The experience

Tonight I had an overnight at the hospital so like every other time this happens, we have to eat early so that I can get to my shift on time.  I left my parents’ house at 5:30 realizing that it’s 5:30 and that there’s traffic.  I called Ogre, at his request, when we were leaving.  He didn’t want anything to “heavy” after lunch at Picasso’s, so we decided to meet at Mango Thai.  I arrived at 6:00.  We were seated right away.


The kids received their own menu and I ordered drinks.  When the waitress came back she had the kids’ drinks with little paper umbrellas in each.  The kids loved that!  I told Benji it was an umbrella.  He said, “Benji breh-uh.”  Very cute.


Then, Mina had to use the restroom, of course.  I could see the restroom from where I was sitting, so I let her go by herself and then call out to me when it was time to wash her hands because she was too short to reach the sink.  She followed instructions and then Benji and I joined her.  Everyone ended up washing hands. We headed back out, still no Ogre.


I texted him and he said he was “close.”  Okay.  So we waited and waited some more.  Finally, I went ahead and ordered dinner.  Ogre showed up about 5 minutes later.  It was already 6:15.  He says he left 5 minutes after I did and blamed the traffic on his tardiness.  All I know is I’d be missing out on the tasty sweet sticky rice they have here because I wouldn’t have time to eat dinner and order dessert.  This did not put me in a very good mood.

Ogre ordered his dinner (the same thing I did).  While we waited, Mina made a spoon man and fork lady with her utensils.


Food came out and, interestingly, all of our food came out at the same time.   Poor Mina did not get any slack because of my poor mood.  She was being poky with her eating, as usual.  Benji ate over half of her rice in the time she had two bites.  Lucky for her, I had to leave for the hospital.  I am not sure what happened after that, but I’m sure everyone was much happier!

The food

I’d say this is a little more upscale Thai food with some definite “interpretations” of traditional dishes.

DSC00949Ogre and I both ordered the Nua Num Tok.  This dish is not found in every Thai restaurant and I like it here best.  It’s under the salads and it’s basically a bed of greens with grilled flank steak that has a tangy, fish saucy, limey sauce and it’s served with very sticky rice.  It’s definitely a different avenue than the traditional noodle and rice dishes and it has a pretty strong fish sauce taste, so beware!

DSC00948Mina ordered the Tofu Fried Rice and Benji definitely liked it.  He ate over half of it!  Mina, on the other hand, just kind of picked at it.  It looked really good, it had baby corn, broccoli, peas, fried tofu mixed in the rice.

The service

Average service.  Nothing good or bad to say.  The food came out at an okay tempo.

The kids

Well, it was more kid friendly than I expected!  It doesn’t have any kids activities (which I did not expect them to have), but they did have a pretty extensive kids menu.  They gave the kids drink umbrellas with their drinks, which Benji promptly reminded us was “danger.”

If you’re looking for more upscale Thai food, I’d recommend giving this a try.  It’s definitely less casual than most hole in the wall Thai restaurants, but, overall, I think it’s okay to bring the little ones here.

The total: 40 something…lost the receipt.

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