The experience

DSC_0063So, I’m still not feeling 100% and really only wanting to eat things like soup or mild stuff like that.  We had to wait on Mina to come from choir class, which always makes Wednesdays a late night out eating.  I decided that I’d go for some Tom Kha and since we needed to eat somewhat close, I decided on Jasmine II in Plano.  Ogre and I ate there once before and I recall us liking it.  We drove up and were pleasantly surprised to see a little bit of a crowd when we arrived.

We were seated right away and Benji demanded a high chair, which they promptly provided.  We all settled in while Mina took some pictures in the restaurant, impressing some of the other restaurant patrons.







Benji had a plastic ice cube that Mina very kindly gave him to play with in the car.  Unfortunately, Mommy very unkindly took it away as he began banging it against the table.  We got a few stares.

We went ahead and ordered drinks and appetizers while Ogre finished looking at the menu.  In the meantime, Mina was very excited to show us her “cool trick.”  She did it this to the point where I basically took the spoon away (I told her she couldn’t do it any more since it was starting to fall off her nose and bang on the table.  More stares.


Once we put in our dinner order, the appetizers quickly followed.  Ogre and I were happy to find that the sauce tasted very similar to our favorite Noodle Wave.  The kids were happy to find that they liked the taste of the satay.

While we munched on our spring rolls and the kids finished off their satay, they found that the skewers could be used as drumsticks.  For the most part, these were quiet drumsticks -we did have move certain louder items out of the way.  Benji was a little miffed as to why he only had one stick, but he made do.



When Mina tired of drumming, she took more pictures, we brought about some approving nods from some in the restaurants. 


(I should mention that Mina was quite displeased with this picture because she couldn’t get the chair out of the picture.)




I don’t know that Benji’s very loud renditions of “A B C” received quite the same acclaim.



I did note that when one couple walked in, the gentleman made it clear that they wanted to sit as far away as possible from our kids (which he indicated with a swishing of his second and third fingers).  I was quite pleased when another family came in to dine and were sat near them.  Hee hee.

Anyway, everyone except me ate really well tonight paving the way for dessert to be ordered.  Benji was pretty angry that I tood the sticks away at this point, but it was getting a little out of hand.

We ate dessert and and headed home to spare the couple in the corner much more headache!


The food

Typical Thai food -noodles, soups, salads, rice dishes, quite a few curry dishes…

DSC_0049Ogre and I ordered the Fresh Spring Rolls to start and they were excellent.  Tasted fresh, nice, meaty shrimp and the peanut sauce tasted great.  Noodle Wave still beats them by a nose, but it was a very close second.  The peanut sauce is both peanut-y and sweet with just a hint of spice!

DSC_0047The kids had the Chicken Satay and a side of rice.  Ogre and I both tried the Satay and it was very good; I think they marinate them in a curry sauce.  It was slightly sweet, but had a very mild curry flavor to it.  Mina loved it and I think Benji just thought it was “okay.”

DSC_0052I ordered the Tom Kha Gai (Coconut soup with chicken) and it was average to above average.  My biggest problem is that it was way to spicy for me -Ogre loved it.  The broth was a light orange if that’s any indication of the spiciness!  It was otherwise really good -had a nice proportion of spice, coconut and limey flavor and a nice touch of cilantro.  Good, but I couldn’t handle the spice!

DSC_0054Ogre ordered the Basil Chicken.  He said it was really good.  He kept wanting me to try it, but I declined.  He said it wasn’t that spicy, but he may have just been saying that so I’d try it!

DSC_0062For dessert, we had the Sweet Sticky Rice with mango.  It was pretty good here, not the best I’ve ever had by any stretch.  I’d say average. It was a little different than the usual suspects because it had a prett strong aromatic smell and flavor.  Benji didn’t care for that but Mina loved it.  I liked it, also.


The service

Average.  Our waiters were pretty attentive and everything came out at a good tempo.  Really nothing to complain about.

The kids

I said it’s on the below average to average kid friendly part of the spectrum.  Like many Asian restaurants, there really aren’t and kids meals and they don’t have kids activities, but what stands out to me is that I definitely was aware of my surroundings and the people around me and how LOUD my kids’ voices seemed.  Even when Mina was talking normally, it seemed to fill the room.  Just imagine what happened when Benji opened his mouth!

I thought this was above average Thai food and was happy to try their peanut sauce that reminds me of Noodle Wave, it might be my new favorite close to home Thai spot, but we might be eating here for lunch more than dinner to save the other patrons from our kids!

The total:  Ogre didn’t tell me

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