The experience

It was such a beautiful day out today that I searched for patio restaurants in Plano.  Since we were unable to have pizza the other night, I was excited to find a pizza place in Plano with a patio that we hadn’t eaten at yet!  Unfortunately, I had an evening admission to do before dinner, and when I got home it was getting late.  We still headed to the restaurant but we wouldn’t be patio dining tonight, it was already getting chilly!  We arrived to Ferrari’s Pizzeria luckily as Ogre just happen to look to his left and saw it (I couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant!).


We were seated right away at a booth and our drinks were taken.  Ogre and I looked over the menu and decided on some pizza rolls as an appetizer.  Benji brought his Go Diego Go field journal with him and kept making me draw butterflies.  At one point, he drew something and exclaimed it was a “manana” (banana)!


Mina was busy sitting obnoxiously close to me with her 80s headband.  I don’t know what it is about kids and there wanton disregard for personal space.  We had to have several discussion about scooting over.



Then I look up and see Benji is doing the same thing to Ogre.  Sheesh.



Our waitress came back to take the rest of our order, but we still weren’t ready yet.  Ogre and I were still hashing out what we’d put on our pizza.  Mina told me that she wanted penne pasta.  We finally figured out our toppings and put in our order as the appetizer came out.

Benji nodded his head in grand approval.  “Goo!”  (Good!)  I gave it my approval, so did Ogre.  Mina not so much.  Benji benefitted from her lack of enthusiasm.


Our waitress came out to ask us if we wanted the kids meals out as soon as it was ready or with our pizza. We told her we didn’t care one way or the other so it ended up coming out ahead of our pizza.  As I predicted, Benji immediately started with the “pasta fingers.”


Mina added a more dramatic flair, saying, “I am ruler of the world!” as she held up her pasta fingers.


Benji wanted to to do that, too, but couldn’t get his fat little fingers in there quite right.

Mina insisted on taking a picture of the pizza stand.



I insisted on taking a picture of the “Bada Bing” license plate over in the kitchen, but every time I’d try to take it someone would walk in front just as the camera was taking the picture (you know, Sony has that annoying delay).  Mina COULD NOT stop laughing when I accidentally took a picture of one of the owners.



Ogre and I were both impressed with the pizza, as was Benji.  Mina ate all of her pasta without a single word from Ogre or me.  It was a good dining experience for all in so many ways!




That’s the funniest picture ever!!

It took awhile for our pizza to cook and for us to eat, so Benji got bored and crawled under the table.  No one seemed to mind though, which was nice for my nerves.



Ogre decided to go ahead and try their cannoli and the kids enjoyed that with him.  Benji kept pointing at Mina’s portion and saying, “want dis” (I want this), but we told him that was Ate Mina’s (tagalog for big sister Mina).

After that, we headed home, but not before realizing that Benji’s diaper was dirty and changing his diaper in the car.  Nice.

The food

New York Style pizza and some pastas also.

DSC01051We started with the pizza rolls -basically pepperoni in bread (no sauce or cheese).  Very very good!  The breading was very soft and doughy.  I think Benji ate three of these!!  I liked them with ranch.


DSC01053The kids ordered Penne Pasta with marinara sauce on the side.  Mina ate her entire portion.  Ogre said that the pasta was al dente, which was a nice touch.  The marinara sauce is also very good, subtly sweet with a good herby (but not too herby) flavor.

DSC01060Ogre and I shared a pizza -we ordered a medium pizza with sun dried tomatoes, salami, and roasted red peppers.  I feel like we get to take some credit for the tastiness of the pizza since we picked the toppings, but we definitely have to give props for their perfectly baked pizza with just the right amount of sauce and cheese that made it all come together quite nicely.  We will definitely be getting pizza here again!

DSC01066Ogre and the kids shared a cannoli for dessert.  I don’t like cannolis, but I can tell you there was nothing left when those three were done and that Ogre said it was really good.

The service

Nothing to complain about with the service.  She was nice, attentive, helpful and kept the drinks filled.  Food came out at a good tempo.

The kids

It’s absolutely kid friendly.  It’s a casual pizzeria with a Bambini menu.  No kids activities or anything like that, but you probably don’t need that.


I would highly recommend this neighborhood, family-owned spot for a great pizza and laid back night out with the kids.  They even have a patio for the nicer nights!

The total: $38.98

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