was their fresh tortillas.  If you were not living in Texas, but elsewhere, like in Nashville, where one of the “best” “Mexican” restaurants had basil in their list of hot sauce ingredients, I would say that this would be acceptable Mexican food.  But this is Texas, and with all the outstanding Mexican places to frequent, I can’t justify adding this to the list of places to return to.

The Service

Like the food, it was average.  The waitress seemed uninterested and ignored several requests for items and foodstuffs to appease Benji.  That’s a sure way to annoy a customer.  On the bright side, the manager took note and delivered tortillas to the queso monster.


In case you forgot already, Shady Oak is not more.  Quite unfortunate but it seems we can make lemonade out of that lemon.  Chuy’s is coming to Plano!  According to Pegasus News:

The bad news: Shady Oaks Barbecue & Grill in Plano closed on Monday August 11.

The good news: The space will become home to a second branch of Chuy’s, the Austin-based Tex-Mex chain with a hugely popular branch in Dallas at Knox and McKinney.

A rather guarded employee at the Dallas Chuy’s acknowledged that the site on US 75 at Parker will become a Chuy’s on November 15, and that a third branch would be opening “somewhere in the area”, though he would not confirm that the third location would be in the overwhelmingly-likely town of Allen.

Expect to see a review opening night.

Total Cost: Let you know when I find the receipt

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