The experience

My partner texted me about seeing the fireworks in Rowlett and after I discussed with Ogre, we decided it could work.  I had a birthday party to take the kids to in the afternoon, but we decided we go after and meet my partner and her sweet baby girl for dinner after.  Turned out the birthday party we went to was outside in the 10o+ degree weather so I had to change clothes before dinner, which made us a few minutes late.  When we arrived, Casey was already waiting and the baby had eaten her dinner already.

We chatted for a bit and ordered our food.  Mina was, of course, enthralled with Casey and the baby and I think the baby was enthralled with Mina.  She was squealing and babbling up a storm!  Our queso came out pretty quickly, which was great for Benji who hung out with his chips and queso most of the night.

Casey’s tacos came out lightning fast, well before the rest of our dinner and the rest of hers.  We were constantly moving the stuff on the table as it seemed like the baby’s arms were getting longer and she was moving faster!

We chatted until our dinner arrived, then chatted and ate while the kids sang and laughed.  When Mina finished dinner, she went over to play with the baby.  The baby finally found someone who actually enjoyed and encouraged her to throw her toys on the floor, boy did she laugh about that!

Benji got a little jealous of that and went over to see what was going on with them and bumped his head, not once, but twice.  Luckily, it just takes a good kiss on the right spot for him to be over it. 

We opted for dessert, which was good because it corralled the kids back into their seats.  Since the bathrooms do not have changing stations, Casey took the baby out to be changed and when she got back the Phipps had already tore into dessert.  We did save her a sopapilla though!

I looked at the clock and realized it was getting late and I still needed to get to the hospital to do a quick admission, so we paid up and headed out to the hospital and then to the fireworks!

The food


We ordered queso to start which was agreed upon by everyone as being very good.  Nice and creamy with good flavor.

I ordered the Chef’s Special, which are chalupas topped with beef, veggies and queso with a side of guac and sour cream.  It was actually very good, better than most chalupas I’ve had, but not the best.

Ogre ordered the Rayford, which I unfortunately cannot recall what the heck that is. He really liked it and says it tastes the same as when he had as a teen long ago. 

Casey ordered the Rockwall, which came with two tacos and an enchilada.  I think she said this was pretty good.

The kids shared and enchilada with rice and beans and Mina definitely liked it.  I didn’t look to see how well Benji ate.

The sopapillas were very good, served warm and drenched in butter.  We ordered ours with ice cream, which was cinnamon ice cream.  Normally, I’m not a big fan of cinammon ice cream, but this was really good!


The service

Service was pretty good.  Kept drinks refilled and food came out quickly.  It did take forever to get our bill back after we gave them our credit card, but no big complaints.

The kids

No kids activities, but they have a little kids menu and it’s laid back and casual, so I’d say it’s average kid friendly.

This is a good little local, long standing spot for Tex-Mex, not the best Tex-Mex I’ve ever had, but it’s pretty good.

The total: 98 (?4 drinks)

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