The experience

DSC_0030We headed out to dinner tonight without a good plan so I threw out some suggestions to Ogre as we drove off.  I could not tell which restaurant he was headed to until we were in West Plano and he clued me in, mainly because he was lost.  I told him we were on the wrong street and to head to Legacy.  We finally ended up at his intended destination, Picasso’s Italian Ristorante (an no, not the pizza joint).   Ogre has pointed out the restaurant to me in the past and I can not recall eating here!  We debate this every time we pass this restaurant.  As we walked up to the door, Ogre asked me if I’d like to sit at the same table we did  last time.  I rolled my eyes at him.  Funny man.

We were seated right away and Benji wanted to sit in the chair, so Ogre put his clip on chair aside. Things started off well.  While Ogre and I read through the menu, the kids played with the sugar packets.  Mina got a little upset with me because I did not want to play “football” with her and the sugar packet, but I was trying to figure out what to order.  We put in our appetizer order and kept looking.


Unfortunately, our perusal of the menu was met by eventual boredom on Benji’s part and he ended up crawling out of his seat.  We warned him about having to be placed in his chair and he did not want this, but his actions spoke louder than words. 


Ogre started clipping on his chair and Benji said, “no, I wanna big boy chair!”  Ogre replied that he was sorry but that he did not listen and would have to sit in his chair.  Interestingly, as Ogre put him in his chair, Benji said, “thank you.” 

Perhaps it was because our appetizers had just shown up!  We ordered dinner and Ogre and I took turns going up to the salad bar.  Benji was trying to get the non-cut up calamari in lieu of the pieces Ogre cut up for him.  This caused a little bit of strife between Papa and son, but Benji finally understood that he did not like the larger pieces -too chewy!

Our dinner arrived and right away I saw that they messed up are order slightly.  They brought out two kids penne pasta even though we explained that we wanted order split in half.  I can only imagine that he thought we meant we wanted one regular order split in half?!  Regardless, I wasn’t in the mood to waste money, so I sent one of them back.

We were able to enjoy dinner pretty well after that.  The kids were pretending their penne was people and that they were jumping into the “lava” (marinara sauce). This was pretty entertaining to watch.  That is, until Mina started making them “swim” in the lava.  Forseeing a huge mess, we made her stop.  Benji attempted this once and he was also made to stop!

The kids ate very well, but I thought everything was pretty mediocre and, again, did not want to waste money so we did not order dessert.


The food

Italian food.

DSC_0033For starters we ordered the Garlic Cheese Bread and the Calamari.  The calamari was not good.  You could tell they purchased a frozen bag that they throw in the fryer.  Even Mina commented on the chewiness factor and the breading was very blah.  DSC_0034The cheese bread fared better, probably average.  Nice and cheesy, but nothing spectacular.  Our entrees came with a salad.  They have a salad bar with boring greens and 2 dressings.  Not much to talk about there.

DSC_0036I ordered the Gnocchi alla Gorgonzola.  Don’t ask me why I did this either.  I anticipated that it would not be as good as Momo’s, but I did it.  I ordered it and I was right, it was not as good as Momo’s.  It definitely has a strong gorgonzola flavor to it, but the dish just fell flat! 

DSC_0037Ogre ordered the Chicken Caccitore.  He said it was good, but didn’t really expound on it too much.



DSC_0035The kids ordered their usual penne with a side of marinara sauce and we did not hear any complaints from them.



The service

I thought the service was below average tonight.  I don’t know that Ogre completely agrees, but there was one waiter for the whole restaurant and it was pretty full tonight.  So, our service was slow.  It must have taken 15 minutes after we finished to get the check and I think Ogre had to ask for it!


The kids

They do have a kids menu but I think it hits the higher end of below average.  No kids activities and it seems to be a family friendly restaurant generally speaking, but it is a quieter restaurant.  I don’t know.  I think I’m in one of those moods.  I suppose it’s kid friendly.

I did not agree with all of the accolades this restaurant has received for “Best Neighborhood Restaurant” and so forth.  I thought it was overall average and maybe even a little below average for the prices.   I think the reason that I don’t remember eating here is because it’s just not that memorable!

The total: 40s

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