The experience

So Dr. Mom has been working late everyday this week.  Technically, so have I but my job is quite a bit more flexible than sick children. I figured on a late one again tonight but as I was about to go drop of Benji at Lolo’s house for the day, Grace called to inform me that Lolo was ill so I’d be pretty much skipping work today to hang out with my son.  He must have partied too hard at Wowowee.  Grandpoo was kind enough to watch him until lunchtime so I could wrap up a few work items at least.  As lunch rolled around, I changed the plan.  Enough eating out late and writing a post after midnight.  I’d do lunch with Benji today.  That would give Grace a break from the extra stress and Mina would get to pick dinner since she nearly cried about going back to First Chinese BBQ the other night. I had to run some errands near Firehouse Subs which I had been wanting to try for some time.  Now was my chance.


I lugged Benji who was still in his Superman pajamas inside.  It was a pretty nice setup.  They had fireman memorabilia everywhere and Benji immediately wanted down to go check everything out.  I set us up next to the fire hydrant and went to order with Benji running behind me.  


I waited in the short line while Benji explored.  Soon his attention turned to the chip stand by the counter. He immediately grabbed the Cheetos which is one of our kids favorites.  He brought it over to me and told me he want some “Che”.  Sure Benji.  Then he went back for another bag.  He handed it to me and said, “Papa”.  I guess we each needed one. I just held onto it to appease him as I wouldn’t actually be ordering 2 bags of chips.  Then he went for a third which is when I had to stop him and give him one of the bags he gave me back to hold.  That held his attention long enough for me to finish ordering.

Turns out the kids meal comes with a fireman hat.  It was a pretty nice little hat.  The ladies behind the counter thought he was super cute and he got several “Awwwws”.  He was now impressed with himself and wore the hat around as he walked back to the table. I got our drinks and sat Benji down to start on the Cheetos.  Our sandwiches were right behind.


It was about then I noticed an assortment of bottles on the counter.  A LARGE assortment of bottles.  What could those be?  Turns out they have some liquid fire at Firehouse Subs.  There must have been 40 or more different hot sauces to choose from!  A chilihead’s dream, er, my dream.  I grabbed one familiar one, Dave’s Insanity Sauce.  I browsed the rest and choose the Firehouse Sub Datil chili sauce and another Datil sauce from Louisiana.  I also opted for the 95% Pain as opposed the the bottle that read 85% Pain.


Upon returning to the table, Benji immediately noticed my “dip-dip”.  You’ll not be trying these Benji.  The Insanity Sauce was as hot as a remember but the 95% Pain was worse (or better).  Although I enjoyed the flavor of the sauces by themselves.  Neither really went with my sandwich.  The two Datil pepper sauces I choose ended up going perfectly.  The Firehouse sauce was sweeter and hence slightly less spicy.  I alternated between the two.


I noticed Benji as pretty much just eating chips.  I tried to get him to eat his sandwich, but he was having none of it.  I think he was jealous of my “dip-dip”.  Seeing that they had meatball subs, I went to get him some marinara for his grilled cheese.  I asked for a side and she gave me a large bowl of it.  Benji was excited to see the sauce but he had to wait to eat it.  It was flaming hot.  In the meantime, we played blow the steam off the hot food.


Once cool enough, Benji began to chow down on his sandwich dipped in the sauce.  I was long ago finished with mine so as I sat there I noticed another part of the decor I hadn’t before; the tables had Dalmatian print. Cool touch.


Benji took several more minutes and half the huge bowl of sauce to finish.  Once he had finished making a mess of himself, I cleaned him up and we headed out.  One of the ladies who worked there was kind enough to give me a bag for his Oreo cookies and the rest of his Cheetos.

The food

The sandwiches here were very tasty.  Steamed rather than toasted with lots of meat, melted cheese and fresh veggies. It wasn’t some generic sandwich like you’d find a Subway.  All the ingredients seemed to be high quality.

DSC_0104I went for The Italian.  Wow it was good.  It had a great italian meat flavor and they didn’t just give some processed cheese.  There was just the right amount of meat and the veggies were all fresh.  The sandwich was dressed just right with just enough mayo and mustard plus some italian dressing.  One of the better italian subs I’ve had actually.

DSC_0103DSC_0105I got Benji the Grilled Cheese.  He also got my chips.  He was just eating chips until I went and got him some of the marinara they serve with their meatball sandwiches.  Based on the sauce, I’m thinking I’ll need to try a meatball sub next time.

They have an assortment of cleverly named specialty subs, such as the Engineer or the Hook & Ladder. You can build your own as well.  You can get hot subs and cold subs and they have salads and even chili.

The service

Counter service, though they were kind enough to give me a free side of marinara sauce to help me get Benji to eat and helped me load up my leftovers seeing I had my hands full.

The kids

I’d call this an above average kid friendly restaurant.  True, they don’t have crayons and the like, but the kids get a pretty nice fireman’s hat with there meal and they have several options to please about any kid including grilled cheese, ham and PB&J sandwiches.  If you kid was into playing fireman, this would be a huge hit.  On top of that it is casual and quick.  Very good for a quick bite.

The rest

One other cool thing I noticed while waiting for Benji to finish up was the cups.  Mine had a story of a firefighter hero who saved a family from a burning car.  What was extra cool was they also had heroic stories on the kids’ cups, except the story for the kids is about heroic children.  Then one was about a 3 year old kid who saved his twin sister and family by pulling her out of bed and yelling “Hot! Hot!’ to wake up his parents.  Pretty cool.

Also, as it turned out Mina did in fact choose First Chinese BBQ.  Tie kids love that place so much we are thinking of having his birthday dinner there.  He loves those BBQ Pork Soft Noodles.  And it also turned out good that I went for lunch as Grace had a bad headache and had to go to bed early.

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