The experience

So today I’d be going alone to dinner after taking Mina to her hula class.  Benji would be along for the ride. Grace claimed there were no restaurants in the area so I figured I be out of luck eating near the class.  On the ride over I saw about 10 restaurants to choose from though.  After class, I took a look around and saw Sol’s Nieto Fajitas right across the street.  Sounded like a plan.


On the way in Benji tripped and scraped his shin on the curb.  He wasn’t paying attention while he walked.  He got over it with a few kisses and we headed inside.  We were immediately seated in by the neon sign hanging in the window which the kids immediately wanted to pull down.  I had to get them to stop.

The waitress came and I got us some queso to keep the kids occupied and some guacamole for myself.  She was back with the dip and our drinks in a flash.  The guacamole was huge.  Mina immediately said she wanted some.  Good start to the meal.

I reviewed the menu while the kids ate the queso.  I was going to go for enchiladas or something but I figured if I was eating at a place called Sol’s Nieto Fajitas is should have the fajitas.  I opted for a combo of meats and talked the kids into trying flautas.  Mina used to love them when she was younger and they had them at Taco Bueno.  That was before she got picky.

We played with Mina’s ei ei’s (sp?) from class.  Basically mini pompoms for hula dancing.  It wasn’t long before out food arrived.

The kids immediately wanted my tortillas so I gave them all up but one.  I was surprised they did not make tortillas faces.

Mina was eating great tonight.  Maybe it was all the hula dancing.  But it was getting late and we had to be getting home which was quite the drive.  So, I settled the check and we were off.

The food

Above average Mexican food.

photophotoWe started with queso and guacamole.  The guacamole was a very healthy portion and very good.  Even Mina liked it.  The queso was a white very mild queso which is great for the kids.  I enjoyed it as well.

photoI was actually quite impressed with my fajitas.  The chicken and pork were fantastic.  The beef was good but not the best I have had.  My biggest complaint was the standard tortillas they serve.  If the made them in house this would have been a definite 4 star restaurant.

photoThe kids had the chicken flautas.  Mina ate all of her’s and said it was excellent.  Benji hasn’t been feeling well so he didn’t eat much.

The service

Great service.  Quick, friendly, helpful.  No complaints at all.

The kids

They actually had numerous choices on the menu for the kids.  American and Mexican.  Very low key family restaurant.  You’ll have no problems with the kids here.

Total Cost: ~$35 (2 margaritas)

The rest

And now here’s Mina doing the Hula…

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