The experience

SaWaDiKaI gave Ogre a few choices for dinner trying to stay within the confines of his diet.  He said he’d be able to find “something” on any menu.  I must have been in an Asian frame of mind as my suggestions were either Vietnamese or Thai.  We have been wanting to try Sawadika Thai Zone for quite some time and tonight, Ogre chose this restaurant.  So, off we went.

We arrived and were seated right away.  Once we were settled at the table, the kids got busy with their electronics right away.  Awww, my nerdy little kids.  Ogre joked that I, too, was engrossed with my “electronics” as I was texting my business partner. 

Dinner Alone

Dinner Alone


We looked over the menu and decided that I’d get Pad Thai and share with the kids.  Ogre was afraid I wouldn’t get enough to eat, so I tacked on a cup of Tom Kha Gai on to my order.  We waited for our order and out came the soup and Spring Rolls first.  Benji, of course, wanted some of my soup.  At first, it seemed like he understood and changed his mind when I offered it to him, but then he started whining about it again, so I gave him some, and, of course, he cried for a second and was over it, but he didn’t ask for any more.

Next he wanted the last half of the Thai Spring Rolls.  He would not let Ogre take it back (we knew he wouldn’t like it).  He played possum acting like he couldn’t see or hear Ogre as Ogre tried to get it back.  Then he put his mouth on one side and, Ogre later found, took a small bite out of the other side so we couldn’t salvage any of it (remember Benji is sick). 

Benji stole spring roll


While we waited for the rest of dinner, Mina continued playing her DS and Benjamin decided to be an annoying little brother and put his finger in her ear.  That was cute and funny.  Next, he decided to PULL Mina’s hair.  THAT was NOT funny.  Ogre told him to let go and, as usual, Benjamin did not listen resulting in Ogre having to pry his fingers off Mina’s hair -he cried and said “stuck” so I told Ogre that his hand must have been stuck in Mina’s hair and that was why he wasn’t listening.  Ogre gave me stinkeye and said he was saying he was stuck because Ogre had to grab Benji’s hand away.  Eh.

Benji pulling hair


Dinner came and I gave a little of everything on my plate to Benji and Mina.  They seemed to eat it okay, but I was less than impressed.  Mina told us tomorrow as Martin Luther King’s birthday.  I asked her who Martin Luther King was and she looked at me as if I were crazy, “You don’t know who Martin Luther King is?? ” I pretended I’d forgotten just to get her to tell us what she’d learned in school.  She told us that he got shot.  Uhh, yes this is true, but that was awfully frank.  I asked her why and she replied, “Because he was being to nice.”  Okay, good answer.  Then she really surprised by saying, “Whenever he’d say ‘peace,’ they’d say WAR!”  I couldn’t believe my 5 year old was telling me this.  We told her good job for listening at school and went on with dinner.

The only time Benji was happy during dinner was when he said, “Go go yeah Lolo, YAY!” (Let’s go to Lolo’s house, yay!).  Mina was quick to inform him that he was not being a very good boy and couldn’t go to Lolo’s.  We told Mina we’d be deciding who had good or bad behavior.  She replied, “Well, he’s not being very good!”

Silly Benji


Benjamin was not done being a bad boy and started to bounce very hard in his seat so that the whole table shook.  We had to tell him three times before he decided that maybe that was not as fun as he thought.  He tried to tell Papa to do it.  I just rolled my eyes at him.

I trudged through my dinner and Mina asked if she was done.  Since I could barely stomach the Pad Thai, I told her she was done.  She actually said, “Well, one more piece of chicken and then I have to do something before dessert.”  She came over and gave Ogre and I each a hug and a kiss.  Wow. 

Ogre went to the restroom while Mina and I decided on dinner.  While I was ordering dessert, Benji reached over and took my straw out of my cup and then refused to give it back to me.  Nope, instead, he dropped it on to the seat next to him.  I came very close to not letting him get any dessert.  He realized that Mommy was NOT happy and then wanted me to get the straw.  “Mommy you straw, straw you”  (Mommy, you get the straw).  I refused to and then he was crying. 

Let me out

Let me out

Let me out

Let me out


Ogre came back and Benji calmed down enough to start throwing the noodles on the table at me.  Awesome.  “Troe!”  he said.  “No, Benji, no troe,” we told him.  Lucky for him, the ice cream came out before my last nerve was trampled.  We finished up dinner and headed home.

Ice Cream

The food

Thai food, in the pretty traditional sense.


Tom Kha Gai

For starters, I ordered the Thom Kha Gai and it was good.  It had a good creamy, coconut flavor and just enough heat.  We also ordered the Thai Spring Rolls (the fresh kind) and it was pretty good.  Their peanut sauce was also good, but not even close to being as good as Noodle Wave.

Spring Rolls


Pad ThaiI ordered Pad Thai.  Pretty standard Thai food.  It was not good here.  The noodles were doughy and the sauce was WAY too sweet (and I like a sweet sauce).  Ogre said it tasted like Betty Crocker Frosting.  It was also too salty.  I think it was just too overpowering and needed to be diluted somehow.  Typically, for Thai naive friends, I’d recommend Pad Thai.  If this was someone’s first taste of Thai, I would not be surprised if they never tried it again!  Nothing helped this dish.

Pad Kee MowOgre ordered the Pad Kee Maw.  We’d read in the Dallas Observer a few months ago that they have “the best” Pad Kee Maw in town.  Ogre said that it was actually very good!  I tried his, also and would have to agree.  He did not think that it was the best town, but definitely above average.

The kids ate good old vanilla ice cream for dessert.  I was a bit more adventuresome and ordered the Black Rice Pudding with coconut milk.  It was pretty good.  Even the kids liked it. 

Black Rice Pudding


We did not order from the kids menu, but there was a choice of chicken nuggets, noodles, chicken fried rice and one other item that I cannot recall.


The service

Not good.  Service was definitely sparse.  Food took a bit to get out, but was not outrageously long.  I’d say below average service.


The kids

We were surprised to see the kids menu.  No activities for the kids, but that is not surprising.  I think it’s a kid friendly restaurant.  It was pretty empty when we dined here, but I did not feel at all uncomfortable with Bad News Benji at the table.

I am not going out on a limb to say that I’d recommend this restaurant.  I just didn’t think it was that great.  I wouldn’t tell you not go either.  I guess I’m ambivalent today.  Sorry.

The total: $45.68

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