The experience

Sheik'sOgre and I actually planned ahead today for dinner since we had a limited amount of time between the end of Mina’s class and an open house we needed to be at.  We decided it would be easiest to drive in one car, which meant I’d have to pick up Ogre from the house then drive over to the restaurant.  Easiest doesn’t equate to fastest.  We needed to be at the open house at 7pm and we hit the restaurant at 6:15.  Awesome.  We were eating at Sheik’s Restaurant to be near our subsequent destination.

We walked in and were told to sit anywhere, so I let Mina pick.  She picked the corner table.  There was one other person in the restaurant that the one person working was attending to.  He did manage to get our drink order during the middle of getting together the other person’s to go order.


He also set out some pickled ?cabbage.  Bright pink. We tried to get Mina to eat some rationalizing that it was pink.  She did try it, but did not get much further than touching it to her tongue before declaring it was sour and not worth a full bite.  Sheesh.

Pickled Cabbage and Radishes


Ogre and I looked at the menu and while they didn’t have a kids menu, I found some chicken for Mina on the appetizer menu.  Perfect. We ordered dinner and I headed to the restroom.  Upon my return, I asked Ogre if he’d ordered the baba ghanoush, he said he hadn’t but just did while I was in the restroom. 

The baba ghanoush came out quickly and we were surprised at how good it was.  We did not recall it being this good!  Mina actually tried this, too, but, alas, did not like the taste of this dish. 

She apparently liked the taste of her Styrofoam cup.  Ogre looked over and told her to stop chewing on her cup.  When the waiter/cook/cashier came over to drop off the food, he noticed, too, and came back with a straw for her.  Hee hee.


I looked at the clock and we had about 15 minutes to eat.  Luckily, the food came out.  We concentrated on eating dinner and refocusing Mina as she is so easily distracted when she is eating. 

Time seemed to be passing rather quickly and I looked down and we had 5 minutes.  I went ahead and paid while Ogre prodded Mina along.

We looked out the window to see it was raining now.  Good thing Mina wore her galoshes!!

The food

They serve Middle Eastern food here.  Plain and simple.

We order the baba ghanoush, which was quite tasty.  I think I might be starting to like the stuff.  It was pretty acidic, but not overly so.  Nice olive oil flavor and not too coarse.

Gyro PlateI ordered the gyro plate.  Sorry, I am boring.  I ordered the Lemon Chicken soup and french fries as my sides.  The Lemon Chicken Soup was excellent.  Reminded me of my mom’s Arroz Caldo, but with a stronger lemon flavor.  Lemon Chicken SoupNice and hearty with a nice lemony bite!  Loved it.  When I saw the gyro slices so thinly sliced and seemingly crisp, I was worried.  It turned out to be very good served this way!  It was not dry or crisp at all!  I don’t know how he managed that!  I also liked the fact that all the components were set up on the plate so that I could make my own gyro sandwich.  I don’t like them overfilled! 

Mixed ShawarmaOgre ordered the Mixed Shawarma plate (beef and chicken).  He thought it was excellent.  The chicken was tender and juicy and none of the meat was dry. He said the meats were grilled perfectly and very flavorful.  He says the rice was ”super fantastic” and wonders what kind of “crack” they put in it.  He also liked the yogurt sauce that accompanied it and his only complaint was that there wasn’t enough (he would have asked for seconds on the sauce except that we needed to leave).  …Uh, I guess he liked it.

Mina ordered the Chicken Strips and french fries off the appetizer menu.  All I can say is that it looked good.  We didn’t try it and Mina didn’t complain.

No kids menu here.

The service

There was only one person working in the restaurant…I presume he is the owner.  Despite the fact that he was taking orders, cooking up the food, and cashing people out, I thought he did a great job! And we weren’t the only ones in the restaurant.  Ogre said his wife showed just as we were leaving, I hope to help him!  Food came out as it was ready.


The kids

Even though there’s no kids activities or kids menus, I’m going to call it kid friendly.  They basically have chicken strips and fries on the appetizer menu and there are a few things that I think are palatable for children.  It’s definitely laid back and the owners probably have grandchildren of their own.  The owner was very thoughtful about Mina. 

Ogre and I always surprise ourselves when we try a restaurant a second time and think it’s great.  I tend to think we just forget that it was so good.  I would definitely recommend this place for a quick, but quality Middle Eastern bite to eat with the kids.

The total: 43.22

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