The experience

Royal ChopstixWe ended up near Allen around lunch time as we wanted to take some pictures of the kids in the Indian Blankets.  I love the Indian Paintbrushes and Indian Blankets (my favorite color is orange!).  By the time we finished taking a few pics, I was hot, nauseated, and hungry.  Ogre tried to appease me by letting me choose, but I knew it would be futile.  Unfortunately, nothing sounded appetizing, so I told him to just pick somewhere close and let’s hit it so the kids wouldn’t be starving and I could get something into my empty stomach. We ended up at Royal Chopstix just by driving a little ways down the road.

We walked in and as soon as I told Ogre what I wanted, Mina announced that she needed to use the restroom, so I hauled her to the restroom while Benji apparently played with some of those little candy dispenser machines.  We walked out of the restroom and right past Benji without even knowing it!  Ogre said, “Where’s Benji?” I answered, I thought he was with you.  I popped my head back around towards the bathroom and there he was, still playing with the candy dispenser machines.

I took the kids to sit down at one of the booths, which I swear was the hottest area in the restaurant.  I should’ve changed tables, but decided to just be ambivalent and sit there.  Ogre joined us with drinks and some of those fried crispy won tons and sweet and sour sauce for the kids.  Benji was trying to horde them, but we told him to share.  Then Mina wanted to turn the to go container Ogre brought them in lengthwise, to which Benji whined, “Can’t reach it!” so we had to tell Mina to turn it back so Benji could reach.

Benji likes it

Mina decided she wanted to make a “worm” out of her straw paper and I tried to help her.  She had some difficulty understanding how to draw up water into her straw and let go, but Ogre helped her.

Straw wrapper catepillar

Straw wrapper catepillar_0280

Straw wrapper catepillar

Straw wrapper catepillar

Our entrees arrived prett quickly and we cut up the chicken for the kids.  Benji wanted “doo-doos” (noodles), so we gave him a good portion of that as well.  Benji has been in to eating (or at least trying) everyone else’s food and as expected, he pointed at my plate and said, “Dat one!”  I cut up some chicken and he ate that up, too.  Seems like the kids love Royal Chopstix!

Mina noticed some of the restaurant decor and asked if she could take pictures and we, of course, let her.  She’s very good at photography…I can’t wait to see what she is able to do when she’s older!  Ogre already wants to give her our Nikon D70 (although, it may simply be because he wants a newer model for himself!)

DSC_Mina's pictures

Our kids were very well behaved through lunch and we stopped to get some fortune cookies on the way out.  Both Ogre and Benji had the same fortune, which talked of travels over the desert in the near future (Vegas, anyone?).  Mine talked about new relationships blossoming.  After ruling out infidelity, we decided it must be referring to the new baby.  I cannot recall what Mina’s fortune said.  I know, bad Mommy.

Mina in the Indian Blankets


The food

Americanized Chinese food.

Sweet and Sour ChickenI ordered the Sweet and Sour Chicken with steamed rice.  It was average and typical.  Deep fried chicken with bright red and sweet (not sour) sauce. 


Shanghai ChickenOgre ordered Shang-hai Chicken, which is diced chicken in a curry/soy sauce served with steamed broccoli and white rice.  He thought it was unusual and very good tasting for a quickie Chinese restaurant!  It was somewhat spicy, but he did not think it was too spicy.

Super Hero Kid's MealThe kids ordered the Superhero meal, which was Honey Chicken, Lo-Mein and fried rice.  I could’ve been filled up with their plate!  The kids loved it and had no problems eating it up!


The service

Counter service.


The kids

It’s laid back and kid friendly.  No kids activities (not expected).  Kids menu with cute names.

I thought this was a fine place for quick Americanized Chinese food.

The total: around 20 bucks

Mina and Benji in the Indian Blankets

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