The experience

Well, I guess we haven’t been to every restaurant along the I-75 corridor yet.  Ogre picked the kids and me up from my parents house where we were camped out all afternoon and we headed out, again, without a plan.  I’d actually suggested we go to Roma’s as we’d planned to yesterday.  But somehow we ended up at Alamo City Grille.  I think Ogre had his diet in mind.  Diet Schmiet. 

We walked in and were seated right away.  There was a nice fire going in the middle of the dining room, which Benji was very excited about.  “Pire!”  he kept saying and smiling.  “Pire!  Wow!  Pire!”  I hope he’s not going to be a pyromaniac. 

Ogre went back out to get his seat and Mina climbed into the booth.  Benji brought in some type of V-tech toy that was on the slightly annoying side (it wasn’t very loud, but it was certainly audible), I was a little worried and kept trying to turn it off so it wouldn’t bother the patrons sitting near us.  He kept turning it back on.  Darn that brain development!!

We sat down and ordered our drinks.  Benji was impressed with his water again today.  It was in a styrofoam cup, but must’ve looked enough like a big boy cup.  “Wa wa goot” (water good).  

Mina got in trouble for trying to take away Benji’s toy.  She even brought her own DS, but I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side.  She hid her face in shame.  She got over it pretty quick though and was back to being her goofy self.

Mina wanted Benji's toy


There were no kids activities given to us, but our kids brought their own.  They were like Ogre-mini-geeks with their electronics.  Even Benji looked like he had a stylus in hand with his V tech toy!

Benji playing

Mina playing nintendo DS

We ordered our food and at the last minute, Ogre also opted for a salad.  The salad came out pretty quickly.  The kids were entertaining themselves and Ogre and I were actually able to have a relatively normal conversation.  Mina told us about school (they were back to their regular school schedule today) and Benji interjected with his comments about the fire and water. 

Our food came out and that shut us up pretty well.  There were no major mishaps.  The other people in our section of the restaurant had long gone and I think the restaurant decided not to seat anyone else in our section as they would usher everyone else that came in to the back side. 

Benji and Mina weren’t too hungry as they’d just had some tapioca pudding at Lala’s house.  This was not cleared by me, by the way.  The waiter came to clear our plates and Benji was sure to offer up his little plate to which our waiter replied he was welcome to help anytime.  As Ogre settled the tab, Benji said, “Some eyesh cream.”  We’d be stopping by Steak and Shake on the way home.  Unfortunately, it is in plain view through the windows and was not missed by the Phipps children.


The food

I couldn’t figure out what they were serving here.  I guess I would call this “American.”  They had Tex-Mex choices, pasta choices, steaks, chicken entrees, ribs, salads, sandwiches.  If it’s typical restaurant fare, they probably have it.

Baby Back RibsI ordered the ribs (recommended by the waiter) with cilantro rice and a baked potato.  The ribs were not very meaty and the tenderness was not spectacular.  I wouldn’t call them “tough,” but they didn’t exactly fall off the bone.  The BBQ sauce was also not that great.  Very tomato-y, almost reminded of a weak ketchup.  The cilantro rice was also disappointing.  You see, I LOVE cilantro.  I wouldn’t have known there was ANY cilantro in the rice.  The baked potato was fine.  Nothing special. 


Side Salad Ogre ordered a salad with some type of herb dressing.  This was actually quite good.  I liked it much better than my dinner.  Too bad I only had one bite. He ordered the Chicken Pomodoro for his dinnerChicken PomodoroAgain, he complained that it needed a little more marinara sauce, but other than that, he thought it was good.  He complimented the chicken stating that it tasted like they’d thrown it on the grill.


Mac and CheeseMina ordered the Pasta and Sauce (she wanted Macaroni and Cheese).  I tried hers and it was very good.  Not Kraft. 


The kids menu had Pasta with Sauce (you could do mac and cheese or pasta with marinara or alfredo sauce, quesadillas, a burger, maybe one or two other items for 4.99 and includes a drink.


The service

Our service was actually pretty good (Ogre says it was so-so, just for the record).  The waiter was attentive and kind.  Drinks were kept filled.  The manager checked on us to make sure everything was okay.  Tempo of the food coming out was also fine. 


The kids

I would say maybe kid friendly?  They have a kids menu, so that’s a start.  But I wouldn’t say that I felt comfortable eating with the kids here tonight and they were very good.  I just didn’t get that your kids sure are welcome here kind of feel.  Eh, that’s subjective though.

I’ll be honest.  I don’t know that this place is going to be here much longer.  The food is average at best, the ambiance isn’t that great and, overall, it was just blah. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, it’s just not very good.  If you said, “Hey, let’s go to Alamo Grill!”  I’d probably respond with, “Really?  How about BJs?”   Try it, if you want.   Let us know what you think.   


The total: $35.33


Where it’s at:

2301 N Central Expy #195
Plano, TX 75075
(972) 578-0595

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