The experience

Mina was out with Grandpoo and Oma again tonight for their weekly choir/music class so it was just me and my boys for dinner.  Unfortunately, we were late getting moving again today, which meant we’d have to stay close so we could be home in time to meet Mina.  I swear that there isn’t much left in East Plano for us to eat!  Luckily, as we drove to my parents’ house to pick up Benji, I noticed C Wok -boom, there was dinner!

After we picked up Benji, we went to C Wok.  The staff was very friendly and we were waited on right away.  They informed us that they had a “new menu.”  I was hoping for some more traditional Chinese entrees, but no such luck!

We settled on our dinner choices and put those in.  Meanwhile, Benji was bored out of his mind and already asking to “go go yeah.”  We had to tell him no, it was time to eat. Then we had to distract him with the fishies.  Luckily, the food started to come out right about then, which is Benji’s best distraction!

We served up a little bit of everything to Benji and he ate a little bit of everything while Ogre and I ate dinner.

It was all pretty uneventful this evening.  Mina’s presence was again missed!  We stopped by the fish tank to take a closer look at the crazy fish on the way out.  It apparently does not exist in nature!  I swear it looked like it was trying to attack Benji!  (Ogre says he thought we were going to give it some food.)

And with that, we headed home as Mina was already there waiting for us with Oma and Grandpoo.


The food

Americanized Chinese Food

I ordered the Garlic Shrimp with Crab Rangoon. It was okay, nothing to write home about. The shrimp were plump and did not taste fishy (a requirement for edible shrimp in Ogre’s eyes).  It’s served with bamboo shoots and other shredded veggies.

Ogre ordered the Mu Shu Chicken, which he said was pretty good, but didn’t seem healthy.  His words.  I thought it looked pretty tasty myself, but I didn’t try it.

I ordered some BBQ spare ribs for Benji, he did not seem to like it as he did not eat more than one bite.  I thought it was pretty good (hey, it’s no First Chinese BBQ, but what’s one to expect??).


The service

Pretty good.  They were very attentive. Food came out as soon as it was ready.



The kids

They actually have some kids menu choices here!!  That’s a bonus.  No kids activities, but that’s not anticipated.  It’s very casual and laid back.

Good for quick Chinese in East Plano.  Not worth the drive and not stellar for when you want a “good Chinese meal” but it’ll make do for take out or quick Chinese!

The total:

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