The experience

DSC00615Ugh!  I’m a day behind on these blog posts; hopefully, I’ll get caught up today!  Last night, I thought I’d be going back up to the hospital for an admission, so we wanted to stay close and NOT do fondue like Ogre wanted to do.  Italian sounded good and we’d talked for some time about going to Patrizio’s in West Plano and tonight we decided that would be a good idea, particularly since I’d called ahead and they said there was no wait!

We arrived and checked in at the hostess stand and was told it would be 20 minutes.  Great, Benji was already crying for bread.  I told her what they’d said earlier on our way to the restaurant and she said it probably wouldn’t be that long.  And, she was right, we waited about 5-10 minutes before our table was ready. 

We were seated and the kids started coloring.  I knew what I wanted at first glance at the seasonal menu.  Ogre took a little while longer to decide.  We ordered some garlic cheese bread and had them bring the table bread so that our Benji would be happier.




Benjamin was particularly pleased with his beverage as it was served in a regular “glass” that looked like everyone else’s.  You know, he is a big boy now.


The bread actually came out very quickly and Benji was in 7th heaven!  Not a peep out of him except the occasional request for “burr” (butter).  Mina was busy now drawing an interesting picture.  She did not want me to take a picture until it was done.


Ogre and I ordered dinner and Mina finally finished her picture.  I looked over and had to take a closer look at her writing.  Looked like she had “mirror written” almost an entire sentence.  I showed Ogre.  He asked her if she meant to do that and she just shrugged her shoulders.  Looks like she inherited her father’s dyslexia.



Soon after our entrees came out.  Ogre was alreading “Mmm-mmm’ing” his entree and forcing me to try a bite.   I finally gave in and, yes, it was “mmm-mmm good.”  Benji was more interested in more bread than eating pasta. Mina was more interested in making noodle fingers. 



Mina actually ate dinner well and quickly for once.  She entertained herself the rest of dinner by coloring in the coloring book she brought with her. 

Of course, once we were winding down on dinner and were ready to order dessert, Benji decided that, yes, in fact, he would like to eat his pasta.

The kids ate all their pasta and we ordered tiramisu.  The server said the kids would be getting free ice cream.  That made our wallets and our kids happy!DSC00605


Of course, they brought out the tiramisu well ahead of the ice cream, and our children will not tolerate a dessert in front of them that they are not eating.  We let them have a little bit of it and then had to fend them off until their ice cream came out.

The kids also ate the ice cream very well and we all left with happy tummies.


The food

This is a more upscale Italian restaurant, but not quite what I would call fine dining.

DSC00585The garlic cheese bread was good, maybe even above average, but not quite as good as Picasso’s.  The bread was soft with nice crispness to it, but there just wasn’t that something extra that the Cheese Bread at Picasso’s has -maybe it’s the cheese?? 

DSC00594I ordered the Farfalle Azurro, which is on the January Seasonal Menu.  It caught my eye because of the Gorgonzola Cheese sauce.  Sounds yummy, right?  I thought it was pretty good, but not great.  Ogre liked it, but said he could tell that I wouldn’t like it so well because it wasn’t “cheesy” enough, and he was correct.  The sauce was on the more watery side and it was a little too salty for me.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad and I ate a healthy portion of it.  I think I just had higher expectations.

DSC00595Ogre ordered the Chicken and Mushroom Lasagna.  He liked it a lot (“super tasty”) and so did I.  The Smoked Gouda Cream Sauce was very flavorful and complimented the lasagna and marinara sauce very well.


DSC00593Mina and Benji shared penne pasta with marinara sauce.  We all tried the marinara sauce with the cheese bread and it was above average.  Their pasta was cooked al dente, not that the kids probably cared, but it made for some good pasta claws!

DSC00606The tiramisu was excellent.  I’m a pretty harsh critic of tiramisu and, of course, I always think mine is the best, but this really hit the spot!  It was nice and creamy, but not to sweet and the lady fingers were soaked perfectly (not too dry and not dissolved in espresso).  I was very impressed!

They have a good kids menu with spaghetti and meatballs, other pastas with sauces, and some other items I can’t recall.


The service

Our server was pretty good today.  Nice and attentive, helpful with suggestion, honest.  No complaints.  The food came out at a nice tempo, so overall, great job!


The kids

More kid friendly than I anticipated and if you come on Sundays, KIDS EAT FREE!!  They crayons and colors for the kids and FREE ICE CREAM!  Can’t beat that!  The restaurant is quite nice, but the acoustics make it so that the restaurant is on the loud side; thereby, drowning out your screaming child’s voice.  Bonus!


I think this is a good spot for nicer but not super-nice Italian with the family, particularly since once you start getting to places this nice or more, it gets a little edgy dining with kids!


The total: 74.10 (2 glasses of wine)


Rants, Raves and Ramblings

In a previous posts, one of our readers caught on to the fact that I went to A&M for medical school and I told her that I went to UT for undergrad.  She then commented that I did learn SOMETHING at “t.u…”   I actually don’t have any school spirit either way, but I couldn’t help myself!  Liz G., this one’s for you (LOL!) . 



I also got an email about trying a restaurant called L&L Hawaiian BBQ, which I am totally intrigued by and want to try. For that guy, this one’s for you…(for those not well versed in Hawaiian culture, it means “Shaka Bra” or “Shaka Brudda”  (Hang Loose)!  Mina loves Hawaii (who doesn’t??!?!)


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