The experience

DSC_0018With no plans once again for dinner, we headed out and discussed as we were driving where to go tonight.  We decided that the area around UTD was promising as there are a lot of restaurants and many that we have not eaten at for childsplate.  Ogre has been wanting to try out Raising Cane’s for quite some time and we decided that it wouldn’t be a bad choice for tonight. 

It’s very fast-food-y.  It has a drive through, counter service, seat yourself.  We picked a table and the Phipps usual routine is for Mommy to sit with the crazy children while Papa goes and orders food yelling at me for clarification as needed.  This time around, the choice wasn’t too hard.  Do you want chicken tenders?  Good, cause all they got is chicken tenders.  The only discussion needed was how many chicken tenders do you want, do you cole slaw and what drink.

The kids and I sat down and both kids wanted to goof around with my and Ogre’s sunglasses. 




I should have been more appreciative of this behavior as when they bored of this, Benji defaulted to running around the restaurant.


He did come back when asked, but only for a few seconds.  Ogre must have had high hopes that he would eventually listen and stay seated as he gave him two chances to go back and sit down, which he did, but promptly got up again.  I told Ogre to get the high chair. 

We belted him in and he gave in and ate some of his food, but not a lot.  Meanwhile, Mina was not having any problems with dinner.  She did inform us that she had eaten two chicken tenders, which we knew was false because her dinner only came with two and there was still one left on her plate.  She must have been confused as she doesn’t normally straight out lie like that.


Benji, was now trying to manipulate us into letting him out of his high chair by telling us needed to “wash hands” or that he wanted to “sit in Mommy lap” and finally he just told us what he really wanted: “want walk!” 

When that didn’t work, Benji tried another strategy, he said “want shake booty!” and smiled and laughed.  We smiled and laughed, too and once we did, he let us know, “want out, want sit in Mommy lap.”  Nope, we don’t give in to cuteness.  That realization led to quite the breakdown.



Luckily, by this time, we’d all finished our dinner so we could escape before he could scare off any other customers.


The food

Chicken tenders.  Yes, that’s about all.

All the chicken tenders are the same and they have one type of sauce (other than ketchup).  They have a few sides to choose from such as fries or cole slaw and it’s served with toast.

The chicken tenders are pretty good.  Juicy chicken with crisp (but not hard) breading.  I did not think that it blew other chicken tenders out of the water, but Ogre liked them pretty well.  Ogre also liked their special sauce, which I did not care for as it had too strong of a black pepper taste (which may well be my least favorite spice).  Fries were plain old crinkle fries.  The cole slaw was pretty good -mayonnaise based.




The service

Counter service.

The kids

Yes, it’s kid friendly.  It’s pretty much like a fast food restaurant.  The kids meals come in a paper bag with kids activities on it (but you have to have your own pen).  Kids meal is 2 chicken tenders, fries, and a drink.  It’s super casual. 

If you want chicken tenders and everyone else in your family wants chicken tenders, I’d say you can try it out, but choices are very limited!  We enjoyed learning about the origins of the restaurant and the journey of the original owner to open it!

The total: 16 bucks

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