The experience

Steak n' ShakeYou may have noticed on my two previous posts, that I’ve been suggesting Steak ‘n Shake for days now.  I’ve been craving a Root Beer Float (pregnancy perk!) and every time I do, Ogre responds, “yeah, well….” and then we go somewhere else.  I recommended it again today and lo and behold, we headed to Steak ’n Shake for dinner!

We were seated right away and Mina wanted to sit next to her brother.  We usually sit one parent with one child, but since this restaurant is very casual; I’d almost call it fast food, I said okay.  They got busy coloring…Mina “helped” Benji open his crayons, but I think she just wanted to see what colors he got. 

The kids

Benji started his usual shenanigans of getting out of his seat and we started our usual warnings.  Then I saw him trying to peel gum off the bottom of the table, and told Ogre to pull him back on the seat.  We decided to ask for a high chair so he’d have a visual reminder of where he’d go if he didn’t behave.  He was not pleased.

Crying Benji

We ordered dinner and then waved our server back over to get the “car” that they were advertising for the kids to not forget to ask for.  I don’t know why they just don’t automatically give it to us. Anyway, we got them and Ogre had to put them together.  I don’t think you can see it in the picture, but Ogre does this weird thing where he sticks his tongue out while he’s concentrating and he had his tongue out the whole time.  Mina has picked up the weird habit as well.

Toy Car

I told Ogre not to give the car to either one of them until they were both done to save any jealousy and pulling apart of cars!  Once they were done, the kids were excited to play with them!

Mina was sure to put every sticker exactly where it was supposed to go and Benji, well, he put the stickers on his hand.

Toy Car

Toy Car

Dinner came out shortly thereafter, and Benji must have thought his “baby burger” were cute and tasty as he did a great job eating tonight.

As did Mina, who requested a second burger, which came out even fattier than the previous one, much to her pleasure!

Bacon Cheeseburger

As much as I wanted my root beer float when we walked in, I made two mistakes.  One, I ordered root beer with dinner (I’m avoiding caffeine early on here) and then, two, I totally ate too much!!  We ordered dessert after Ogre agreed to help me finish my sundae, and once I finished mine, we rolled out of the restaurant.


The food

It’s sort of a diner, I suppose.  They pride themselves on their “steakburgers” -ground steak to make the burgers so they’re a totally weird shape, but I digress.  Oh, and they have shakes, too!

Frisco Melt with FriesI ordered the Frisco Melt.  I like this sandwich A LOT.  It’s their steakburger with cheese on sourdough with a Frisco sauce.  I don’t know what the Frisco sauce is made of, but it’s sort of like a much sweeter thousand island, if that makes sense.  I always order extra sauce to dip my sandwich in.  Of course, I always end up eating way too much and even though I go to Steak and Shake looking forward to dessert, by the time I’m done, I almost, that’s right ALMOST don’t want dessert after all! 

Bacon Cheeseburger with FriesOgre ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger.  I remarked that it looked rather small and Ogre said that they always run small here and that a double seems like the equivalent of a 1/4 pounder at other restaurants.  I can tell you that the burgers look nothing like the thick juicy burgers on the menus and placemats!  He still said it was a pretty good burger though!

The kids had the new mini burgers and loved them.  In fact, we had to order Mina a second burger (they like theirs with bacon and cheese…just like their Papa!) and she ate them no problem!

Hot Fudge SundaeFor dessert, the kids got milkshakes: one strawberry, one chocolate.  These were going to be way to rich for me, so I opted for a Hot Fudge Sundae, which I shared with Ogre and we both thought it was pretty good.



The service

I suspected our server would mess up our order and he did.  Despite explicitly telling him that we wanted ONE order of the mini steakburgers for the kids to share, they brought two.  Easily corrected though.  They weren’t too attentive with refills, but eventually someone always came by.  Strangely, when one guy came by and offered to refill Ogre’ drink and my was CLEARLY empty, as well, I had to tell him twice that I’d like a refill, too!


The kids

Of course it’s kid friendly!  They have milkshakes!  They also have kids’ activities and kids menus.  The cardboard car is a temporary deal, but it kept our kids entertained.

Mmmm Bacon

For me, dinner is just a pathway to dessert.  I love their root beer floats here.  If anyone knows of a place that serves outrageously good root beer floats, let me know.  Right now this is my fave!  The burgers are pretty good, too.

The total: 32

Kids eat free on weekends…they said one free kids plate for every $8 spent, did not include shakes or sundaes.

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