The experience

Grace was working late this evening, so I went to pick up Mina from school.  It was already getting late and Grace said she’d be a the hospital for another hour.  So I was going to head out with the kids alone.  After having nixed a few ideas of Mina’s due to the rules, we decided on the Spaghetti Warehouse.  I headed over to pick up Benji when Grace called back saying she was headed home already.  I told her to meet us there. Turns out Benji was taking a nap with Lolo so it would just be three tonight.


Mina and I arrived first and the hostess went to seat us.  Mina was enjoying looking at the train car in the middle of the room so I asked if we could be seated in the train instead.  She was happy to oblige.  Mina was happy too.  She said it reminded her of Polar Express.


We went ahead and ordered our drinks and some calamari and messed around for a bit.  The calamari and some bread arrived shortly and we munched on that.  Some time had passed so I called to check on Grace. She was still 15 minutes out so she choose her food over the phone and I went ahead and ordered.  The waiter got to the part about soup or salad and when I realized we forgot to settle on that part of dinner.  I figured Grace would be happy with the soup so I got her that and I got the salad.  Mina’s came with applesauce which she was happy about.  She also enjoyed the calamari.  She said the clump of legs was a monster.


The starters arrived and luckily Grace arrived soon enough that her soup wasn’t cold.  Turns out I made the correct choice in the soup as she complimented the flavor.  We discussed our days and my first attempt at WiiFit from Christmas.  Mostly a failed attempt.  Mina was listening in and told me she could do the Yoga pose I was talking about.  She did better than I did.



Everyone finished up pretty quickly, even Mina!  All this talk about WiiFit left no room for dessert apparently.  The kids did get a Dreamsicle after cleaning up the house later.  Ok, so Benji got one for nothing.

The food

DSC_0054The food here was average with some highlights.  We started with the calamari while we waited for Grace.  I thought the calamari was above average.  Grace thought it average but it was somewhat cold when she arrived.  I think she thought better of it when she tried the “other” sauce.  We think it was some sort of caesar dressing.  Whatever it was it was good.  It also came with marinara as usual.

DSC_0061Mina ordered off the menu and went for penne pasta with the sauce on the side.  She likes to pick it up with her fingers and dip.  The sauce being on top gets in the way.  She said she liked it and ate a good bit of the pasta without prodding so it must have been pretty good to her.

DSC_0060DSC_0056I went for the spaghetti with spicy marinara.  I thought it was average.  The sauce could have been spicy and it wasn’t as robust as I like my sauce to be.  The pasta itself was done perfectly.  My salad was average. Just your regular garden salad.  I went for the Italian dressing.

DSC_0062DSC_0057Grace got the spaghetti with meatballs.  She said the sauce was average like I did.  She also said the meatballs were “fine” so they were average.  I got her the minstrone soup.  I think that was the favorite part of the meal.  I snuck a bite before she arrives and found it very tasty.  She thought that it was pasta e fagioli at first which is a soup she really likes.

The service

The service started out above average.  Our waiter was quick with the drinks and checked on us regularly while we waited.  Further into dinner, the service slipped a bit an he had to be reminded about bread refills a couple of times.  The was some confusion with our orders initially as well, but these were resolved quickly. I will say that his tables filled up quite a bit while we were there.  Everyone wanted to sit in the train car like Mina apparently.  I’ll give him an average.

The kids

I’d call this place a kid friendly restaurant.  The decor is lively and noisy enough to drown out your loud children.  They have simple coloring items and who doesn’t like pasta?  My only complaint would be the chairs.  I’d go for a booth if you have a squirmy child.  The didn’t seem all that balanced.  Mina, however, made it through dinner and she never sits in the middle of her chair.  Also kids eat for $.99 on Monday! Lucky us!

The Total: $28.53

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