The experience

I finally have a day off today and suggested we eat breakfast with Benji.  I jokingly mention Poor Richard’s Cafe.  When it was finally time to head out for breakfast/lunch (it was already almost eleven by this time), Ogre headed to Poor Richard’s Cafe.



The place was actually quite full and I can tell you it’s the exact opposite of anything pretentious.  We were seated right away and someone came up right away to get our drink orders. We looked at the menu and I would be ordering breakfast and Ogre would be ordering lunch.  I also got some eggs for Benji.

One cool thing was that instead of high chairs, they have the same clip on chairs that we use!  Benji wanted to get in and first, but once he saw Ogre’s empty half and half containers, he wanted back out again.


While we waited, Benji played with Ogre’s half and half containers.  I took off the paper lids since he was putting them in his mouth.  Conversation was sparse this morning as Ogre seemed to be in a bad mood and I had a headache from eating so late.  Benji was the only one having a fantastic time.


Our food came out pretty quickly and we all ate our dishes.  I asked Ogre what he thought of his salad and just got a shrug at first.  Then he said that it was “what he expected.”  I think he had low expectations.  He reminded me that he came here many many times with his family growing and never looked forward to it.

Benji enjoyed his eggs and offered some to his Papa and me, we obligingly ate it.  When he was done, he crawled under the table a la Mina and then escaped out from another the table.  I ran over to catch him and that was when we decided it was time for us to leave.


I noticed that when we dine without Mina, we are in and out in less than 30 minutes!  I’m sure Ogre was thankful for that.


The food

Well, this is your standard good ol’ home cooking restaurant who particularly specializes in breakfast.  Ogre said, though, that it reminds him of eating a truckstop.

DSC_0039I ordered the short stack of pancakes (2) with bacon and added 2 eggs for an extra dollar.  I’d say it was average at best.  I ordered my eggs over medium and it wasn’t quite over medium.    The pancakes were fine, but nothing to write home about.  Bacon was also just “okay.”

DSC_0037Ogre ordered a salad with grilled chicken.  He didn’t think much of it, just said it was average.  He ate it, but it seemed like he ate it begrudgingly.

Benji liked his scrambled eggs.  He did not, however, tells us they were “goo” (good).

There is no kids menu.


The service

They definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to service.  It’s like a well oiled machine in there.  One person took our drinks and she seemed to be the drink taker as she did this for other new tables.  Then there was our waitress.  They help each other out because the table next to us’s waitress brought out our food.  Then there was another lady who was responsible for keeping water and tea refilled.   Great service!


The kids

Overall, it’s a slightly below average kid-friendly restaurant.  It’s a casual family restaurant, but there are no kids menu and there are no kids activities that they hand out (at least they didn’t give us any).  They did accommodate us though with the scrambled eggs for Benji, and it seems like they’d be flexible with creating a child appropriate dish if requested -don’t hold me to that though!

If you want a no frills seemingly home cooked meal, Poor Richard’s Cafe is a place to check out.  I don’t think Team Phipps (at least the sector of Team Phipps) will be returning.

The total:  Ogre didn’t tell me and he’s at home having some friends over while the kids and I stay at my parents.  Hopefully, he’ll comment with the total!

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