The experience

Grace suggested this evening that I go eat with my dad since she couldn’t make it.  I said OK, but why?  She mentioned my mom was out of town.  I had no idea.  So when my dad arrived to pick up Mina as pre-planned, I asked about it.  They were going to go to Hooters at Mina’s request, but  my dad suggested Twin Peaks as a substitute.  I guess if Hooters and Bone Daddy’s work for the blog this would too.  So off we went to Twin Peaks.


I’ll get to the part about why there’s rain.  But in any event, we went in separate cars as Mina would be off to church piano practice.  So me and Benji were in one car and my dad and Mina in the others.  Benji knew we were eating with Mina and Grandpoo but continued to ask where they were for the whole ride over.  We finally arrived and headed in to meet my dad.  They got there right before us and were already seated.

The waitress grabbed a drink order and we reviewed the menus.  I showed off my new iPhone app to track speed traps and red light cameras.  Slick for road trips.  The kids fiddled with the provided crayons.

Mina at first wanted chicken strips and I was wondered about the ribs out loud which, of course, made Mina change her mind.  Turns out they only had an adult meal of ribs.  You could get a half rack so I went ahead and got her it.  Benji claimed he wanted them too.  My random musing cost us $5 extra.

We settled on dinner and my dad added we were in a rush as it was getting late.    The waitress was off and our food returned fairly quickly.  Quick enough for the kids to not even be done playing with the crayons by themselves.  That’s rare.  Normally they want to start throwing them (Benji) or have us play a game with them because they are through with the pre-printed activities (Mina).

We quickly ate.  Mina devoured her ribs almost as quick as I ate my tacos.  Can’t wait till Benji wants his own rack.  We’ll be broke.

The food

American fare.  They have ribs, burgers, sandwiches, wings, salads, tacos, etc.  Its not bad but not that great either.  Better than the TV show.

We started with salads.  Completely generic.  I wouldn’t order it again.  Think iceberg salad mix with Kraft dressing except Kraft is better.

photoMy dad had a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.  It was your typical sandwich.  Breaded chicken with wing sauce and blue cheese dressing.  He said it was actually quite good.  He mentioned it several times and how he typically ordered some appetizer sampler when he came with friends that was really good too.  So he seemed to think it above average.

photoI had the Fish Tacos.  They were good.  Not the best I’ve had but I’d order it again.  It had a decent amount of fish and a pretty good salsa.  One thing I’d add was some sort of slaw.  That’s how I like mine anyhow.  Like they do it at Tin Star.  Tasty.

photoMina and Benji got the adult Half Rack of Ribs.  Benji liked it but Mina ate the majority.  I tried a bite while cutting it up and they were pretty tasty ribs.  The sauce was sweeter which is how Grace and Mina like it and the ribs were tender and meaty.  Mina gave it two thumbs up.

The service

Just OK service.  She wasn’t horrible but she was absent for long periods and my drink went dry several times.  Marginal.

Total cost:  Grandpoo paid and I forgot to look but my estimate is $40 something.

The rest

It was a bright sunny day when we arrived.  On the way out I got a text message saying watch out for the big hail storm from Grace!  I told her to get out of it.  I looked up as we went outside and saw the storm coming.  It started pouring right after I finished getting Benji in the car seat.  Close call.

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