The experience

DSC_0002Mina’s cooking classes are coming to an end and we have been slowly working our way through the restaurants at Lakeside Market Center.  We have had some great experiences here and we looked forward to another good meal.  Tonight it would be Sea Breeze Fish Market and Grill.  Mina and I headed over there after her class and waited on the boys.

We first looked at the menu and picked out what we’d be eating for dinner.  Then we waited.  And waited.  Mina suggested we play “I Spy.”  Great idea to pass the time.  We had a pretty nice game going, but I had to keep reminding her to not get too loud!



DSC_0005Then I see Ogre standing outside of the restaurant by the truck.  I went out there to see what the deal was.  He said Benji had fallen asleep in the car.  I went back in to get him a menu and he picked his dish and then went back to the car to sit with Benji.  I went to the counter to order and sat back down with Mina.

Before we could sit down, Mina made me take a picture of her impersonating a crawfish.  The second one is showing off the “tail” of the crawfish. 



One of the guys behind the counter brought out our drinks and a few minutes later out comes my cup of Clam Chowder.  Mina, of course, had no interest in trying any of the soup -she only wanted the oyster crackers that came with it.  As we were discussing her reluctance to try the chowder, I see Ogre carrying Benjamin with a blanket over him.  I rushed to open the door for them while trying to keep my bewilderment under control.


As soon as Ogre sat down, little Benji woke up.  Sweet Mina immediately offered him some crackers and some of her drink.  He seemed pretty happy with that so Ogre went to the truck to get his chair.  He fussed a little because he thought we were taking him away from the crackers, but quickly settled down after I grabbed them and put them in front of us.


As Ogre was attaching his chair, the entrees arrived. We all settled in to eating dinner.  Mina had some issues with eating her cheeseburger, as usual.  It’s not that she didn’t like it, she’s just SO SLOW!!!  We kept having to remind her to eat!!  EAT!!  EAT!!!  I literally told her that she could not say anything more until she’d eaten half of the burger, we made exceptions for things that were “important.”  She took that to mean anything she needed to tell Papa.

I have to say that I was very melancholy with my dinner.  I needed to head to the hospital for an admission and excused myself once Ogre assured me that he had the rest of the table under control.  I wasn’t sure that he really did have things under control, but I didn’t want to be driving much later in this icy frigid night, so I went on…


The food

This place sells seafood and serves seafood.

DSC_0009My clam chowder was the best thing I had here, but does not compare to the clam chowder I’ve had up north.  This was had a good flavor and the clams were a good texture (not rubbery or chewy) and had potatoes in it, if you care. 

DSC_0015I ordered the Wild Field Greens with Balsamic Splash and Sesame Seared Tuna.  I wasn’t too happy with my dish.  I thought the tuna was overcooked for “seared.” I don’t know what the Balsamic “Splash” was either.  I thought the Balsamic Vinegar they used had a lot of astringency and not very much of the sweet flavor I’d expect.  And I can handle Balsamic Vinegar, so it’s not that I thought the vinegar was too strong, it just wasn’t good.  Ogre says that I don’t like “complex salads.”  He says I like homogeneous salads with the extra ingredient atop it.  He may be going overboard with the analysis of my taste for tonight’s salad, but if this is a complex salad, then, yes, I don’t like complex salads, or maybe I just don’t like THIS salad.

DSC_0013Ogre ordered the Sea Breeze Seafood Salad.  I tasted this and liked it more than mine for sure.  It had a mayonnaise based dressing with the crabmeat (Louis dressing).  He commented that there were unexpected olive pits, which he felt were unintentionally in the salad (and claims he almost broke a tooth).  The shrimp were peeled and whole, which was annoying to cut up.  Aside from the technicalities of the salad, he thought the flavor was good.  He agreed that the balsamic vinegar was not good, he thinks they just used cheap balsamic vinegar that was not aged appropriately.  Overall, he says his salad was “fine.”

DSC_0014Mina ordered a hamburger with cheese.  This came with french fries and hush puppies.  She was not overly thrilled with her burger because she was slow to eat it, but now that I think of it, she did eat at cooking class.  Oops, now I feel bad about squelching her talkative spirit at dinner. 

The other kids menu items include fish sticks, chicken tenders, salmon filet, fried or grilled shrimp or pasta with marinara sauce.  Drinks and french fries are included for $5.99.


The service

I am not sure what the deal was with the service here.  I thought it was counter service and perhaps it’s pseudo counter service.  When the person who took my order told me that this other guy would be getting our drinks for us I thought maybe it was more full service.  They brought out our food, but we didn’t see the server very much other than that.  Our drinks were clearly empty when the server walked by to visit with another table and Ogre requested a refill, which he got, but the guy didn’t notice that my drink was also empty.  I literally asked him if we’re supposed to get our own refills or if he was going to get them.  He looked at me and responded like I should have known that he’d be getting our drinks and said, “No, I’ll get the refills for you.”  He was about to walk away before I held up my glass and said, “Okay, then, I need a refill.”  It was all very strange.


The kids

Even though they have a kids menu, I think this leans toward below average for kid friendliness.  There were no activities to keep the kids entertained and it seemed less casual that I would anticipate by looking at the place.  I was uncomfortable when Mina was talking a little too loudly.  Maybe it was more the other patrons in the restaurant, but they did not seem thrilled to see Mina and me and I could feel their hearts sink when Ogre came in with Benji. 

I don’t think I could recommend this restaurant for a casual seafood eatery with the kids.  I bet they have good fish dishes as you can clearly see in their case that the fish is fresh, but I didn’t try those dishes.  Sorry, someone else will have to report back their experiences!

The total: 21.09 (with $25 gift certificate)

What did Guidelive say?  Best of DFW: Seafood

This place has also be named ”Best of” for D magazine for seafood

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