The experience

DSC_0001I mentioned Razoo’s yesterday and I guess Ogre has been thinking about since because he brings it up at 5 o’clock.  Unfortunately, Benji is down for a nap.  He doesn’t wake up until 7pm.  We try to book it out the door and here comes Mina all decked out for dinner.






We arrive and get seated right away and pile into a nice big booth.  Our server, Derek, greets us and gets our drink order.  We start looking over the menu, mainly for the sake of the kids and to choose an appetizer.  When our waiter returns I ask him about the veggie situation (I don’t see much on the menu).  He mentions there are green beans, but when I act interested, he tells me that people order them, but then they don’t tend to eat them because they don’t taste very good.  I tell him that I appreciate his honesty.  We order gumbo to share as an appetizer and Mina’s gator tails.  Mina realizes she has left her bookbag in the car and begins to cry. 



Ogre and she negotiate that she will get her bookbag if she stops crying and we are able to settle this situation relatively quickly. 


While he is gone, our wonderful waiter brings over 2 plastic alligators and some bead necklaces for the kids.  We have been here multiple times and we’ve only gotten those alligators when we order “the fishbowl” (an alcoholic beverage).   Ogre returns with the bookbag and two balloons.  The kids are totally delighted.  And this waiter is smart to bring an even number of everything. 


When he returns to get our dinner order, Ogre and I get our standard Crawfish Etouffe (me) and Shrimp Creole (Ogre).  We also order the fried okra as our vegetable for the evening.  Shortly thereafter, we get a nice surprise.  He comes back and has split our order of gumbo into two bowls for us and he has the gator tails for the kids to dig into.  This just gets better and better.  Benjamin is grunting for the cocktail sauce, which I let him try.  He cries for a second and stops (I assume he had noseburn from the horseradish and then it went away).  It was very cute to watch, but we decide to give him ketchup, instead.  We request good ol’ Tobasco (anything else is subpar).  I’m not even halfway done with my gumbo when our entrees come out.  Benjamin is content as long as he has ketchup and fries within his reach.  If either of these stars are out of alignment, he urgently lets us know by saying, “Mo, mo” until we figure out what he wants.  Ogre and I spice up our entrees and head to town.  Derek, the waiter, keeps our glasses full.  The one time that he came back to find our glasses empty, he apologized after he brought our refills.  This guy is good.

Mina is dipping her okra into the ketchup but is complaining that the breading is falling off.  We tell her to pop the whole piece in her mouth and to not worry so much about the state of the breading.  But she’s worried.  Ogre takes her to the bathroom and when they return he informs her that she has to eat 10 pieces of okra.  Ogre has finished his meal, I’m done eating mine so DSC_0028Ogre takes over the etoufee and Benjamin has degraded into just eating forkfuls of ketchup.  Ogre decides to give him a taste of my etoufee (typically I spot dose my Tobasco as I take bites, but there must have been some on whatever scoop he gave Benjamin because Benji erupted after that bite.

Mina is down to her last three pieces of okra and is only stepping up the pace because I remind her that once she finishes we can leave and go home where she can play for a little bit before bedtime.  Out of the corner of my eye I see her try to pass an okra off to Benji.  Nice try, Mi.  Ogre hands her another piece.  She finally finishes all of her vegetables and we pack up our stuff to get going.  But not before our waiter has another chance to impress us more.  He offers us a towel to wash off Benjamin’s tray.  Now that is what a great experience.


The food

I don’t know that there are that many Cajun restaurants in the DFW area, but this is certainly the perfect place to go.  The gumbo is consistently good and loaded with shrimpchicken, okra, and clams, but it doesn’t have that “fishy” taste.  Their roux is very buttery and has a beautiful dark caramel color.  My Crawfish Etoufee is loaded up with crawfish in every bite and all of the spices and flavors meld well together.  Ogre is not helpful in his description of the Shrimp Creole “It’s tasty.”  Mina and Benjamin finished off every single one of those gator bites, which have a mild chicken flavor and is breaded.

Their menu is loaded with Cajun classics such as blackened just about anything, fried seafood of all sorts, po’ boys, the gator tails and you can even get ribs or a cheeseburger!


Their kids menu is $3.99 per entree and includes chicken strips, fish sticks, or a hamburger.  These come with fries and a drink.


The service

Today it was stellar.  And I can’t recall previously having bad service.  This waiter was attentive, on the lookout for drink refill needs (a must when you use as much Tobasco as we do!), tried to keep the kids happy (I think Mina’s tears prompted the freebies because we’ve never gotten that before), and was quick to offer his help.  Awesome, awesome, job!


The kids

We didn’t actually order off the kids menu, but if your kid is not a fan of the vegetables, this place is perfect.  Again, not very many healthful choices here.   There is a little more variety than your standard fare burgers and chicken strips.  The waitstaff did a nice job trying to entertain the kids with toys and balloons and it was certainly appreciated by us.  Overall,  a very kid-friendly restaurant with great tasting Cajun food and excellent service.

Total cost: $~45 bucks (I don’t know where I put the receipt).

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