The experience

DSC_0038When I called Ogre at 4:30 to tell him I picked up Mina and was headed to my mom’s, he informed me that he had a 7 o’clock meeting in Irving.  Nice heads up.  I asked him if he wanted to eat dinner before and he was a little suspect with his answer.  I called him back at 5:20 and thought we could eat somewhere quick that would be on the way to his meeting and thought of Steak and Shake.  He thought it was a better idea for us to eat where he was meeting the guy…in Irving.  I agreed not really thinking about the 30 minute drive.  I left at 5:30 and got to Boston’s at 6:05 and well ahead of Ogre.  As usual.

We were seated right away and Ogre showed up after about 5-10 minutes, the kids busied themselves with the coloring activity pages.  Then Mina let play Benji play with her finger puppet.  Benji is really starting to pretend these days and it’s ridiculously cute.  He kept putting the finger up high and slowly bring it down to the next bar and saying in a high pitched voice, “Help! Help!  I falling!” 


While he did that and we waited on dinner, Mina and Ogre played tic tac toe.  Ogre is actually pretty hardcore and does not let Mina just win.  In fact, if she doesn’t strategize well, he let’s her know.  Well, tonight, Mina beat him 2 out of 3!  She was very good and during the second win, she made it impossible for her to lose!


After the rousing games of tic tac toe, we looked over to see Mina taking pictures of herself with her “hat” (made from the little ad thing on the table.


Benji could not stand to be on the boring side of the table anymore, so he went under the table to Papa’s side.  Ogre looked at me and said “Get used to this”  (referring to the fact that with 3 kids, we’d have to sit 2 and 3). 


Our food arrived soon after, and I had Mina come sit next to me so they would have more room.  Benji  spent the rest of dinner with his hat on his head.


Dinner was pretty good and it was getting close to 7 o’clock, so we finished up, took the kids to the bathroom and I prepared for my long journey home with the kids.


The food

They are more than just a pizza joint; they have a pretty full menu of more bar food type items and pastas and salads.  Reminds me of a TGI Friday’s.

DSC_0046I ordered the Venetian, which had pepperoni, ham, and mushrooms (actually, it had bell peppers also, but I opted out).  I thought it was pretty good!  I asked for the diced pepperoni instead of the circles, and they put way too much of that on there, which I just brushed off.  Ogre said it reminded him of the square pizzas from school cafeterias!  The crust was particularly tasty and I liked that their ham was a thin slice.

DSC_0045Ogre ordered the Florentine pizza, which had spinach, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, and garlic.  He thought it was very good.  I did not try it.  He also thought the crust was really good (he ordered it on whole wheat).

DSC_0047The kids shared the macaroni and cheese.  They use the twisty pasta and the kids loved it.  Ogre tried it and agreed that it was really good.  Nice and saucy!



The service

I don’t know if it was our server’s age -he was a teenager, but he just didn’t really seem to care about his job.  He took our order, brought out our pizza, and brought us our check, but anything else required a request and he was not friendly at all.  Food comes out pretty quick.


The kids

Yes, it’s kid friendly.  Relaxed atmosphere, crayons and activity sheets, a kids menu.

We tried the pizza and thought it was pretty good, not too expensive and lots of sizes to choose from with the individual not being insanely small or big.  It’s bigger than BJ’s individual size pizza.

I don’t know that I would drive from Plano to Irving for this pizza, but it is good pizza if you’re in the area.

The total: around 35

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