The experience

The Saffron HouseAs is typical for the Phipps family, as I drove home from work, I called Ogre to see what the plans were for dinner.  Of course, there were none.  In fact, he was across town in Irving.  We eventually decided that I would pick up the children and meet in Addison for dinner.  There’s a ton of restaurants out there, we’d find one that we could eat at!  I picked up Mina, who immediately asked where her brother was.  She does this because she know he’s at Lala’s house and when I say that’s where he is, she’ll say, “Oh, I wish I were at Lala’s house.”  I initially told her we couldn’t do that because we were going to pick him up and meet Papa for dinner.  She was upset, but did not freak out, so when we got to Lala’s house, I decided I’d just trade Benji for Mina.  Mina was always smiles with this plan. Benji gave everyone hugs and kisses before we headed out.  We had not hit the highway when Benji fell asleep.  Ogre called to tell me what he could see and we decided that The Saffron House sounded like a neat place to have dinner tonight.

I was able to pull Benji out of his car seat without waking him up.  Ogre was sad to not see his little Mina.  He’d even brought some pink M&Ms for her.  We initially sat at a table but we noticed that there were a nice comfy bench at some tables across the way.  We ordered dinner and chatted for a bit before deciding that the bench looked too inviting for a place to lay down the Benj.

Sleeping Benji

I needed to go to the restroom and decided that this would be a good time to see if he would tolerate being laid down (sometimes this just turns into a fiasco) and luckily, he stayed asleep.  Our waitress, who was very kind,  suggested we sit at a table further down because the table I laid Benji by sat 6.  “Just in case a group of six comes in.” Uh, okay, the restaurant is almost completely empty and the baby is already laying down right here.  I, of course, did not say that!  I offered to sit at the table for two right in front of Benji, but she realized the impracticality of her suggestion and moved us over to the 6-topper.

Nap Time

It was almost like cheating at dinner tonight!  Benji stayed asleep the ENTIRE time.  Ogre and I ate dinner and actually talked to each other!  We finished dinner and decided to order dinner.  I was worried that once it was time to leave, Benji would wake up and be very hungry (aka cranky).  But, we ate dessert SLOWLY and still sound asleep. 

Another table (they actually ended up at the table we had sat at) commented on our tired little Benji.  They were amazed at how comfy he looked and wished they could be in his Spongebob shoes.  I agreed.

We decided we’d better get home to pick up our other child.  I readied myself for a grumpy Benji, but was able to scoop him up without waking him.  He woke up when I put him in his car seat, but was not grumpy at all.  He gave me a “tiss” (kiss) and ended up falling asleep again on the way home.


The food

This restaurant serves Indian food, and seemed to have dishes from both Northern and Southern Indian. 

 The Spread


Rogan JoshI ordered the Rogan Josh…again.  After three years of not having any (the last time I had it before eating it last week at Kebab ‘n Kurry was in Nashville), I have had it twice in one week.  Go figure.  Anyway, it was not as creamy and aromatic as I would have hoped.  The lamb was pretty tender, though, so that was a bonus.  It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great.  DEFINITELY better at Kebab ‘n Kurry!

Chicken Tikka MasalaOgre ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala and “really enjoyed it.” He said that the sauce was really good and recognized that it was not the healthiest of choices (Ah-hem Diet), but the portions were reasonable so that was a bit of a saving grace.

We ordered the Saffron House Bread Basket because we love nan and just in case Benji woke up.  This comes with regular nan, garlic nan and roti.  Excellent stuff.  Probably a good thing Benji was asleep, more for Mommy and Papa!  I particularly enjoyed the garlic nan, which had cilantro on it also.  The nan tasted fresh and crisp, some of the best nan I’ve ever had!

Kheer GulabDessert was another highlight for dinner tonight.  We ordered the Kheer and the Gulab Jamun.  The Kheer is the sweet cream rice pudding and it was absolutely excellent.  The Gulab Jamun was also very good.  The pastry balls were sweet, but not too sweet and had a nice texture through and through.

For the kids, they do have nan pizza and chicken nuggets.


The service

Our server was very pleasant and tried to be helpful, she just didn’t know the answer to Ogre’s “which is better?” questions because she doesn’t eat those dishes.  Fair enough.  She was very attentive and checked on us frequently.  She asked Ogre three times at the end of dinner if he wanted a tea refill (each time he said no), but I would rather have that then sit there parched!  She was accommodating with our (surely) annoying request to change tables (thereby doubling her work) and made sure to let us know we could sit as long as we wanted if we wanted to wait until Benji woke up.  She truly was a nice person, which made her an overall above average server.  The food came out at a very nice tempo also, so if Benji HAD been awake, there wouldn’t have been long stretches of boredom.


The kids

Well, it’s super kid friendly when you leave one kid at home and the other one is asleep and stays asleep!!  Overall, in all honesty, it’s probably average kid friendliness.  They had nan pizza (chicken or cheese) and chicken nuggets.  No kids activities, but I wouldn’t have expected that.  It’s somewhat of a quiet restaurant and is on the more “elegant” side of the spectrum (they describe themselves as “Fine Indian Dining”).

I think this is a fine choice for Indian food, not the best I’ve had, not the worst.  There are certainly other places I’d choose over coming here, particularly with children, but I wouldn’t have any problems eating here if suggested by someone else.  I just don’t think I’d ever initiate a dinner date here.  Ogre says they have a buffet at lunch that is pretty good, also.

The total:  $49.63

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