The experience

Well, we wanted to eat lunch for childsplate today and I suggested either Jason’s Deli or a place I thought was called Delicious and Fit.  When Ogre googled it, Laura’s Bistro came up, which is a relatively new restaurant that took the spot of my beloved Great Outdoors.  We decided we’d try that today for lunch.

We walked in and sat ourselves at a booth.  We immediately noticed the weird bench seating.  Mina asked me if we were sitting on bags. 




We looked over the menu and ordered drinks.  Before I could even really look at the menu, the waiter asked us if we wanted order an appetizer.  Ogre said yes, and ordered onion rings.  I was a little taken aback as I was going to say no.

Our waiter came back with the onion rings in no time while the kids read books from the bookshelf. 

As Ogre took a bite of the onion ring, the waiter came back to get the rest of our lunch order.  We put in our order and then I was bombarded by the Ogre.  He could not believe how bad the breading on the onion rings were and was not very optimistic about his pizza choice.  He told me that if he ever meets someone with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, he will have the most empathy he’s ever had for anyone.

Mina and Benjamin went back and forth to the bookshelf to get books.  Mina read four books while we were there.  Benji also “read” while we were there, he told me so, “Mommy, Benji reading book, too.”




Unfortunately, for Benji, he was reading his books at lightning pace and wanted to go back for more books.  Ogre would not let him without Mina and he was quite sad about that.



He kept trying and trying and told me, “Bye bye, Mommy.”  I just gave him a stern look, which he does not like and this caused him to break down in tears.  Poor baby.



Luckily, we were once again saved by the food.  We started in on lunch and Ogre started in on how bad the food was.  The kids seemed to think everything was fine and I thought my sandwich wasn’t that bad.  In fact, Benji dipped his onion rings in the applesauce.  Ogre told me he did not think there was a worse restaurant.



Once we all finished lunch, Ogre said, “Take a good look around…”  Sheesh.

The food

They serve pastas, meat entrees, burgers, pizza among a few other things..all gluten-free.

DSC_0169Ogre ordered the onion rings as an appetizer.  He did not consult me first.  I would have not ordered onion rings as an appetizer.  While I sometimes like them with my burger, I do not seem them as a food that is appetizing when it stands alone nor does it whet my appetite for any other food.  He immediately regretted his decision.  In fact, he was finishing a bite when the waiter came to take our order and later told me that when the waiter asked if we were ready to order, he thought, “I don’t know, are we?”  Obviously, the breading is going to be off because it lacks gluten.  The breading is a weird texture that you doesn’t really dissolve with saliva.  It’s hard to describe.  Well, not if you’re Ogre, but I’ll spare you his colorful adjectives.

DSC_0173I ordered the Ruben Sandwich.  It is served on “dark bread.”  I don’t know what dark bread really is, but I did not think it was that bad, definitely edible.  My pasta salad was average, the pasta was a little grainy, but other than that, not atypical of a pasta salad you’d get anywhere else.

DSC_0174Ogre ordered the pizza with chicken, garlic and olives.  He said that the pizza crust was a like a wet rag and was almost inedible.  He forced himself to have a second slice and then said he immediately regretted it.  I could go on and on with his bad review, but I’ll spare you.  Basically, he said that even with the bad crust, they could have made the toppings really awesome, but those were pretty uninspired also.

I thought the kids’ chicken strips weren’t bad.  In fact, Mina ate all of her share. Once again, Ogre had nothing nice to say about the chicken strips saying that they were bland and they could have at least seasoned them. 

There are a lot of choices on the kids menu including chicken strips, catfish strips, grilled cheese, fried shrimp, fish and chips, cheese pizza, and fettucine alfredo or marinara.  They also have dairy-free cheese, if you’re into that.


The service

Average. He did what he was supposed to and nothing more.  Ogre pointed out that he did not notice that we hardly touched the onion rings and when I told him that Ogre didn’t like the pizza, he didn’t really apologize (but he did ask if he wanted anything else, which I think is an okay compromise).


The kids

It’s definitely kid friendly.  They have books for the kids to keep them occupied and a good little kids menu.  It’s also very casual and laid back.

Unfortunately, we won’t be back.  Ogre thinks it’s the worst restaurant ever -he also doesn’t have celiac disease.  He wants to give it one star.  If you have celiac disease or have food allergies, this is a good choice. 

The total: 35 bucks

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If you want to learn more about celiac disease, check out this website: Celiac Disease Foundation

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