The experience

The first day back from vacation is always so hectic!  Ogre and I had a meeting downtown mid afternoon, I had a patient to admit at the hospital, the kids needed to be picked up and Mina had Hula lessons -not to mention the unpacking, laundry and “pre cleaning” for the maid that still had to happen.  I ended up going straight from the meeting to pick up the kids and took them both with me to the hospital while I did my admission, they colored at the nurses station and then I drove them both to Mina’s Hula lesson (where Benji was close to stepping on my last nerve) and then had Ogre meet us at Houlihan’s for dinner.

Benji continued to be a pill initially during dinner.  They got crayons and a coloring page, but Benji was angry at me for not understanding what he wanted me to do with his crayon.  He ended up throwing it across the table onto the floor and was more angry at my refusal to get his crayon.  I told him he shouldn’t have thrown the crayon so I wasn’t going to get it for him.

Our waiter tried to appease the kids by offering up the carrot appetizers for them right away.  He got our drink order and appetizer order and came back with the carrots.  Benji was only happy for a millisecond.  He ended up crawling under the table to get his crayon himself and after that seemed to calm down.


Once we got the appetizer, Benji’s mood improved significantly and my sweet boy was back to join us for dinner.  Mina was busy playing with her Nintendo DS that Papa brought for her…when Papa wasn’t playing it.  We told her she needed to finish her plate of carrots, which she was not thrilled about.  By telling her she could not have a second piece of tuna until she finished the carrots, we did not have to prod her along too much.


She and Papa also played that box game again, but they never finished because the game was on too large of a scale and Mina refused to let Papa cross off some of the boxes.


Our dinner arrived and the kids were very good about eating dinner.  We didn’t have any more problems at dinner, which I was thankful for because the baby wanted to dessert!!  We discussed our options, but Mina was pretty adamant that she wanted the chocolate fondue dessert.  Fine by us.

We loved that chocolate fondue dessert.  The kids ate all the strawberries, but I (and the baby) was content to just eat the chocolate sauce with spoonfuls of Benji’s ice cream.


The food

I’d call this American with some Asian influences…

DSC_0148We ordered the Seared Rare Tuna Wontons.  Not quite what I expected, but very tasty nonetheless.  So, the tuna is seared and has a nice crust to it, but is not served with won-tons.  There is one large won-ton with some pico like dressing atop it as you can see from the picture.  The tuna is atop some drizzled soy ginger sauce and a wasabi sauce.  Tasted great!!  I will try their seared tuna salad the next time we come because of this!

DSC_0152I ordered the French Onion Soup and the Lettuce Wraps as my dinner.  The French Onion Soup was great…definitely above average.  It had a very bold flavor and was very hearty.  The Lettuce Wraps were also pretty good.  Ogre thought they were better than PF Chang’s, DSC_0154but I think I like them a little better at PF Chang’s.  They were a little more on the salty side here and I did not like that so much.  It did come with a very good Sesame sauce to pour over the wraps.

DSC_0155Ogre ordered the Buffalo Bleu Salad, which is a salad with breaded chicken dipped in buffalo wing sauce.  The salad also had Gorgonzola cheese, pecans, bacon and cheese.  He thought the salad was really good, but thought he’d ask for extra buffalo sauce if he ever ordered this again.

DSC_0151The kids had a corn dog and macaroni and cheese (2 different kids meals) each came with applesauce and the corn dog came with fries also.  They both liked it and there was no food left behind!   DSC_0150Oh, it also comes with a carrot appetizer and ice cream for dessert.



The whole family shared the Chocolate Smores Dessert, which was served with a bowl of chocolate sauce topped with marshmallow cream aside some graham crackers and strawberries.  Excellent. 



The service

Overall, pretty good.  He lost a few brownie points at the end as he disappeared for quite some time after he dropped off dessert.  He was otherwise, very friendly, very informative and seemed eager to please.  The food came out at a pretty good tempo.


The kids

Definitely kid friendly.  Kids activities/crayons, kids menu items.  Laid back restaurant.

This restaurant reminds me of a more laid back, more inexpensive Houston’s alternative.  We will definitely eat here again as there are other dishes Ogre and I want to try and the kids seemed pretty well entertained and happy.

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