The experience

Pho 2828Since Ogre and I ate lunch ridiculously late today, we were not really in the mood to eat until later in the evening.  We also had to wait for Mina to come home from church.  That put us out at nearly 8 o’clock for dinner.  We decided that something light and quick would be in order for tonight.  Mina wouldn’t be eating and Benji was having “tummy issues” anyway.  I initially suggested a Vietnamese place I saw next to Rice Farm the other day, but Ogre thought that was way to far and then I remembered a newish place called Pho 28282 (at the time I could remember the name) that was closer, so we headed there.

By the time we arrived, it had started to rain pretty good.  We parked and as we headed to the door we saw that it said to ”Please use other door.”  Nope, sorry Pho 2828 not tonight.  We headed in and were told to sit anywhere.  We chuckled at the minimal changes from when it was a Swensen’s.


Mina picked our booth and we settled in.  I decided to sit next to Benji should he orally erupt again.  Mina was pretty disappointed as she wanted to sit next to her brother.  While Ogre and I looked over the menu, Mina was already asking to pass out bowls (we said no), spoons (we said no) and chopsticks (we said yes).  She and Benji immediately transformed into “rock stars” and were drumming on anything and everything.  To the point where I had to tell them “no ma’am and no sir” -they were drumming on the blinds, the chili sauce dish, me….



Someone finally came to take our drink order and when I requested coke, she replied that they were out of CO2.  Bummer, but I mades some lemonade -I ordered young cocount juice.  Yummy!  She went to retrieve our drinks and the kids continued drumming and Benji started talking ridiculously loud and that slowly progressed to screaming happily, but incoherently. Sorry, everyone else in the restaurant.

It’s probably what prompted the waitress to come back and get our order though!  We put our order in and, luckily, for us and everyone in the restaurant, the food came out super quick.  We requested an extra plate for Benji, and extra bowl for Ogre (I wanted to try the pho), and some cilantro.  The waitress was not super quick.  In fact, I finally decided to just use one of the little sauce bowls to put some rice and pork on for Benji.  Mina and Benji thought this was super cute.


We ate and ate and Benji fiddled with his food taking bites here and there, but he was more interested in bothering the people in the booth behind us (it was another family and the kids in their booth were instigating him somewhat).  Then Mina, who had decided she would not be eating tonight (she ate with Grandpoo and Oma earlier), wanted some Hoison sauce.  She says it’s her favorite sauce in the whole wide world (what happened to ketchup??). 


Then, guess who wanted Hoison sauce?  Ogre had to get another sauce dish for Benji.  As I was nearing the last of the pork chop, Mina decided that she wanted some “chicken” to dip.  I told her it was pork and gave her some.  She thought it tasted so good!  So, guess who wanted some “tikken?”  I was pretty much forced to be done with dinner at this point since the kids were scavenging my plate.  In fact, when I told them it was all gone, Ogre took the chops and picked off what he could for them.  Geez.

Once we all decided that there was really nothing left on the chops, we settled the tab and headed back into the cold, rainy night.  


The food

Casual Vietnamese dishes, particularly pho. And if you want ice cream, they have a whole case of it!

We ordered the shrimp spring rolls to start and I thought they were slightly above average.  I like them better here than at Pho Que Huong (my main frame of reference since this is where we usually eat Vietnamese).  The hoisin/peanut sauce was particularly tasty with nice proportions of each.

BBQ Pork ChopI ordered the BBQ pork with steamed egg and rice.  This was just average overall.  The BBQ pork was on the tougher side and was definitely sweet, maybe a little to sweet.  The steamed egg tasted better than it looked.  The kids loved the pork, though and probably could’ve shared their own!

Ogre ordered pho with rare beef and it was quite tasty.  Since one of my good Vietnamese friends told me that the mark of a good pho was the clarity of the soup, I’ll go ahead and tell you that if you’re  a purist in that notion, this was not a good pho -the soup was darker than I’d ever seen.  Still tasty though!  I liked this quite a bit and would come here for pho the next time I crave it.

They don’t have a kids menu, but they do have the Swensen’s case now filled with some Asian flavored ice creams and regular.  So if you want red bean ice cream by the scoop, they have it waiting for you.

The service

More of miss than hit, but not overwhelmingly horrible.  We waited for quite some time for someone to take our drink orders, than service got better, and then after we got our food, we waited for quite some time to get a requested extra plate, bowl and cilantro.  Ogre told me not to “mark” them on this though since it seemed as though she were chopping up the cilantro and that slowed her down. 

The kids

About as kid friendly as I’d anticipate, meaning no kids menu, no kids activities, but laid back and casual.  I did get a little nervous when Benji was screaming at the top of his lungs, but I think I’d feel like that anywhere but Chuck E. Cheese.

I thought this was pretty good.  I like the Pho here better than Pho Que Huong, which is where we normally go for quick and cheap Vietnamese food.  I liked the pork dish better at Pho Que Huong better.  Ogre also pointed out that the seats are more comfy (seeing how they didn’t change the Swensen’s furniture, so it’s all booths!).

The total: 20.14


Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

So here’s the real fiasco that happened today…Benji took a long noon time nap, but was quite happy and chipper when he awoke, so Ogre and I decided to eat lunch at La Flor.  I was really looking forward to this because I gave kudos to their green enchiladas.  We headed in and were enjoying our chips and salsa and Benji was being his talkative usual self.  It took a little while for the food to come out and the waiter warned me that my plate was hot and not to let Benji touch, so I pushed it aside and waited patiently while Ogre cut up Benji’s corndog. 

Throughout lunch, Benji kept pushing past me (like he normally does) to try and get out of the booth and I was blocking his way and he’d smile and say, “I stuck!”  As we were waiting for Ogre to finish cutting up his corny dog, Benji was pushing past and getting a little irritated this time, and I had to sort of push him back to an upright position, he came into me like he wanted to cuddle and then BLECK!!! 

He was like a faucet of guava flavored vomit all over me!!  I think I was in shock.  To the point that when he stopped and I started to look for something to clean him up, I could not respond when he DID IT AGAIN!   My entire left side was covered in puke as was my left hip and thigh, Benji, and my phone!!  I’d set it on the bench so Benji couldn’t play with it.   UghhH!!!!!!  Ogre snapped me out of my speechlessness and disbelief and told me to take him to the restroom to clean him up. 

I was wearing a sweater over a tank top and took my sweater off because it was saturated with vomit.  I took Benji to the bathroom and cleaned him off and most of what I could and went out to the truck.  I stripped Benji down to his diaper.   I had to carry poor Benji “nekked” through the restaurant and out into the cold and rain and strap him in.  My pants were so soaked with vomit that I had to take those off in the car as well.  I had all the vomit ridden clothes in a plastic bag and I am not kidding when I say that I think my sweater weighed 3 pounds. 

So, Benji’s almost naked in the car, I’m half naked, and Ogre comes back out to the car with our food (they were kind enough to box everything up for us) and he’s settling in while I’m in the back and the waiter comes running out with my nasty phone.  I told Ogre to meet him halfway, I’m sure that the waiter did not want to subject himself to the crazy mom wearing a tanktop, socks, nand o pants seated next to Pukeboy.  And yes, we gave him a very nice tip.

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