The experience

We decided to go to Fogo de Chao for Father’s Day with Ogre and his dad.  (We went out to lunch with my dad).  We arrived to find Oma and Grandpoo already waiting on us as we were about 10 minutes late to arrive.  We were seated right away after that.  We discussed that the restaurant was not nearly as packed as last year and wondered if it was the economy.

We settled in to our table and I sat with Benji while everyone else hit the salad bar.  After Ogre and Mina returned, I got up to get my salad also.  Ogre and I always go easy on the salad bar not wanting to give up precious real estate knowing that the good stuff (the meat!) is still to come.

We gave Benji a little bit of this and a little bit of that to eat and every time he saw me cut up something on my plate, he requested the same of his plate.  Cute, but slightly annoying.DSC_0100

There was some argument as to wether a rounded marinated something off the salad bar was an artichoke or a heart of palm, I don’t know what the concensus was as I don’t like either of those things!

One by one, we finished our salads and got plates for the meats.  It was amazing to watch on after a turn of our card from red to green, the gauchos (the guys that serve the meats off their skewers) swooped in to offer their meats.  Benji thought this was super cool.


When Ogre commented that he did not like a particular cut of meat to one of the gauchos, the gaucho took it away and Benji said, “Papa don’t like it!”  and giggled.

Mina thought the little cards that tell the gauchos to approach or not (green/red) were the coolest parts.  She put them to her face and told us she was blushing.


Mina was only interested in the filet and the bacon wrapped filet.  She did not even want chicken.  Benji, on the other hand, had no interest in the beef, much to the disappointment of Ogre and stuck to chicken and plantains.

Benji ate okay, but was more interested in giving and receiving hugs from me and pulling my napkin out of my nap and putting it in his.  Again, cute, but annoying as well.


Ogre and Grandpoo ate until they decided that they really shouldn’t eat anymore.  Of course, as Grandpoo reminded us, Ogre invented the “dessert stomach” when he was a kid, which apparently is still in existence today as we ordered three desserts to top things off!

Desserts were a hit for the most part, save Benji making a complete mess with his strawberries and cream dessert.


We all walked out awaiting our arrival home when we could succumb to our food coma.

The food

It’s a Brazilian churrascaria where they roast the meats I assume on the sword like skewers and serve them off the skewers slicing off or pushing off pieces of meat, including beef, chicken, pork, and lamb.


Ogre and Grandpoo’s favorite seemed to be the “House Special” aka Pichana, which is the tender part of the sirloin roasted with garlic and sea salt.  I have to admit, it was pretty tasty tonight!  Other favorites included the ribeye and the filet mignon.

The lamb always seems to be hit or miss.  My first piecs was inedible and my second attempt was better, but not awesome.  I gave up after that.

The chicken was good, the kids enjoyed it.  Mina went for the bacon wrapped filet though and ate it up!

As side dishes, you get fried plantains, which were very good tonight, fried yucca -just okay, and mashed potatoes -again, just average.


I must also mention the dinner rolls they have, which are sort of cheesy and doughy in the middle in a way that I can’t explain but are totally addictive!

Oma had just the salad bar, which has a nice assortment of veggies -roasted and marinated and sun dried, cheeses, and bread.  They also had smoked salmon, which was complimented by Oma (she stuck to the salad bar tonight) and proscuitto.


Dessert were really good!  I had the tres leches cake, which was nice and moist and definitely had 3 distinguishable “milks.”  Oma and Granpoo said that the cheesecake was also very good, but the chocolate sauce was a little overkill.  Mina and Benji had the strawberries and cream, which was like melted ice cream, but more refreshing -actually excellent!




The service

Well, the gauchos are constantly out and about and around.  Sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you don’t.  Sometimes you request a certain type of meat and you get it and sometimes you don’t.  Servers come around every once in a while to make sure you’re not waiting on anything in particular and they usually get the right gaucho over.  Overall, service is pretty good.

The kids

For a churrascaria, it seems pretty kid friendly.  I don’t know what the kids pricing is since they did not charge for Mina or Benji.  There were a ton of kids in the restaurant tonight.  I suppose the dinner can be as long or as short as you want it to be since once you turn your card to green, the gauchos swarm in!

I think that Fogo De Chao is the best churrascaria as far as taste and quality goes.  I like Rafain because it includes a dessert buffet and the food is still pretty good (and they have grilled pineapple…yum!).  We have not tried Mastergrill in Garland and I’m not a huge fan of Texas de Brazil.  So, if you’re in the mood for a lot of meat on skewers, I would try this place first!

The total: 267ish (3 adult bevvies)

Mina’s picture of me:


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