The experience

photoI decided that I wanted Thai food tonight, and I wanted Thai food that I know I like.  I offered up either Royal Thai or Bangkok City.  Ogre chose Bangkok City, we ate here pretty frequently when Ogre lived off Lower Greenville before we got married and had all these kids!   Ogre ended up dropping the kids and me off in front of the restaurant while he found parking. 

 We were seated right away and waited for Ogre to come in.  I knew what I wanted right after off the bat, and Ogre was deciding what he wanted while the kids played with their “wormies.”


We put in our order and Mina made the wormies dance, live in the beer ad, and kissed the wormies.

Our soup and salad came out shortly and Benji kept asking for soup.  Ogre ended up giving him the last little bit of soup, but Benji had some difficulty spooning into his mouth, so he gave it back to Ogre and said, “You help me!” Hee hee.  Ogre spoon fed him the rest of the soup and helped me eat my humongous salad.

The kids satay came out and Ogre and I cut up the pieces for them and took them off the stick.  Our food came out shortly thereafter and we gave the kids rice also to eat.

Mina got in a little bit of trouble for getting rice stuck all over hands (what a mess!) and Benji was getting rice in his hair -ugh!  The kids were getting antsy as they finished their meals and Mina decided to show us some of the new Hawaiian moves she’s been learning in Hula class.  Benji also tried to show off.

Unfortunately, Benji’s behavior deteriorated to running around and throwing “wormie” into the air despite me telling him not to.  Mina tried to be the mommy and took it away for him leading Benji to throw a tantrum on the floor.  Awesome.  Ogre told me to take Benji out of the restaurant before any more disasters could ensue, which I did (and Mina) while Ogre settled the bill.


The food

Thai food.

photoWe ordered soup for Ogre (Tom Kha) and salad for me.  Ogre’s Tom Kha was well-liked by Ogre AND Benji.  It’s nice and coconutty and not too spicy. Ogre probably would have preferred it to be more spicy. I ordered a salad and did not anticipate it to be so huge! photo I really like the peanut dressing, but Ogre thought it was too sweet.  Ogre and I ended up sharing the salad.


photoI ordered Pad Pree Wan, which is the Thai version of Sweet and Sour Chicken, and in my opinion, is much better than the Chinese version as it is fresher.  The chicken (here) is not breaded and it comes with pineapples, bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes with a thinner, less sweet broth. 

photoOgre ordered Red Curry with Chickent and liked it a lot.  It’s one of his favorite places to get curry. 



photoThe kids shared an appetizer portion of the Satay.  Mina enjoyed it.  Benji did not eat as well tongiht, mainly eating rice.



The service

Service was average.  I had to get up a few times to ask for things like silverware and napkins (I did not want to wait), but they kept our drinks pretty well filled and the food comes out pretty quickly.


The kids

No kids activities or kids menus.  It’s a laid back restaurant, not pretentious at all, so I’d be comfortable bringing kids here.  The hard part is finding something that they’d like to eat!

I like this place for their non-noodle Thai dishes, so we’ll be back.


Rants, Raves and Ramblings

Does anyone know if this is owned/managed by the same people at Bangkok City on Bryan Street???  I eat there whenever I work downtown and thought they were the same. The food tastes pretty gosh darn similar! But when you go their websites, they are completely different and don’t mention the other location!  Weird.

The one we went to: Bangkok City

The one on Bryan Street: Bangkok City

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