The experience

Prince BistroToday when I called Ogre to go to dinner, he said he wanted to eat somewhere quick because he had a lot of work to do.  First off, Mina eating and quick has never been compatible.  I did, however, choose a close restaurant since that cuts down on overall going out to eat time somewhat.  I also have a coupon from my Passbook, which is always an added bonus.  We were headed to Prince Bistro and Ogre played this up to Mina like it was going to be some big fun thing because it had the word Prince in it.  My eyes were wide with worry as she was probably going to be pretty let down. 

Turns out that she didn’t really care one way or the other, she and Benji were more interested in running around the large and open restaurant.  I had to put an end to that since there were other people probably trying to have a nice dinner out.  We corralled them to our little section.  I had to give Mina a couple of stern talking tos about egging Benji on who was having a grand time running around and yelling for no apparent reason.  The staff did not seem to mind…at least they didn’t show it.

Mina and Benji playing


It’s counter service, but they do have menus, so Ogre brought a couple over for us to look over.  Mina told me that she smelled pizza right when we walked in and she was stuck on that for dinner.  Fine by us.  I decided on a large salad and Ogre wanted a sandwich and salad.  He went to order while I sat there trying to keep the kids from driving everyone crazy.

Silly Mina with the buzzer under her armOgre came back with our drinks and a buzzer.  Mina decided to take charge of the buzzer and laughed as she put it under armpit hoping it would buzz.  The guy behind the counter brought to-go cups for the kids’ apple juices and then brought us a high chair for Benji.  As soon as Benji saw the “ah ah do” he was ready to get into his chair. 

Not long after, the buzzer went off so Ogre had to go and collect our dinner.  We made a small plate for Benji and I gave Mina some of my salad.  She also picked off some of the meat from salad and told me that she really liked it!  She also requested some ranch for her salad and I obliged and went to get her some. 

Waiter Papa


Mina started eating her salad and her pizza, slowly but surely.  Ogre and I were both pleasantly surprised by our dinners.  Benji did not seem very hungry tonight and I can only assume that he must have eaten at Lala’s house.  His tummy seemed full.  At some point, he poked the straw through the styrofoam cup (this has happened before at Sonic), but luckily, he had already drank most of the juice. 

Benji's upsetOgre let him down from his highchair when he started to fuss since he and I were pretty much done with our dinner and Mina was still turtle pacing hers.  Benji ran around again, he fell a couple of times and has a bump on his forehead from hitting a table, but overall, he was quite happy and never cried.  Mina is still eating her salad and pizza while I get up to make sure Benji is not bothering other people, trying to knock over a game of chess or the bike that you can win.  Benji, of course, thought it was the run from Mommy game. 

I went to check on the status of slow poke and she was finishing up her last few bites of pizza.  Perfect because I was just then getting paged that my patient arrived to the floor and I needed to go see them.  Our quick dinner?  Took us an hour.


The food

They classify themselves as “classic American.”  I would agree.  They serve salads, pizza, chicken wings, sandwiches, among other things.

Antipasto SaladI ordered the Antipasto salad, which had pepperoni, ham, salami, cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes and olives (but I asked them not to put those on) atop lettuce.  I also asked to have eggs on mine and requested the Balsamic Vinaigrette.  It was very good, namely, the proportions of lettuce to “stuff” was just right.  They put the dressing on the side also, which I appreciate because I can control how wet or dry my salad is.


Pulled Pork SandwichOgre ordered the pulled pork sandwich and a side salad.  His was very good.  The pork was tender, the bread tasted fresh, and overall the sandwich came together nicely.  He got the Mango Habanero dressing on his salad, but he thought it was a little too sweet for his taste, but it certainly wasn’t bad.  He also wished it was more spicy.


Pineapple and Bacon PizzaWe tried Mina’s crazy pizza, she specifically requested bacon and pineapple.  Sounds gross, tastes not too bad!  Pizza was a good size and for the kids, it comes with fruit, their homemade chips, and a drink (apple juice, milk, or soda).

For the kids menu, they have a pretty nice selection: pizza, quesadilla, mac and cheese octopus (looked like a hot dog atop mac and cheese), a hot dog, a corn dog, or chicken nuggets for $4.99.


The service

Counter service.  The guy behind the counter was friendly and helpful.


The kids

I think this is a pretty kid friendly restaurant.  It’s casual.  It’s got a decent kids menu and the service is prompt since it’s counter service.  There are no kids activities or anything like that, but overall, I think your family would be comfortable eating here.

I think this would be great for lunch or for a quick (if your kid eats faster than Mina) dinner with the family.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this little bistro, as well.

The total: $23 something (we had a 7 dollar off coupon also)

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