The experience

DSC01142A couple of late admissions made me late getting home, which made Ogre and I late picking up the kids for dinner and, of course, late getting out to dinner.  We decided we’d do Pho Mac as I had a craving for pho after reading a thread on one of my mommy forums reccomending this restaurant.  We arrived at 8:05PM, lucky for us, despite a sign that said they closed at 8PM, they welcomed us and handed out menus.

While we looked at the menus, the kids played with their chopsticks like they usually do -”Rock out!” Benji said.



We ordered drinks and Mina decided that she wanted orange juice after reading the menu herself.  We decided that would be okay.  Of course, once she got it, she immediately started taunting Benji with it, which made Benji VERY upset that he did not have any “onj dooce.”  We warned Mina to not taunt her brother and decided that she and Benji would get the same drink (water) next time.  We were able to talk Benji into the fact that water is a great choice to have and that Mina really didn’t have orange juice and he settled down…for the time being.

We ordered dinner and Benjamin proceded to throw his “giraffey” on to the floor and then crying about it.  Mina picked it up two times before we put an end to Benji’s games.  He was not very happy about that and we were luckily able to distract with a plastic soup spoon and the fishies in the aquarium.

This was not going to be a good night eating out with Benji.  Our food came out and I used the scissors to cut Mina and Benji’s pork.  Mina thought this was the coolest thing she’d ever seen.  Benji could have cared less and by this time had dropped one of his chopsticks on the floor -you guessed it!  More crying.  I gave in and opened another chopstick packet.

The kids each got a bowl of food and some hoisin sauce to dip their pork in.  Benji decided that he would instead use his chopstick to stir the hoisin and sing “Pa-teh, Pa-teh, choc-o-la-teh!.”  Cute until he decided to use his finger instead and when I asked him to stop he smeared it onto his hair and on to the table.  Guess what got taken away and guess who started crying again.  Sigh.



Honestly, I can’t remember how we got him to stop crying that time.  I think I ended up turning his seat to the fishies for a little while. 



Meanwhile, Mina was eating her pork very well, but we had to prod her along with the rice.  I finally bribed her with allowing her to use the scissors to cut the meat.  She still required Papa scooping the rice for her in bite sized amounts before she ate her portion of rice!



It was one last tantrum for Benji, who impressed us with his knowledge of colors by stating to us that he “want greem dooce” (green juice) and we told him no.  So he wanted “brown dooce.” No, can’t have that either.  “lello dooce” (yellow juice).  No, Benji.  Response: screaming and crying.  We explained to him that those are picture.  Deaf ears. Once again, I don’t know what finally resolved that meltdown, but we did get to enjoy a little bit of calm after that.

Benji FINALLY developed a better mood (but not a better appetite -he hardly ate anything at dinner).  He was dancing to the tunes overhead.  These were not the most kid friendly songs ever.  Madonna, actually, and to be more specific, they were playing the songs that goes, “Oops, I didn’t know it wasn’t safe to talk about sex…” and right after that, “Erotic.”  Luckily, Benji was too busy screaming when this song was playing and Mina was too busy worrying about the rice to notice.  By the time, Benji had switched to the sweet boy I know and love, they were playing “Borderline.”

Once they cut the tunes, we knew it was time to go.  After all, they’d kept the restaurant open at least an hour longer than they needed to.  I hope they didn’t regret it after having the Benji come through.

Oh! and I didn’t even mention that one of the times the waiter came to refill our drinks, he mentioned that Benji was very cute (yeah, right), and Benji responded by sticking his tongue out at him and blowing a wicked raspberry at him!  (I can only shake my head in shame). 


The food

Casual Vietnamese eatery with numerous pho choices and some entrees and “specials” as well.

All of the food came out at the same time.

We ordered the Grilled Pork Spring Rolls. These were pretty good.  I probably would have preferred sticking with shrimp, but it didn’t taste bad and Ogre liked these quite a bit.



Ogre and I both had Pho with Beef Eye of Round.  Tasted great!  A nice, clear broth, with a good beef flavor to the soup and they have us extra cilantro and nice juicy limes.  I liked this a lot, as did Ogre.




The kids shared the Grilled Pork (served with rice and some veggies).  Mina liked it alot.  Benji didn’t eat much of it.  I tried it and thought it to be a little too bland and a little too dry.  Not the top of my list for this dish.




The service

I’d say slightly below average.  We had to remind them about refilling our drinks.  They disappeared after they took our order and dropped off the food.  They did hook me up on the extra cilantro that I requested and they were super nice to the kids!


The kids

No kids activities, no kids menu.  If you look hard enough, I think you’ll be able to find something kid palatable.  Our kids like the grilled pork (they also have grilled chicken).



I like the pho here also -probably similar in quality and taste to Pho 2828 (and better than Pho Que Houng).  I like the grilled pork more at Pho Que Huong, though (just like my Pho 2828 review!).  I did not try their weird sounding Vietnamese pizza -if anyone tries this, please share your thoughts!!

The total: can’t recall

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