The experience


So we’d be eating without Dr. Mom tonight so I figured on something quick, easy, and nearby.  After so many months of this, those pickings were getting slim.  I finally settled on Schlotzky’s and Dusty decided to tag along.  I went by and picked up the kids from Lala’s house and we were off.

We headed in and the kids went directly for the rotating bar stools.  I had to catch Mina’s attention to figure out what she wanted.  I quickly placed our order and grabbed a bag of chips for the kids.

Once I got the drinks filled, I first attempted to get the kids to sit at a regular table but they insisted on the stools.  I finally agreed and set their drinks and chips up on the counter.  Benji pretty much just ate chips.  I managed to get Mina to eat a small bit of the pizza she ordered, which turned out to be more cheese bread than pizza.

Mine came out shortly behind and I quickly downed my meal.  After a few more failed attempts to get the kids to eat more, I gave up and we headed home.

I let them bring the rest of the chips…

The food

photophotophotoSandwiches and pizza.

I got the Original.  The closest thing I can relate this to is a muffaletta.  The sandwich is served on a round bread that is similar to an English muffin.  Its a decent sandwich with meats that seem of good quality and I like the olives.  The price always seemed high for a sandwich here.

The kids got a cheese pizza to split.  It was truly just cheese.  No sauce.  I probably should have ordered a side seeing as the kids didn’t eat much of it.  Can’t say if it was what they had already eaten at Lala’s or if they didn’t like it.

Dusty got a Chicken Caesar  Salad.  He said it was OK.  It seemed pretty generic to me.

The service

Counter service, though they appeared to have someone who was our “server” who brought out the food.

The kids

They have a kids menu with a few small sandwiches and pizza.  Decent selection but nothing great.  So just OK kid friendly.

Total Cost: ~$12

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