The experience

IMG00566We were in the mood for wings tonight.  We decided to head to WingStop, a nearby wing place that has less of a kid unfriendly connotation than Hooters (we actually really like Hooters, but I haven’t decided if I want to review it for the blog…maybe if we get desparate for restaurants!).  We arrived and there was really only two other tables, but no high chairs to be found.  Mina picked a table and I let Benji sit in a chair while we decided what we wanted to order.

Well, Benji in a chair lasted a very short while.  He was up and out and walking around.  It’s counter service, so Ogre was up at the counter ordering and Benji would wander between us. 


Ogre got back and told me it would be 14 minutes to get our food.  Ugh.  14 minutes of bad behavior Benji.  I noticed the table next to us was getting up to leave so I took their high chair (which they hadn’t been using anyway!).  I decided, though, that I’d let him continue to wander since by now we were the only ones in the restaurant. 

Mina was behaving quite nicely drawing in her notepad she brought with her.


When the food arrived, we put Benji in his highchair and he was initially okay with it, but very quickly became bored.  He cried and wanted to get out but we’re pretty insistent that he sit in his high chair until we’re ready for him to be out.  More distraction techniques.




Finally, Ogre finished his dinner and let the Benj out of his high chair and put the high chair aside for someone else to use.  Mina and I finished up dinner while Ogre and Benji sat near the door.



The food

It’s wings, you can get boneless, too, but I think those are just chicken nuggets!  You choose your sauce from many (original hot, teriyaki, garlic lemonpepper, hawaiian luau, atomic, just to name a few).

IMG00574We ordered 20 wings with atomic sauce, orginal hot, hawaiian luau and Hickory BBQ.  I really liked the hawaiian luau -Ogre thought it was very pineapple-y.  I thought the original hot was pretty good, but definitely not as good as the Bentley’s (or even the original sauce) at Hooter’s.  Ogre says the atomic was definitely hot!  He liked the Hickory BBQ and thought there was enough kick that Mina would not like it…but she did!

Mina ordered wings with Hickory BBQ sauce.  She LOVED it!!!!  She keeps talking about how wonderful those were!!

We ordered a side of potato salad and Ogre thought it was good, I was not so impressed!  The cole slaw was pretty good (Mina did not think it was great, but she did eat it!).


The service

Counter service.   They do not have knives (I eat my wings with a knife and fork) and the whole restaurant shares one big roll of paper towels up by the soda machine.  `



The kids

Well, I suppose it’s kid friendly.  Wings are pretty palatable.  It’s casual and laid back BUT there are no kids activities (not a big deal since I wouldn’t anticipate them to have it) and they only had ONE highchair, one covetted high chair.

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