The experience

Dr. Mom was away again this evening, so after a late nap for Benji, it was off to dinner. Dusty was joining us and he was in luck; we were going for burgers at Scotty P’s at Firewheel. Grace mentioned we should try a low-key burger joint or two so now was as good a time as any. Mina asked to wear her new princess shoes, I approved and we were off.

Benji was in a good mood after flipping out of his crib for the second time today. I am sure he is proud of himself. Mommy, not so much. We pulled up to the Firewheel strip mall right off 78/George Bush in Garland. Fighting the gale force winds we make our way inside and are greeted by Grace’s pet peeve, an overhead menu. The list is burgers, hot dogs, and chicken along with a few assorted other options. I think we’ll stick with the burgers. No doubt, Dusty the REAL Burger King, will.

Scotty P's Firewheel

Mina decides on Grilled Chicken Strips. I get Benji the grilled cheese. Dusty has already ordered the A.H. Garland with bacon (bacon cheeseburger). I follow his lead and get the same. Dusty and I decide to share some french fries. So we opt for the Cardiac Fries (minus the jalapeños for Dusty’s sake).

We sit at one of the large booths and soon Mina whips out her lunch box that Oma gave her. “Cookies for Benji”, Mina says. Huh? I try to prevent her from opening Pandora’s Box. Too late. Benji is already chanting “coo-coo”. I give in only to find a box with a cup full of cheerios and a banana that Mina has thought to bring Benji. She didn’t forget the utensils or plates either. Oh well, it’ll keep Benji happy while we wait.

Mina's appetizers

Shortly after, our pager buzzes and I am off to grab the food. I get to the tray and my eyes grow quite large when they meet the aptly named Cardiac Fries. What have we ordered exactly? I heft the mound of Cardiac Fries and burgers back to the table.

The Full Monty

I think Benji has already finished off the chocolate milk I got him for dinner and we haven’t even gotten to the main course. Not to mention the appetizers courtesy of Mina. I hand out the food and we get started. Mina quickly decides she wanted grilled cheese instead. Benji probably has enough so I give Mina half of the grilled cheese. I also require she eat half her chicken. Dusty and I get through the burgers quickly but come to a halt on the Cardiac Fries. Tasty but a little ridiculous in size. I am sure Grace isn’t missing this one.

Cardiac Fries

Regardless of the calorie count of the Cardiac Fries, Dusty and I decide on milkshakes. The one a few tables over looked too good. I let Benji eat his cookie that came with the kids meal, but Mina still wasn’t done so she would be eating chicken for the time. I go for chocolate and Dusty gets the Oreo cookie shake. I put a little in Benji’s cup and he goes to work. Soon he is spilling all over his face and shirt. I start to hand Mina a napkin and Benji begs for it. So I give it directly to him and he cutely wipes himself mostly clean. A boy after his Mommy’s heart. But wait, now he’s mixing his milkshake with ketchup! Mommy wouldn’t be proud of that.

Benji's using a napkin

Clean Benji

Disgusting Benji!

Yucky Benji

Mina sees my shake disappearing so she quickly gobbles down the rest of her food and I hand over the shake. Trust me, I was done already. Dusty was also done, apparently. I hear, “I don’t feel so well.” Yep. It’s time to go. I wrench the last of Dusty’s Oreo out of Benji’s hand and we make a quick exit. First, one last pose with the princess shoes.

Mina posing with princess shoes

The food

This is straight American fare. Big burgers, hot dogs, chicken and various fried sides. The burgers are above average in size and you can get them cooked to order. I forgot to order mine medium and failed to mention it to Dusty so our burgers were a but drier than I would typically like. I almost opted for extra mayo but I figured there were enough calories on the plate already. Previous visits, the medium burgers were very juicy. The Cardiac Fries are not for the faint of heart, or the weak of heart. They definitely live up to the name. Slathered with chili, cheese and chives. Jalapeños if you choose. These were tasty but you need 4 people to down a large order. Don’t like grease? Don’t order these. All in all a solid burger joint.

The service

This is counter service just like Fuddrucker’s so you are on your own.

The kids

The kids will love this place. No veggies, save the fried kind (OK they do have salads but will you really be ordering one?). I did force Mina to eat a few chives, though. They have self-serve crayons and picture. They are at the counter when you order. Don’t miss it like I did. They have grilled and fried chicken as well as burger, hot dog, or grilled cheese.

The rest

Scotty P’s has several locations around town. Don’t get confused on the menu. This is a local chain and they name the menu items based on historical figures of the suburb where the store is located. We order the A.H Garland which is called The Interurban or the Frisco Line in Plano/Allen and Frisco, respectively. It’s named for the namesake of Garland. The walls have some interesting reproductions of some old historical photos of the area. If you have the time to look, its pretty interesting.

Total Price: $43.10 and a few extra inches on the waistline

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