The experience

photoWe did not leave Dallas til about 4:30PM and the kids (Benji) had not napped all day.  We had not even left Plano when Benji was out  and Mina was soon to follow.  I did not want to risk waking either of them up with any sort of stop, so we drove until they woke up, which thankfully, was right outside of Centerville where we often stop to get Ogre’ s favorite beef jerky.  He remembered there was a smokehouse BBQ restaurant in the grocery store where they sell the jerky and since it was already after 7pm, we decided this would be the  most optimal place to stop.

We went in and sat down at one of the huge picnic tables they have in the “restaurant” section while Ogre ordered our dinner at the counter.  This table is crazy wide and Benji wanted to sit by himself on the opposite side of where the rest of us sat.


We got our food and Ogre used a to go container to serve as plates for the kids while he and I shared the paper lined tray.  Mina immediately made herself a BBQ sandwich and Benji dug into the sausage


The kids were amazingly well behaved during dinner despite the unusual surroundings.  Ogre bought Mina some special treats for the roadtrip (some Hello Kitty accessories for her DS) and since she ate so well pulled those out for her.  I asked him where my and Benji’s treats were.  We didn’t get anything.  *Sigh* such a Daddy’s girl.

Benji and I shared a chocolate cream pie (Mina took one bite and was unimpressed) and Ogre had a coconut cream pie while Mina played with her DS.  Once we had our fill, we continued on our journey to the coast!

The food


For a pretty cheap price ( I think it’s 2.95 for sausage and they sell the brisket and ribs by the pound, but I’m blanking on how much per pound).  It comes with pickles, jalapenos, beans, onions and they sell potato salad on the side (but I didn’t see that till way into the meal).

We ordered the brisket, sausage, and ribs.  The ribs are not fall off the bone, but they are meaty and not too tough.  They are served dry, which is looked upon in disfavor with me, but Ogre thought they were good and reminded him a little of Memphis BBQ


The brisket was average, again, meaty, not terribly tender or tough.

The sausage was probably the best part.  It did have a little bit of heat, but not enough to stop the kids from eating it.  Had a very good flavor to it.

We also had chocoalte cream pie and coconut cream pie.  I remarked that the coconut cream pie reminded me of the beach, which was fun since we were on our way to the beach!


The service

Counter service.  And it’s in a grocery store attached to a gas station.


The kids

Sure, it’s kid friendly.  No kids menu or kids activities, but the eats are family style and as I mentioned above, it’s in a grocery store and you sit at picnic tables. 

We always stop here for their amazing beef jerky…get the sweet and spicy.  Fine place to stop for a quick bite.

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