The experience

Mommy, M.D. was working an overnight shift at the hospital again and I had a Tom Petty concert to attend so, dinner was early this evening  (Oma and Grandpoo were babysitting) .  That also meant staying in the area.  Grace suggested Pho Que Huong before she left for work.  Sounds like a plan.

Pho Que Huong East Plano

We arrived and the host/waiter quickly greeted us at the door and offered us a table and a high chair. No need for the chair; I brought my own.  Mina loves the Grilled Pork with Egg Casserole (the C3).  I figured she could split it with Benji, but she has been known to eat the entire thing herself.  I went for the big bowl of Pho with Eye of Round Steak (best choice), also known as the P15.  And, yes, it actually says “(best choice)”.  It’s on the menu!

Mina being crazy with everything elseBenji being crazy with the chopticksBenji and Mina were busy playing the with chopsticks, the small plastic condiment bowls, and the soup spoons.  I had to stop her from taking out more after she pulled out 4 of each.  We had just gone to the restroom to wash our hands because Benji had been digging in one of the houseplants at home (I’ll tell you about that later, Grace).  No matter, Mina had to go back.  She could reach everything so I let her go herself. Benji and I patiently waited.

My Pho arrives first in only a few minutes.  Moments after it arrives, I hear Mina’s muffled voice coming from the bathroom.  ”Papa!”  She was stuck.  She couldn’t get the door open.  Luckily, the restrooms were right near our table and I was able to get her out quickly.

Pho with Eye of Round (best choice)

We get back to my Pho.  Mina asks if the bean sprouts or mint is her vegetable for the evening.  I decide 3 bean sprouts would be sufficient; I was feeling lenient and time was limited.  She asks for some hoisin to dip it in.  Mina asks if she can eat the mint instead and I try to tell her that it won’t be good, but she is convinced anything would be better than the bean sprouts.  She tries a bite and acts like it is better to prove me wrong, but she can’t keep up the act and resorts to slathering on the hoisin to get the sprouts down. Benji wants a bean sprout too but that changes after one bite.  His attention turns to my soup.

Mina wanted mint as her veggieBenji We know Benji loves the soup at Sushi Awaji and he is loving this Pho.   Of course he isn’t very skilled at the soup quite yet so most of it winds up on his shirt.  Soon Benji wants to hold his own spoon. Conveniently, Mina’s food arrives about this time and it comes with a bowl of soup, as well.  This is good because I like my Pho quite spicy and couldn’t really do that with Benji eating out of my bowl.  I also ask for a couple of plates to divvy up the pork.  I cut up the pork, but Benji still wants soup.  His shirt is already soaked so I figured it couldn’t get worse and gave in to his demands.  Now Benji was attempting to feed himself soup. It wasn’t really working and he soon tried his straw!  He drank so much at once the salt made him gag slightly. That was enough soup.  Benji started to cry but, luckily, a well placed bite of pork distracted him.

Grilled Pork with Egg Casserole

Mina eats up her bean sprouts after a small amount of prodding and a lot of hoisin.  Benji is devouring the pork.  We discuss the apple tree at kindergarten.  Mina was much happier today since her apple didn’t fall at all today.  Apparently, the apples still weren’t looking to healthy for some of the kids. Benji has eaten a decent amount and now wants down.  Mina still has a bit to go.  A few more prods and she has eaten everything.  Even the egg casserole.  Good job, Mina! I let Benji down while I pay. Mina keeps an eye on him and they chase each other around the table a couple of times.  Luckily, only families were eating this evening, so they all thought it was cute.  I bring the fortune cookies and Mina gets a free lollipop at the counter.  I get a fortune for Grace, too.  I only then notice just how much soup Benji got on himself.


Benji SoupPants

Benji SoupPants


We open the fortune cookies once we load up in the car.  Grace gets 2!  I’m the one who always gets the one with no fortune.  I at least got one this evening and Grace would agree my fortune was accurate.  Here’s a complete list:

  • Grace
    • Failure is the mother of success.
    • Advice, when most needed, is least heeded.
  • Mina
    • Try not to stand on your own side during an argument.
  • Benji
    • Pennies from heaven find their way to your doorstep this year!
  • Ogre
    • The person who is late is usually happier than the person who has to wait.

Time to leave.

The food

Pho Que Huong has some consistently good vietnamese food.  The Pho comes in two sizes and they a large selection of pork, beef and chicken entrees.  Mina and now Benji love the pork.  It runs in the family since this is also Grace’s favorite.  I usually stick to the Pho but it is quite tasty pork (Grace says I married her for the food she leaves behind).  The Pho is excellent and you can get it with a wide array of different types of beef.  Its also very cheap.

Total Price: $13.53

The service

The service her is quick and they are always within view to refill drinks.  The same people run the counter and the tables so they move around pretty quickly.  You can get in out of this place pretty fast.  That is if you daughter eats her veggies in a timely fashion.

Anything More?

Pho Que Huong is a local chain.  The have 10 locations around Dallas.  I’ve been to 2 others and the quality is very consistent between them.  We’ve gone her for awhile now. They opened this location in East Plano shortly after we moved back from Nashville.  Always good to have a quick, cheap, good restaurant down the street with some reasonably healthy non-fried food that your kids will actually eat.


P.S. – Tom Petty rocked…a little disappointed with Steve Winwood’s performance though.

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