We came here for a wedding and all the guests were invited to the “BBQ restaurant” on Friday night.

We actually ate here the night before as it was the only “A la Carte” restaurant available Thursday night (the process of making reservations at the “A la Carte” restaurants was ridiculous!).  And it’s a misnomer, because guess what, it was a buffet.

Overall, though, this was probably these were probably the best meals we had at the resort all week!  They had items on the buffet that were not unlike what we say at lunch (see Las Olas), but they had a guy grilling sausage, steaks, and chicken on the fly and serving that up.  They also had ribs that seemed to have been cooking awhile as they did fall off the bone very easily.

I had the chicken and was actually very impressed with the chicken as it was very juicy and flavorful!  Ogre said that the steak was not bad either, definitely flavorful, but slightly overcooked (they don’t understand medium rare).  Mina LOVED the ribs here and probably ate 6 or 7 ribs on her own.  Benji mostly stuck to the fruit again.  He’s not much of meat man.

Our waitstaff was particularly good tonight as we were a private party.  Ogre tipped our waiter very well!


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