The experience

The pickings are getting pretty slim in Plano for quick Tex Mex.  So, we add to venture to neighboring Richardson for dinner tonight.  I have heard some good things about Dos Charros, so we thought we’d give it a shot.  It was that restaurant or Amigos, but since we did not ever seen Amigos, Dos Charros easily won out.  We walked in and were seated right away.

Mina and Benji sat together on one side of the booth while Ogre and I sat on the other.  This is never really a good idea, but the restaurant seemed pretty laid back, so we let them.  As we ordered the drinks, we went ahead and ordered queso since the kids didn’t have any kids activities and we did not bring any.


The queso came out lightning fast; it came out with the drinks, which was great since the kids (and we) dug right in.  We ordered dinner and the kids behaved themselves as they were eating their chips and queso.

Our dinner actually came out very quickly rivaling the speed at which El Fenix pumps out the food.   We ate dinner.  Well, everyone except Benji.  He did not want to eat any of his rice and beans and mainly stuck to his chips and queso.  I wondered if he ate at Lolo’s before we picked him up. DSC_0031


Mina declared that she needed to go to the restroom.  I was able to prevent Benji from following, but he made his way over to my side of the booth.  He was very sweet and hugged on me and told me, “I lub you.”  When Ogre returned with Mina, Benji crawled out of the booth and as we should have anticipated did not want to get back in his seat.  He somehow ended up in the booth behind our table jumping off the seat.  This was pretty much our cue to go, so we asked for our check and Ogre paid up fron.

The food

Tex Mex.

DSC_0024We ordered the queso, which all of us liked.  Ogre said that it reminded him of the queso at The Original in Fort Worth.  I could not remember that particular queso.  Nice and creamy with a hint of tomato flavor I think it was.  It was not a chunky queso.

DSC_0026I ordered the beef fajita chalupas and these were just “okay.” I wouldn’t order them again.  I thought the chip was too thick and hard…dense, I guess I’d say.  The beef was decent, but not awesome.  It needed something to make it not taste so dry; I ended up pouring queso all over them and scooping the topping off the chip and eating it with my rice and beans.  The rice and beans, by the way, were quite tasty!

DSC_0027Ogre ordered Seafood Enchiladas and he liked them.  He complimented the sauce, which was a chipotle sauce (different than the usual cream based sauces).

DSC_0025Mina had a cheese enchilada with chili con carne and she liked this, eating all of it without prompting or problems.

The service

Service was average today.  No big complaints, food came out in at the speed of light!

The kids

They have a kids menu, but no kids activities.  It’s a casual and laid back restaurant, so overall kid friendly.

It’s a decent place to eat Mexican food, but I think we have better options in and around Plano.  I also thought it was not that cheap, just sort of average pricing.  Ogre would rather hit El Fenix.

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