The experience

Today is Superbowl Sunday and, well, we have plans.  SO, we’d have to eat lunch out to fulfill our childsplate duties.  I rounded this morning and Ogre was supposed to go somewhere, so he dropped the kids off at Lala and Lolo’s house.  I picked them up and planned to eat lunch with them on my own.  Luckily, Ogre called before I got to my parents’ house to tell me that he didn’t go after all.  I picked up the kids and headed over to pick up Ogre.  We decided something quick and easy would be in order since we’d soon be eating SuperBowl Sunday food at our friends’ house.  We tried one place and, lo and behold, CLOSED ON SUNDAYS.  I told him to stop at the next restaurant he saw.  Ogre commented, “Are you serious??”  Of course, I was serious.  La Flor was the next restaurant at Murphy Crossing Marketplace, so that’s where we had lunch.

We walked in and I was surprised to see that it had a decent crowd as they’d just opened.  We were seated at a booth after a couple of minutes.  Mina was not feeling well, so Ogre handed her his coat while we reviewed the menu.  Benji seemed to be doing well on the bench without his chair, but one false move (trying to escape under the table) landed him in his chair. 



I offered my lap for Mina’s head so she could lay down, and there she remained until lunch came.  It seemed to take forever to just get our drink order in.  After that, we began to wonder if we’d ever GET the drinks we’d ordered.  We’d thrown around the idea of ordering queso, but nixed that since it took so long to get the drinks.  Mina did say that she wanted a corn dog and since Benji has no problems finishing a corn dog off, I ordered two. 

The chips and the salsa were actually really good, so that kept Ogre and I busy.  Benji was busy playing with the little drink advertisement thingy that came on our table.  Well, he was busy telling us it was “brok-en” and then making Papa fix it.  Over and over again, until Papa unsuccessfully tried to hide it behind Benji only to be reprimanded by a crying 20 month old. 



Luckily, it took a normal amount of time for our food to come out.  I asked Mina to sit up and eat and she did sit up, but she did not want to eat.



Benji looked at his plate and happily (and like a big boy) ate his rice and beans with his fork.




Then he looked over and noticed that Mina had fries.  He raised his hands and said in his high pitched little voice, “Where fries?”  I handed him a fry and he was content again.  He was being on the pickier side of eating today.  To encourage him to eat, I’d take a bite of Mina’s corn dog and say, “mmm-mmm!”  and then Benji would copy me.  In the end, he ate about 3/4 of his hot dog.

That reminds me!  I made sure to request a refill of my drink when the glass was still about 3/4 full based on our service thus far.  I was spot-on, too, as just as I was finishing up my first glass (and after about 5-10 minutes), he finally returned with my drink.

In the end, I ate my lunch and 1/4 of Mina’s.  Great.  Benji ate pretty well, Mina was still not feeling very well, and Ogre, well, Ogre is always a good eater!  We headed out as Mina decided she wanted to be at Lala’s house getting some much needed TLC and Benji needed a nap!


The food

Good old  Tex-Mex here.

Chicken Verde EnchiladasI ordered the chicken enchiladas with tomatillo sauce.  If you read this blog regularly, you’d know that I have a thing for green enchiladas, but they are never quite up to snuff (my favorite Green Enchis are found at Mi Tierra in San Antonio!).  Well, my friends, these were excellent.  Still not better than Mi Tierra’s, but definitely one of my favorites in Dallas now.  I’d definitely come back for these.  The green sauce was nice and tangy, not to spicy, and had a good tomatillo flavor.  The chicken was juicy and the enchiladas had a perfect amount of sauce.  I was very happy at lunch today!

Guacamole EnchiladasOgre ordered the Guacamole Enchiladas.  These also came with tomatillo sauce and Ogre commented that his were tasty.  As I described above, but thing guacamole filling instead.  (By the way, the guacamole filling does not sound good to me!)

Corn DogThe kids had corn dogs and I tried them and they did their job.  Tasted like…corn dogs.

On the kids menu, in addition to your standard Tex Mex faves (tacos, burritos, enchiladas), they also had choices of grilled cheese, corn dogs, and pasta -spaghetti with marinara or alfredo).


The service

I’m going to first acknowledge fact that they just recently opened and give them a little bit of a break, but the service was super slow and below average today.  If the food wasn’t so good, we wouldn’t have been back to be quite frank.  When I commented to Ogre that I was glad to find a spot we could grab a good tasting quick lunch.  He said, “Well, everything but the quick part, I hope you have 30 extra minutes to wait for your drink!)


The kids

This is an average kid friendly restaurant.  They have a kids menu that is even a little more expanded that I would anticipate, but no kids’ activities, which I’m a little surprised about.  Overall, though, the restaurant is laid back and I felt very comfortable eating here with my crazy children.


I would definitely recommend this restaurant with the caveat that I hope it’s just growing pains with regard to service, keep your expectations low in that area, but hopefully, that aspect will improve.  It’d be a shame, if that kept people from returning!

The total: $28.69



305 E Fm-544
Murphy, TX 75098
in the new Murphy Marketplace

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