The experience

El PescadorSeriously, maybe I should change the blog name to the Phipps Planning Fiasco.  Tonight, I had two admissions to finish up at the hospital and Ogre was in Ducanville.  The kids were at my parents house.  I did not leave the hospital until after 7, which was when Ogre was leaving Ducanville.  So at 8:20 at night, we are leaving my parents house in separate cars, with no clue where we were going to eat.  We obviously minimized the list to places nearby and that would be relatively quick.  You know, I always draw a blank and then can only think of Asian and Mexican places.  Ogre recalled a place behind Taco Bueno on Avenue K that is a Mexican Seafood restaurant.  We headed out there and found that the place is called El Pescador.

We were seated right away and got busy looking at the menu.  Benji immediately went for the chips.  He totally loved the decor.  The walls are silver, almost like steel and textured, I think, to look like waves and then they have epoxy bubbles everywhere.  I have to describe this to you because in our madness, we forgot the camera and my phone was almost dead and I needed it to conserve the battery in case the hospital called.  On one of the walls there was a big swordfish.  Benji pointed to it and said, “way-o” (whale).  I told him it wasn’t a whale, it was a fish.  After a few times, he seemed to agree with me, but then he pointed to it and said, “dah-fin” (dolphin).  We went through it again, I told him it was a fish.  He shook his head and said “Nooo…dah-fin.”  I asked him if it was a whale and he shook his head and said, “n0000o.”  I asked him if it was a fish, and he shook his head and said, “nooooo.”  I asked him if it was a dolphin and he smiled, pointed, and said, “dah-fin.”  I think it is Go Diego Go that is brainwashing my child.  He never would agree that it was a fish after that.


We ordered some drinks, queso, ceviche and dinner for the kids while we looked over the rest of the menu.  She brought out the queso first and we dug into that.  Then she brought out the kids meals and the ceviche.  No drinks. We reminded her about the drinks.  Then we asked for silverware.  She brought back one set.  Uh, okay.  We asked for more silverware, or maybe Ogre just went and found some, I can’t remember.  Anyway, we finally had all of our stuff and put our menus aside. 

The waitress totally misinterpretted that move.  She took the menus away.  Ogre said, “Uh, did we order?”  No.  I think we must have looked perplexed because a man that seemed like he might own the place or manage it came over and asked how things were going.  Well, we’d like to order some dinner.  He brought the menus back so we could order since we didn’t know the names of our dishes.  Once that was in, we went back to enjoying our appetizers and a few bites of the kids meals. 

Mina finished up her dinner before we ever got ours, so Ogre let her play a game on his phone once our food came out.  Benji was also getting antsy.  We tried for awhile to keep him entertained in his chair, but in the end, we let him out since by this time we were the only ones in the restaurant. 

Mina and Benji danced in the middle of the floor while Ogre and I finished up.  I was getting hammer paged, so once we’d eaten enough to have satiated bellies, we settled up and headed home.


The food

This is a Mexican seafood restaurant.  They serve fish and shrimp dishes prepared steamed, stewed or deep fried.

We ordered the ceviche to start and it was very good.  The fish tasted fresh and certainly wasn’t fishy at all.  It had a good limey/cilantro flavor.

Deep Fried TilapiaI ordered the deep fried tilapia (sorry, I don’t remember the “real” names).  It was excellent.  They know how to deep fry whole fish.  I’m talking whole fish, head and all.  My parents would have loved it!  It was perfectly crisp on the inside and the meat was very flaky, yet not dry. This was one large tilapia. It had a ton of meat on it. The rice was also good. 

Shrimp El DiabloOgre ordered the Shrimp El Diablo.  He said it was also very good.  Not too spicy with a decent onion tomato sauce with jalapenos throughout. It was served with fresh steamed vegetables and rice.  There was a healthy amount of shrimp in the dish. It was a good switch of a healthy Mexican seafood meal (his didn’t come with fries).

The kids shared the chicken fingers and french fries.  I tried a piece of Benji’s chicken and it was excellent.  It might be the best breaded chicken I’ve ever had.  The chicken meat was super-tender and their breading is excellent.  Like I said, these people know how to deep fry their stuff!

Ogre made note of the fact that they don’t serve beans here.  Weird and true.

Also on the kids menu are a chicken sandwich, a hamburger (which they didn’t have tonight), and I know there was a more traditional Mexican dish, but I can’t remember what it was.

The service

Not awesome.  Communication barrier for sure.  But that wasn’t the whole problem.  We had to remind her about the drinks, ask her for silverware, she took our menus away before we’d ordered the entrees.  The owner-type guy did check on us.  In fact, he took our dinner order because we told him that she took the menus before we could order, though Ogre thought our response to “Is everything OK?” might have lead her to think we were not going to order anything more.  He thought it was more communication issues.

The kids

Average for kid friendly restaurants.  No kids activities.  They have a small kids menu.  It’s a laid back restaurant.  You shouldn’t have any problems eating here with the kids.

Yeah, the next time you’re craving seafood served Mexican style, I’d suggest you give this place a try.  They know what they’re doing. I guess the big question is, do you?

The total: $44.60 (2 ritas)

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