The experience

I had a headache and Grace was just getting home for lunch so we opted to go somewhere quick and easy.  We discussed a few option while we drove towards the highway and settled on Freebird’s.  We’d been going here since Grace went to medical school at Texas A&M; the birth place of Freebird’s.  I had actually been there before when I visited a friend when it was just one store about to go out of business.  I attempted to eat the Super Monster that visit.  At like 3 or 4 pounds, it just wasn’t going to get eaten.  They should offer a free burrito if you manage to eat that thing.


We walked in and went straight to the burrito construction line.  The kids were busy staring at the Statue of Liberty on a chopper coming out of the wall so we just ordered for them.  It your typical burrito assembly line, but its quite a bit longer than the other burrito chains.  You start with your choice of size.  From half-bird which is a lightly stuffed normal size tortilla up to the Super Monster which is 2 oversized tortillas stuffed to the rim.  Not for the faint of heart.

Grace was up first and I was right behind.  I paid and waited for the kids quesadilla while the rest of the family found a seat.  I brought the rest of the food and went to get the drinks.  Mina was already half done with the quesadilla when I got back.


Benji was busy eating only the cheese from the inside when he noticed the guitars with wings hanging off the ceiling.  He was very excited about the “rock star birds”.  I think he was looking up at them the rest of the meal.


Mina was done and wanted to head out to look outside with her I-Spy magnifying glass that she got from Santa last year.  I told her she could but she wanted me to follow her.  I had to finish eating and by that time everyone else was through and it was time to go.  Quick and easy and time to go map this headache away.

We snapped a quick picture of the cool Freebird’s van in front on our way out.

The food

This place is our favorite burrito spot of the usual suspects.  They have more choices than the others and the meat seems to be tastier.  You can choose between several flavors of tortillas and several sizes of burrito from half-bird to the super monster which weighs several pounds.

IMG00279IMG00280IMG00284I went for a chicken burrito on cayenne tortilla.  I always add death sauce and the BBQ hot sauce.  The BBQ hot sauce is outstanding here.  Not sure what its made of, but its a must.  Grace went for steak on white and the kids got a quesadilla.  Everyone enjoyed their choices.  Mina actually ate her entire meal, seeing as it was quite small.  I finished my half-bird.  Grace didn’t quite.

The service

Counter service.

The kids

The funky decor help entertain the kids even though there are no activities.  Seeing as it is counter service, it is a very quick meal so the kids should do fine.

Total Cost: ~$20

The rest

So once upon a time this place was one small restaurant in College Station right across from campus.  Somewhat popular with the students, it became somewhat of a cult following.  Not enough of one to keep it in business so they started one last marketing campagin: “Save The Bird”.  When people got word, they came and kept coming.  By the time Grace left College Station there were 3 stores there.  Within a couple years they had spread to Dallas and Austin.  I think they import their workers from Austin.  Every store you go to seems to have the “Keep Austin Weird” type working there.  If you’ve ever dined in Austin, you know what I mean about the wait staff down there.  They don’t need saving anymore, but they are definitely the best burrito spot in my opinion.

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